Thursday, July 24, 2014
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May 24, 2010 Lt
He will be a great dog too.
May 24, 2010 DexterFubar
Such a happy puppy! Love it!
May 24, 2010 teeru
Look at those ears, funny and cute.
May 24, 2010 teeru
this pic is also lovely.
May 24, 2010 KUI'S MOM
May 24, 2010 snowy and me
sweet little marshmallow! mmuaahh
May 24, 2010 champfouquet
What are you thinking about, Burton? Such a lovely puppy with wonderful eyes. Many, many happy and healthy years together.
May 24, 2010 randomearrings
What a beautiful, happy face! Burton is a stunning puppy and 100% adorable. Hugs and kisses xxx
May 24, 2010 Thepapergirl
We have a rescue "Rosie" that's part Retriever. She looks almost exactly like Burton. She is very destructive, very! If she can get it, it's fair game. We have to totally puppy proof the place before we go out and she even has two others to play with! Be careful what you leave out. We love her alot, but she's one Goofy pup!
May 24, 2010 minkiesmum
What a lovely smiley face he has-a gorgeous boy you have here.
May 24, 2010 elliekawaii
Oh you happy little meatball, you're a cutie! xx
May 24, 2010 Samba1260
So very handsome. Many doggie treats to you baby.
May 24, 2010 ECHOBLIZZ
SO sweet! Loving life....chawin' away on his grass! Smooches & hugs galore! Treats too for this little furry baby!
May 24, 2010 princelover
Oh so hard to choose a picture of this beautiful boy! I love this action shot as it shows such a happy boy who has a great smile, but all his pictures are great. Enjoy this adorable boy for many happy and healthy years to come. Big hugs, baby!
May 24, 2010 fluffy ears
What a beautiful smile!
May 24, 2010 BananaFish
Burton, sweetheart, I really was having a bad day until I saw this: ------------> I owe my first smile for the day to you. I wish you good health and many happy years with your family. :)
May 24, 2010 adelerobin
This picture says it all! He's a beautiful little boy and I hope you have many wonderful years with him. Lots of belly rubs for him too.
May 24, 2010 tom_rote
You are handsome!
May 24, 2010 HillCountryGal
Burton, you sure made it hard to pick just one picture. I see lots of wisdom in your face. Love the one of you smiling too. Wishing you a long healthy and fun filled life.
May 24, 2010 mattysmom
So many cute pics! Wish we knew what you were thinking in this one, am sure you were pondering something very important! :) You are a handsome, happy pup and I am sure you will bring much joy to your furever family.
May 24, 2010 Sophia Marie's Mom
This picture made me laugh out loud! What a happy boy! I am sure you will have years of love with this cutie! How wonderful he is!
May 24, 2010 Kate Baker
What a great smile!!!! Adorable little puff ball! But of course, not for long! Have fun with this great dog!
May 24, 2010 lesjemison
He is to adorable. I see he likes to chew on things like my Dino. And looking at his other pictures, it looks like he is smiling. To cute.
May 24, 2010 pmkeeney
WAY too difficult to pick one pictures of you, gorgeous baby Burton, but this shows your soulful side so perfectly. Many hugs, belly rubs and treats for you ... your family is very lucky to have such a beautiful puppy!
May 24, 2010 gryt
Oh wow Burton, you are too cuuuute!!
May 24, 2010 Lassy
u r so cute.....cutie luv u.
May 24, 2010 goldenlover
"Cheerio, pip pip." Beautiful pup!
May 24, 2010 pelligrino
Burton is a wonderfully happy guy! I'm sure you are giving him a good loving home. Burton you could not ask for more except for a few belly rubs evry now and then
May 24, 2010 sarl6618
What an adorable pup. I love Burton's photos. He's a real sweetheart and I wish him a healthy and happy life with his wonderful family.
May 24, 2010 spunky
"It wasn't me, I didn't do it"! What a beautiful little guy!
May 24, 2010 slevinsmom
Precious angel! Too sweet for words!!!
May 24, 2010 w102663
Carefree, handsome golden puppy that's what you are, Burton!!!! Love ya:) oxoxox
May 24, 2010 DebforNow
Burton, you have the best smile ever!
