Friday, July 25, 2014
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Sep 24, 2009 suelill
They are all so gorgeous and so deserve new homes - good luck and lots of cuddles.
Sep 24, 2009 wheatie mom
Thank you, thank you, for rescuing these puppies from a puppy mill. Let's close them all down and stop the inhumane treatment of helpless dogs. These pups are beautiful!
Sep 24, 2009 georgia04
Gosh, I hope these beautifies get loving forever homes soon. Thanks for rescuing them. They deserve a much better life than the ones they were destined for. Hugs all around for these sweet babies.
Sep 24, 2009 vikia
Wow, they are sooooo cute!!! Hope they find great forever homes ;o)
Sep 24, 2009 swarna
smart and playful.
Sep 24, 2009 ronflank
ahhhhhhhhhhhhh so cute!
Sep 24, 2009 longislander
They really are giant love bugs! How beautiful each of them is. I hope they find wonderful homes, people who will appreciate the bigger dog for what it is - more to love! So happy they were rescued.
Sep 24, 2009 ripple
What a gorgous bundle of a dog, and one that would be impossible to say 'no' to. With looks that these bunch have, they will soon have new homes.
Sep 24, 2009 momomtx
I sure hope they find great forever homes. They deserve to be loved and cuddled for the rest of their lives. Just beautiful!
Sep 24, 2009 momomtx
Who could resist these faces?
Sep 24, 2009 curlyreddogs
Sweet big girls~ they deserve a great home and life...Its a wonderful thing that the Ohio Pet Rescue is doing...Keep up the great work~!
Sep 24, 2009 HillCountryGal
Good Mornin' sweet little girls. So glad you were brought to a place that loves and appreciates you. Soon you'll have a home. Till then, keep playing and enjoying your freedom. Thank you to the people that rescued you.
Sep 24, 2009 kerryllr
They are beautiful!
Sep 24, 2009 fluffy ears
Awwww the puppy twins!!
Sep 24, 2009 Denvir
Adorable little pups, great pictures, too! Hope they get adopted soon!
Sep 24, 2009 DeuxHirondelles
This one reminds me of my late Saint, Buddy. They are all gorgeous, and I hope they will find loving forever homes. They will be loyal, affectionate companions for some lucky families.
Sep 24, 2009 w102663
This shot is really cute and different!:) I am so happy for these beauties that they have been given a chance to live a *normal* life with lots and lots of love....
Sep 24, 2009 pamfontainepeters
How cute are these girls? Omigosh, just gorgeous! So happy, they are enjoying the good life - which they so deserve! I know that wonderful forever homes are just around the corner, too Biscuits and bellyrubs from Pam in Toronto.
Sep 24, 2009 ShihTzuLvr
What an awesome picture. I am so glad you guys were rescued and I hope you find your forever home soon. Many kisses and cookies.
Sep 24, 2009 w102663
Praise and thanks to those who rescued these little darlings!
Sep 24, 2009 daphne's mom
What sweethearts! I hope they all find loving forever homes soon! I wish long happy and healthy lives! Much love, many biscuits, and tons of cuddles!
Sep 24, 2009 jolieavon
And that cloud looks like... Mickey Mouse!! (But"Amish puppy mills"? Truly, what is the world coming to??)
Sep 24, 2009 Merlin'ssis
Truly the cutest 'girls next door'! They are beautiful puppies. I hope all of these Amish puppy mills get permanently busted some day soon. They are terrible in PA too.
Sep 24, 2009 meganbooth
Absolutely gorgeous girls.
Sep 24, 2009 amyliz
What sweet, beautiful girls! Thank goodness they were rescued and can now go to the loving homes they deserve!
Sep 24, 2009 Jarrett
Thank GOD for people like you! These darling bundles of love will have a life like they were meant to have.
Sep 24, 2009 hornerea
I take exception to the idea that pet buyers are a pet store are "most likely unqualified". My family has purchased several pets from pet stores as well as from Humane Society shelters. We are WELL QUALIFIED pet owners. There was no more checking of our qualifications to be a pet owner at the shelter than there was at the pet store. That said, these puppies are gourgeous.
