Brewster the "Morkie"

Puppy Breed: Unknown

Brewster's mom says: Brewster loves to have his belly rubbed! He is a "Morkie" and is the ruler of the house! Brewster was multicolored when we first got him, but as he has gotten a little older he has lost almost all of his coloring, favoring his Maltese mommy. When Brewster was five months old he was really teething and would get a little lonely, so we got him a "brother" named Bailey, who is also a mix of Yorkie and Maltese. Bailey has a Yorkie mommy and retained the Yorkie coloring, however he has ears like a Maltese. They are quite a pair. They love to help us make the bed; they get really wound up and like to attack each other under the warm sheets and blankets. And after a bath, they just go bananas!!! They have unique personalities and are as soft as stuffed animals and are as close to a real live teddy bear as I could get! They love to ride in the car, and we have had so much fun since adopting them!!!!