May 24, 2010 w102663
"Maybe if I run down this hill those people with chase me".....whee!
May 24, 2010 ronflank
loved the pic, loved Burton! xoxo
May 24, 2010 meganbooth
What a great shot of a very handsome boy!
May 24, 2010 amyliz
Oh Burton, you are puppy perfection!
May 24, 2010 weezie
georgeous boy!
May 24, 2010 loveretrievers
He's so adorable!
May 24, 2010 Lynn in Michigan :o)
Good Lord! Is he a fluff-ball of fabulous, or what?? He is absolutely, positively're so lucky to have him. And the name, "Burton" is so awesome too.
May 24, 2010 Frankt
Well well well........Now if everyone woke up to this beautiful smile....the world would have a better view!!! Rock on Burton!!!!
May 24, 2010 longislander
Oh Burton!! You make choosing a pic way too hard. You are so beautiful and every pic shows your lovely personality. Goldens are the best, and this English Creme variety is just gorgeous.
May 24, 2010 mollyface
This is a welcome sight on a Monday morning. I could give that fella a hug and kiss, no problem. What a face!
May 24, 2010 pupfanatic
Burton, I am psychic! Yesterday, I wrote that you needed to be DP and here you are. This website has great taste. I said it before, and I'll say it again; you are TOO precious for any mere human to tolerate. Coma-inducing cuteness!!!
May 24, 2010 kiljey
What a doll!!
May 24, 2010 sugar bear
Burton is not only beautiful but pure joy! Lots of biscies & tummy rubs for this adorable guy! Enjoy!
May 24, 2010 wheatie mom
Gorgeous, happy, Burton - you made my day happier just by seeing you on D.P.!
May 24, 2010 leia kelly
Burton is beautiful or should I say, exceptionally handsome? There's nothing like a smilin' dog!
May 24, 2010 jasoninhollywood
what a smiley face to wake up to in the morning!
May 24, 2010 AnnM
what a dear and precious puppy...Burton is going to grow up to become a trusted, imporant part of the can see it in his eyes now........and sooooooooo handsome...............
May 24, 2010 nsuhi
What a happy puppy. I love goldens! Enjoy Enjoy Enjoy!!
May 24, 2010 Beagle109
What a beautiful puppy! Burton looks so happy! I wish him a long and happy life with his family.
May 24, 2010 lalamcgoo
oh Burton, how darned cute you are! All of your photos made me smile, I love your ears, I want to bury my face in them! You are a precious one!!
May 24, 2010 el perro
Who can fly? "I can fly!!" Burton is an adorable Goldie, I love the colours of english cream. Many happy years to the both of you!
May 24, 2010 sac4563
Burton, you are so adorable and such a sweetheart!
May 24, 2010 DailyPuppy Admin
Such a happy puppy!!
May 24, 2010 PuppiesMeltMyHeart
What a handsome young pup you are, Burton! You sure look like you are enjoying life!
May 24, 2010 buddyboy77
She is the cutest little thing i have ever seen! i love her color to!
May 24, 2010 The Raven
What a wonderful way to start off a Monday morning, with a big smile from Burton. What an adorable beautiful sparkling clean fellow. Thank you, wonderful lad.
May 24, 2010 BeautyLover
Such a great picture - he' s VERY HAPPY in his world here!!!!!
May 24, 2010 GRPMW
I have an English Cream Golden named Misty. She is 13 months old. Have a great life with Burton. He is so handsome!!!
May 24, 2010 sedentarynomad
This picture just makes my heart swell with joy...
May 24, 2010 Beth1226
May 24, 2010 tzumom
What a happy little guy...lots of pets little one.
May 24, 2010 pamfontainepeters
What a cutie! Puppy-perfection! Biscuits and bellyrubs from Pam in Toronto.
May 24, 2010 goldaun
I smell birds! Am I not the cutest little hunter you ever saw?
May 24, 2010 skeffersmom
Just a beautiful fur ball of energy and love! Enjoy each other!
May 24, 2010 Coinshop
Gorgeous smile!
May 24, 2010 Taramore
Oh my goodness, how hard it was to pick one of these photos - but I chose this one as it's the embodiment of happy laughing puppyhood. What a gorgeous pup!
