Bowdoin the English Bulldog

Puppy Breed: Unknown

Bowdoin's mom says: Bowdoin is our lovable, adorable chunk of cuteness. We got married a month before welcoming him into our new home and he is the perfect addition! In the morning, he climbs out of his crate and gives us a groggy, happy "butt-wiggle." Bowdoin doesn't have a tail, so the entire back half of his body wags, best described as a "butt-wiggle!" He'll drag all of his favorite squeaky toys into the living room, arrange in a half-circle and attempt to play with all of them at the same time. Every few minutes, he'll come over to me, put a puppy-pad on my foot, gaze up with those big, brown eyes and get just what he's looking for -- cuddles and kisses -- then it's back to making the toys squeak. Walking with the leash is still a challenge, but we're learning. He stops and stares at our neighbors until they come over and love on him -- which always produces a healthy "butt-wiggle." If he's ignored he stares them down with a confused look until they're out of sight. Definite butt-wigglers include: Daddy coming home from work, the sight of any other canine (even his reflection!), any person willing to give him attention, pictures of other bulldogs, certain flavored bones we call "puppy-crack" because he's addicted to them, the afore-mentioned squeaky toys and that infamous sound of his food being poured into his dish. A guaranteed no butt-wiggler is the use of any floor cleaning device (vacuum, mop, broom). That explains the state of the carpet and tile at the moment, but he won't be a puppy forever -- cleaning is overrated anyway!