Sep 24, 2009 Missy's Mom
So that's what CUTE looks like!!!!!
Sep 24, 2009 shihtzu4life
One word ADORABLE! I wish them all the best. Someone will be lucky to have these girls for a lifetime companion.
Sep 24, 2009 molly's mom
Oh!!!I wish i could take them all....they deserve a great forever home!!!!!!I wish them a happy life.......
Sep 24, 2009 KATZ613
What beautiful girls you all are...I'm sure you all won't have trouble finding a good forever home. Bunches of hugs & belly rubs and 11++++++++++++++++++++ biscuits for all of you
Sep 24, 2009 fritzy
Sep 24, 2009 CollieMom
Such beautiful babies. Sometimes I REALLY don't like people very much....
Sep 24, 2009 djmc
How sweet you all are. They are true beauties. I'm sure anyone of you will make a great friend to any family. Many hugs and kisses
Sep 24, 2009 goodaim
HORNEREA: You shouldn't take offense to the "most likely unqualified buyer" comment in their description. ASPCA research has shown that dogs with an adult weight of greater than 75 lbs. are 10 times more likely to end up abandoned at the shelter when purchased at the pet store than other breeds smaller in size. Just a sad fact. Good for you for being a qualified owner, however, a lot of dogs don't get that lucky to find a family like yours. Rescue groups like OPR are dedicated to finding qualified homes for the pups they take in by doing reference checks, vet checks and in a lot of cases home visits. The initial application also serves as a screening process. Breed experience is always a plus but so is someone that has done proper research!
Sep 24, 2009 sarl6618
Many thanks for rescuing these lovely puppies and caring for them. They are gorgeous and should be placed in loving homes.
Sep 24, 2009 bkregh
It's wonderful someone rescued these precious pups. They are beautiful. Many happy years and long good lives to these guys. Lots of hugs and kisses, babies.
Sep 24, 2009 mheacock
I bet they are smarter than "Hef's girls"!
Sep 24, 2009 allmyshelties
"Girls just wanna have fun!" These sweeties are adorable and will certainly find loving forever homes in no time. In the meantime. good job rescuing them from their puppy mill fate and making sure they get a home that truly is forever. For those unaware, puppy mills are a big business for the Amish, especially in Pennsylvania. Dogs are considered livestock and they are appalled that we share our homes, not to mention our beds, with them.
Sep 24, 2009 knittingdemon
Bless you for your work. I do wonder, however, why you identify the puppy mill as "Amish." Would you describe another puppy mill as "Catholic," or "Italian," or even "redneck"? I live in an area with a substantial Amish population. They are hard-working, good neighbors, and devoted family members. Like any group of people, I am sure there are a few bad applies. Puppy mills are apalling -- but we don't need to contribute to religious or ethnic stereotyping on a list dedicated to loving dogs.
Sep 24, 2009 malawi
How very beautiful they are. Never heard of an Amish puppy mill.......sad. Best of homes for these girls
Sep 24, 2009 elliel
The Amish have puppy mills?
Sep 24, 2009 PrincessLorie
They are the most adorable "little" gals. I hope someone adopts them, give them lots of smooches from me and my Yorkie, Nano -- he LOVES big puppies. He licked my iPhone when he looked at these pictures.
Sep 24, 2009 Gindy51
The Amish are infamous for this kind of thing. Hiding behind their wholesome quaintness is a total disregard for animals. You should see the sad shape of their farm animals when they are done using them to death.
Sep 24, 2009 zooppily
Beautiful girls! If I only lived closer and had a bigger backyard! They deserve the best homes. xoxoxo
Sep 24, 2009 Gindy51
knittingdemon, check out the Best Friends website for more information on your "hard working to death our animals" Amish.
Sep 24, 2009 gryt
What gorgeous, sweet babies! So glad they were rescued!
Sep 24, 2009 JAbrego
Ooo I love St. Bernards I had one once before and they are beautiful dogs. So friendly and cuddly and for some reason think they are very small... I'd love one unfortunately we are raising 2 labs and a Maltese... but all the best to the new owners, it will be years of loving fun and drool (oups!) and thanks for rescuing them and giving them a chance at a better life.
