Bonnie Blue and Butler the Weimaraners

Puppy Breed: Unknown

The mom says: I am the proud mommy of Butler. My mother and father are the proud parents of Bonnie Blue. At the beginning of September, our beloved Labrador, Dixie, passed away and broke our hearts. We knew that we needed another dog, but we weren't sure if we wanted another Labrador so soon. We had a Weimaraner once before and we loved her to death. Luckily enough, there was a new litter of little beauties just an hour from where we live on the coast of South Carolina. My mom was sure she wanted a little girl, and since there was only one little girl in the whole litter, she was easy to pick. I, on the other hand, had to pick from eight other little boys. But there was just something about this one little guy that kept catching my eye. These days, the puppies live about two miles from each other, so they see each other almost every day. They love playing tug of war and chase around the yard. Butler loves the beach, while Bonnie isn't quite so sure what to think about it. They are both very sweet and love being held. We are afraid that when they weigh 75 pounds, they will still be cuddling up in our laps, but to be quite honest, I don't think we would mind at all! These two have so much personality. They are always making us laugh and keeping us on our toes. Butler is the first dog of my very own, and I couldn't be a happier first-time mommy!