Brock the Staffordshire Terrier

Puppy Breed: Unknown

Brock's mom says: My partner and I have always wanted a staffy, but in the past we have rented apartments where having pets was prohibited. Late last year we finally purchased our first home, and as a Christmas present to ourselves we got Brock. He is affectionately known by a few nicknames such as Brocky, Brock-Choy and Brocket the pocket rocket. However, he is actually named after Australian Motor Sport Racing Champion, the late Peter Brock. He was the runt of the litter, but interestingly he was not the smallest. We immediately connected with him, as he stood out from his litter mates when he put his little paw up in the air and cried to be picked up. We also adored the brindle coloring through his black coat, which beared a strong resemblance to my beloved childhood dog (a Bullmastiff/Staffy X) who passed away in May 2006 whom lived to the ripe ol' age of 16. Brocky is the most social little puppy you will ever meet, and taking him for "walkies" is quite the mission impossible. He simply must stop and 'chat' to every person and animal he meets along the way, which basically involves a LOT of licking and tail wagging ! Brocky is cheeky and affectionate, and loves hanging out with his mummy and daddy and joining in with whatever they're doing - especially watching tv! He enjoys playing fetch, tug of war, and running around like a headless chook - whether it be in the house or yard. After these bouts of craziness he becomes an instant lounge lizard and crashes regularly for long naps! But what Brock loves most of all is receiving lots of pats and belly rubs, and he makes a funny high-pitched whine if we momentarily stop the rubs - which we believe means "Don't stop, more please!".