Sep 24, 2009 sdv in slc
So adorable! I wish I could adopt them all.
Sep 24, 2009 luvlabsluvlife
Thank goodness these sweet babies were rescued and now have a chance at happiness. Look how normal they look here! The only way to shut this down is to get people to stop buying from "pet stores" and puppy mills. PLEASE do your part to get the word out.
Sep 24, 2009 wolfensteinsmom
I want them all!!! Unfortunately I can't. They are all so very beautiful. I love Saints, and this is a gorgeous group. For anyone who doesn't know about the breed, they are wonderfully loyal. They are also HUGE!!! They are funny, and loving, and just a pleasure to be around. I hope these girls can be together forever, but if not, I pray that they find forever homes that will let them be the wonderful animals they are meant to be. Lots of BIG BEAR HUGS, neck nuzzles, tummy nuggies, and wet sloppy kisses on those beautiful noses. God bless you for saving them, and them for being the great babies they are. A BILLION TONS of biscuits for them to share.
Sep 24, 2009 Limmyluver
AWWWWWWWWWWW! All you girls are so cute! Have a greaet life and luvs 4 U!
Sep 24, 2009 DailyPuppy Admin
These girls are such playful little puppies!! I hope you find your forever home very soon.
Sep 24, 2009 puppylover1102
So cute!!! I'm, trying to convince my mom to let me get a puppy...I forward all of the "Adoptable Puppy" ones to her :p
Sep 24, 2009 doggone1973
Oh yeah that's what i'm talkin' about, rub my belly! Such adorable babies and i sure hope they find wonderful homes soon.
Sep 24, 2009 clipperdog1
If I had the room I would take all of them, people should be ashamed of themselves for exploiting these beautiful dogs to make a buck!! they will go to loving homes, thankfully!!
Sep 24, 2009 ATLbabes
aww these sweet babys have Hugh Hefner's former girlfriends'names How adorable!they are beautiful and deserve amazing and loving homes thank you so much for saving these beauties from a life of cages and endless litters of puppies :)(:
Sep 24, 2009 shugsmom
Oh my, what adorable little "playmates", haha!! "EVERY" puppy mill should be shut down, ignorance is no excuse for cruelty!! All my love, hugs, kisses, cuddles and tons of biscuits for all three of these sweet baby girls!!!!!!!!!!
Sep 24, 2009 tink'smom
Oh my heart. I can't take this much adorable. Even though those are adorable names, these pups are so much better than Hefner's former plastic girlfriends. Such sweet little fuzzies, I cannot imagine they won't find homes soon. Millions of biscuits, babies. XXXX
Sep 24, 2009 ruthie
Oh you beautiful babies! So gald they were rescued and are doing so well. Puppy mills should be destroyed and forbidden. I so wish I could get one, but know that they will be in happy forever homes soon. Wishing them many, many wonderful years ahead.
Sep 24, 2009 glyn
What absolutely cuties these pups are. Wish that I could have one where I am. So irresistable. Love this little girl here. So glad that you are finding them really good homes and resuced these sweeties.
Sep 24, 2009 starlite
Loved all the pics. I grew up with Saints - a series of 3. My mother even bred one and had puppies. They're even cuter when they are tiny. Huge heads they can barely support and huge paws. I just adopted a large male, Buddy, from a home that could no longer keep him. I already have 2 greyhounds,also rescued, so we have a full house.
Sep 24, 2009 lizanne
Aw, This beautiful puppy's eyes are asking someone to please give him a home in exchange for love, affection and tons of kisses and lots of good fun and companionship. This is the one. He is so adorable. Saint size hugs from Master Cooper, Dane Miss atie and Mom Elizabeth in NY~
Sep 24, 2009 Jennifer Ovens
So very cute!!!
Sep 24, 2009 papajoe
This puppy looks so sad. But my dog, Norm, looks sad all of the time and I KNOW that he is happy. There will be a lot of disappointed would-be puppy owners who won't make the cut of all the people wanting to adopt these beauties.
