Brody the Mixed Breed

Puppy Breed: Doberman Pinscher / English Foxhound

Hi, my name is Brody and I was a rescue pup from a South Carolina kill shelter. My moms adopted me on Labor Day and it was one of the happiest days for all of us! I have it great with all my toys! I have so many that I even bury some in the back yard just to dig them up later and throw them in the air and catch them and run around like crazy with them--it's so much fun! I love going to the beach where I dig long trenches and dig up sand crabs, but I do get a little scared when the water gets my feet. My best friend is Domino, my next door neighbor. I love him as much as he loves me. We meet at the our fence and kiss each other every day. At the end of the day I just want to cuddle with one of my moms before I go to bed, and then wake up to another fun day and do it all over again!