Bogart the Weimaraner Mix

Puppy Breed: German Shorthaired Pointer / Weimaraner

Hey y'all! My name is Bogart. I am originally from North Carolina but right now I live in Boston. A lot of people think I am a chocolate Lab but I am actually half Weimaraner, half German Shorthaired Pointer. I love being right there with my mom and dad, even if it means us tripping over one another all the time. While my parents are at work, I listen to NPR, and sometimes the top 100 when I feel like switching it up. I love going for rides in my Westfalia and I really can't wait to go camping this fall. I have overheard that my siblings and I were the result of an "accident" but my mom says that could not be less true; she and my dad have been looking for me for years!