Sep 24, 2009 Olivia Horman
You guys are so so so so cute
Sep 24, 2009 Lina
Haha, love their names.
Sep 24, 2009 AZbassetlover
Perhaps "unqualified buyer" wasn't the right wording, but you have to wonder about anyone who would buy a puppy from a pet store. The person's money is supporting puppy mills (probably a large sum of money). The cruel industry is kept alive by these purchases. Thanks for starting a "conversation" about Amish puppy mills. It is a subject that needs more attention called to it.
Sep 24, 2009 caraschotch
An "Amish puppy mill??" Are you kidding me??? That's like saying "A Baptist disco," or "A Quaker shooting range!!!" I can't believe Amish people would be involved in something so cruel and terrible. Just when I think I cannot be surprised at the perfidy of people, they do it again. I hope these darlings find good homes very soon. Kisses, cuddles, and cookies from Cara...
Sep 24, 2009 tink'smom
Caraschotch, the Amish are a pious people, but they have no regard for animals other than to be used as beasts of burden or profit makers. Maybe the children like dogs and cats....I surely hope so. I love your oxymorons, especially the Baptist Disco; but indeed it is true. I can vouch for it via my Bubba's papers. Then again, maybe you were joking.
Sep 24, 2009 gail koup
What beauties you are!!! You are so gorgeous and cudlly! Any family would be blessed to have you join their family! I pray that you all find wonderful forever homes! Loads of love and biscuits to you and your caretakers! :-)
Sep 24, 2009 tuxmypuppy
Too cute! I love them! they'll find forever homes easily!!
Sep 24, 2009 siweisgal
Sep 24, 2009 wolfhowl15
Sep 24, 2009 wolfhowl15
i want one!
Sep 24, 2009 savrpets
Absolutely adorable, they & all animals deserve love & protection, they look to us for that, it's so sad that pets can't pick their owners & they unfortunately fall into heartless greedy hands, when places like that are exposed they should kennel the people & let them rot. They deserve exactly what their shelling out. Thank God for the wonderful, kindhearted rescurers for making a difference in their lives!!! God Bless You!!
Sep 24, 2009 Meow420
Awwww look at those sweet pups! I wish I could adopt one, but a St. Bernard would not be the right fit for me. What lovers they are! Very cute, and adorable names (I love the former Girls Next Door, too!). :)
Sep 24, 2009 VampyrePrincess
awwwe they're soo cute if my mom and stepdad would let me id adopt all 3 theyd be great friends 4 my almost 3 year old 2nd generation black labradoodle, tessa. :)
Sep 24, 2009 snrluvme
As a Saint owner myself i relize this isn't the dog for everyone but i hope these girls get a wonderful,happy home! So Cute!!!!
Sep 24, 2009 taniamorse85
After all that playing, gotta have a little rest! They are all absolutely adorable, and I hope they find great forever homes soon!
Sep 24, 2009 Freedom's Pet
Such sad eyes, I hope some very special people come to take these little beauties home very soon, and put big smiles on their faces!! Lots of treats and tummy rubs for them, and wishes for long, healthy and happy lives with loving, forever families.
Sep 24, 2009 Applegirl
oh my god, they are all too adorable! They deserve good homes! Millions of hugs, kisses, cuddles and biscuits for tthese cute little teddy bears ;) they're the best!
Sep 24, 2009 lucyny2000
God Gracious! Thank you for helping the kind people to rescue these precious souls! Please continue your wonderful work in guiding these adorable reflections of yours in the right direction toward their forever loving and appreciating families. Blessing with every biscuit!
Sep 24, 2009 Oliver & Henry's Mum
Gorgeous babies, all of whom deserve a loving home. Bless for you all you do to help these little lost souls. I am sure they will find loving homes. Hugs from Oliver & Henry, and their Mum in London, Ontario
Sep 24, 2009 ldgregg
Gorgeous pups! Hope they all go to loving homes.