May 24, 2010 PuppyLoveLastsForever
Burton, you are number one for certain!!! You have the look of Best Friends Forever in your deep eyes and smiling face. I love you!
May 24, 2010 Nias Mom
Love love love this beautiful Golden Retriever, would love a little girl, just like this!!! Beautiful!!!
May 24, 2010 guerrero's grandma
I told you I like playing in the park... wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eee!! :-) Burton, you are a handsome lad! I just love your smile & all your pics. Have a Long & Happy & Healthy Life big boy
May 24, 2010 Torodka
Awwwwww his name should be Button, he's certainly as cute as one :)
May 24, 2010 msmelk
I do not think there is a heart on this earth that this face couldn't melt. Soooo sweet! Many happy years toghter!
May 24, 2010 trow125
Judging from the buildings in the background of the park pic, I'm guessing you live in Baltimore. Love your smile!
May 24, 2010 Ferlin'smom
Burton! You did it! Hands down, cutest picture EVER on DP!!!!!
May 24, 2010 daliagarwal
please tell him that he ISNT ALLOWED to make such cute expressions that make me melt
May 24, 2010 iluvpupos
Burton, I had no idea which photo to pick of you b/c they are all so adorable! But you look very stoic here, you handsome boy! You look like you have a lot of fun in life. Lots of love to you little darling! xoxoxo
May 24, 2010 goldenlover21
what an adorable puppy!! i love his floppy ears!!! xoxoxoxoxoxo
May 24, 2010 Bowie's Mom
OMG!! He is perfect in every way :)
May 24, 2010 Scamp's Grammy
Burton, you look like a real happy puppy. Wishes for a long, happy and healthy life from Scamp's Grammy. Lots of cuddles and cookies for you, too!
May 24, 2010 ekomahoney
so flipping adorable!!!!!
May 24, 2010 love_my_dog_101
What a cutie look at that face its so adorable
May 24, 2010 glyn
Burton is a real beauty! What a sweetheart he is. Enjoy this sweet pup, as I am sure you will. Lots of hugs and treats for little Burton.
May 24, 2010 maly
Love this little boy!
May 24, 2010 brittish_cream_girl
this is the cutest picture ever!!!!! look at those puppy dog eyes... burton, you are just adorable!
May 24, 2010 ChloeAceZack
Woof woof! It's Zack, dog of the day! I just wanted to say, it's an honor to be the dog of the day the same day as Burton. he's fuzzy,and adorable! I love his smile! *** Best wishes from Zack, Chloe, and Aisa! ***
May 24, 2010 sheila
Burton is such a sweet-faced cutie. There aren't enough adjectives to describe him. Burton is a very impressive name. Don't you just want to kiss that face - I do!! Long and happy life to Burton!!
May 24, 2010 tuckerpup19
sooooooooooo cute
May 24, 2010 kafein
Oh, happy dog, happy dog! You are going to be the most wonderful Golden. Many, many years of happy tail wagging!!
May 24, 2010 harlequinguy
How do you ever stop hugging him??
May 24, 2010 daphne's mom
Wha a happy little guy! I hope you have many happy and healthy years together! Much love, many biscuits, and tons of cuddles for Burton!
May 24, 2010 Jose
Your sooooooooooooo cute I just want to give you hugs and kisses!
May 24, 2010 Oliver & Henry's Mum
Burton, you have stolen my heart! What a beautiful English Cream Golden you are indeed. My son loved the last picture of you running and smiling. It was entirely too difficult to choose just one picture today. Burton, long may you run! Hugs from Oliver & Henry, and their Mum, in London, Ontario
May 24, 2010 jakes mom
Burton may you have many happy years with your family. Hugs and Kisses from Jake (Golden Retriever) and his mom from Houston,Texas
May 24, 2010 lucyny2000
This picture should illustrating a book describing "Happy Puppy!" Blessings from NY
May 24, 2010 patlynn
Burton, what a great smile, you look so happy. I love your cream-colored coat.
May 24, 2010 lucyny2000
What a Flaffy Goof! Precious, just precious! God Bless Our Animals!
May 24, 2010 saintbernardhouse
The perfect pup!
