Blade the Siberian Husky

Puppy Breed: Siberian Husky

Blade's mom says: Blade keeps us on our toes every minute he is awake. He loves to be outside, and we already know when the snow starts to fall it will be nearly impossible to bring him indoors. He lives with our two cats, Pepper and Charlie, and he thinks that poor Pepper is his chew toy. It's a good thing the cat is so tolerant of him, although he does get in a good smack every now and again. Blade chews on anything he can wrap his sharp, little teeth around. Even though he has a basket full of toys, he still goes for the rug or the furniture or pretty much anything he's not supposed to have. Blade is like a light switch -- off and on again. He sleeps soundly, then a second later, he's running around the house with his tongue hanging out. We have been enjoying him so much since he came into our world. He is the sunshine of our lives and I wouldn't trade in a second of his troublesome ways. He definitely keeps life interesting.