Sep 24, 2009 BMDlover
What can we do to get people to STOP buying puppies from pet stores!!?? Every puppy sold means a lifetime of abuse for the parents of that puppy. Please, everyone, tell all your friends and family not to buy puppies from pet stores.
Sep 24, 2009 lalamcgoo
ooooohhhhh!!! cute and cute and cute!!! such sweet babies, they make you melt! Best wishes to these adorable little ones, they will no doubt be loved by wonderful families. :o)
Sep 24, 2009 leia kelly
Cute to the 2nd power!
Sep 24, 2009 CassieLover123
I LOVE ST BERNARDS!!! there speckeld faces are gorges they will hopefully find homes soon. PUPPY MILLS STINK!!!
Sep 24, 2009 amandam106
What a great picture! These three girls are absolutely adorable. If I could walk in the living room now for all the dogs (a Saint and 2 Anatolians), I would be driving up from Texas to sweep up all of these sweethearts. I wish you all the luck in finding great homes for these babies. Thanks for rescuing them!!
Sep 24, 2009 Shelly
OMG poor babies!!! Puppy mills are horrible!!! I'm soo glad you were saved!!! Yay!!! I hope you both find your forever homes soon!!! Big hugs, kisses and loads of yummy bikkies for the both of you... cuz your sweeties!!! =)
Sep 24, 2009 lucybee
What beauties they are! I was disbelieving as well when I first heard of Amish puppy mills,but unfortunately it is a very sad reality.
Sep 24, 2009 lisalisa
ooooooooooooooooooooooh!!! I am inlove.
Sep 24, 2009 akarshvijay
they are so so cute.................they look like St. bernards.......
Sep 25, 2009 misspiggy
This babies are all so beautiful. I love big dogs and St. B's are so, so special. I hope y'all find great homes soon. Thank you for the rescue from the horrible puppy mills.
Sep 25, 2009 mlcy
cute dog...
Sep 25, 2009 mlcy
Sep 25, 2009 Beagle109
They are so gorgeous and sweet; I hope they all find good homes soon, and have a long and happy life!
Sep 25, 2009 puppyupper
This photo kills me. The heart shape they make, the looks on their faces. Too much cuteness to endure!! I hope these beautiful girls find homes soon. they are beautiful and so intelligent looking!
Sep 25, 2009 iluvk9s
What sweeties these precious babies are. I hope they find their forever homes soon. Truck loads of biscuits, kisses and hugs!!!
Sep 25, 2009 hmirkin
I bet this dog is very playful,he's also very cute
Sep 25, 2009 Saptember
such cute pictures. i hope you all go to good homes soon :)
Sep 25, 2009 piobaire
Oh god bless you for rescuing them! Who would think the Amish could be so heartless? I could just scoop them up. I hope the are all adopted by now!
Sep 25, 2009 puppy world#1
Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww triplets i think they are called that.I wish i could adopt one :(.
Sep 26, 2009 shortyww22
AW!!!! such cute Babies.....adorable and very cuddly looking.I'm sure there's a line up of adopter's just waiting to take you home..all 3 of you are soooo's wishing you all 3 good luck and a happy new life...thank you soooo much for rescuing these sweeties from a nasty ole puppy mill.wish we could all go forward and shut em all down...I hate puppy mills...kisses n hugs for the saintly girls.....mwahs.....comment on my dog's please
Sep 26, 2009 Dachshundjnke
Oh to have a speckled nose!! How very cute!
Sep 27, 2009 tayeex3
awwwwww i love dogs they are so cute
Sep 28, 2009 nulagirl
How can you not love these guys???
Sep 28, 2009 girlbot
Bwahahah! I love how they're named after the Playboy Playmates on The Girls Next Door.... all former girlfriends of Hef, though.
Oct 2, 2009 drakes' granny
One is cutier than the other. Hope all 3 wind up with wonderful people who love and care for them forever.
Oct 9, 2009 6d's
your dogs are cute
Oct 19, 2009 tildalovespuppyz
aww.. so fluffy and sweet! + its totally amazing they got rescued.. i hope other dogs with a beginning like theirs get a happy ending like this!
Nov 9, 2009 lil addison
awww so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!
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