May 24, 2010 ez2luvagolden
He's adoooorable, destined to be the best friend of many.
May 24, 2010 pandrews-4
How sweet is this? LOL! Absolutely adorable!
May 24, 2010 wolfgirl66
Adorable Burton looks very HAPPY!!!!
May 24, 2010 thetaylors
oh look at that Burton golden retrievers are so CUTE
May 24, 2010 gypsyrobin
May 24, 2010 loveheals
Even Burton's eyes are smiling in this photo! What a cutie pie. Wishing you many years of love and fun together!
May 24, 2010 luvlabsluvlife
OMG!!!!! All Burton's pictures are so cute i wanted to choose them all, especially love the smiling one that shows the true Golden spirit. I have 2 of my own and they are wonderful, sweet, loving dogs ... also prone to michief! Love you a beauty!!
May 24, 2010 lisalisa
What a beautiful and happy puppy Burton is! He is such a cutie pie. Great pictures.
May 24, 2010 coriebe
Soooo cute! LOVE goldens!
May 24, 2010 layfenci
He's the cutest little dude ever!
May 24, 2010 lotsapets
Burton is saying " That is one of the best jokes I ever heard " !! A beautiful, handsome dog he is !!
May 24, 2010 tmarie162116
Burton is just the cutest little puppy ever! Best wishes for a long, healthy and FUN life!!! Don't ever stop runnin down those hills! :)
May 24, 2010 lashton68
What a gorgeous beautiful little boy!! I am in love!!!!!
May 25, 2010 [.HARLEY.]
Oh my ! what a CUTIE !
May 25, 2010 spongebrooke
*dies of cute*
May 25, 2010 Bruin12
What a cutie! :)
May 25, 2010 sputnik
AWWW smiley puppy! I'm in heaven just looking at him! Burton, you are gorgeous!
May 25, 2010 ruthie
What a happy, handsome guy you are, Burton. Beautiful boy! Wishing you a long happy, healthy, love-filled life with your forever family.
May 26, 2010 katz66
On the hunt. So cute
May 26, 2010 lucybee
Practicing your sneak attack techniques?You are just Waaayyy too cute!
May 26, 2010 Dogaholic Gal
In love, I am simply and completely in love. Sigh.......................
May 26, 2010 lynetz2
burton - you handsome devil you!! looks like you are a happy and loving little boy - giving love and kisses all of the time! enjoy your life, little guy - you are awesome! hugs and biscuits to you!
May 26, 2010 vorner
OMG!! Check out the eyebrows and whiskers! This puppy is so unbelievably precious, I wouldn't be able to keep my paws off him! Every picture of him is gorgeous! Lots of love and happiness in the years ahead, Burton. Your family is blessed with an angel! XOXOXO
May 26, 2010 piobaire
If this face doesn't say happy dog, I don't know what does!
May 26, 2010 iluvk9s
What a sweet fluffy adorable baby!!! That little face is just precious. Zillions of cookies, kisses and hugs!!
May 27, 2010 MilMik
The little hunter=)
May 27, 2010 feather
Burton does a great imitation of a white corgi here! He is a gorgeous boy!
May 27, 2010 feather
A M A Z I N G BURTON!!!!!!!!!!!
May 28, 2010 animallover36213
What a perfect adorable picture of this absolutely adorable puppy! I've got a golden retriever also, they make perfect companions. I love goldens!
May 31, 2010 puppy world#1
Too cute for everything!!!
Jun 2, 2010 quinngirl
it looks like he's smiling he looks unreal he's...he's to cute for words
Jun 8, 2010 Akita Luver
Sooo cute! OMD! O My Doggie!
Jun 25, 2010 siun
too good to be true!!!! that face!!!! soooo cute!!! i love him!! i want him sooooo much!!! adorable!! lovely!! the best!!
Jul 16, 2010 razz
Awww he is absolutely adorable!
Oct 6, 2010 harrisd
Burton is so adorable. He is the cutest dog i have ever seen. He looks as if he could never be happier. I would love to know more about this adorable dog. He is so cute!!!!!!!!
Oct 28, 2010 jasper1
Speechless! What do you say about a face like that!!!
Apr 26, 2011 madelynk
Very cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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