Tuesday, July 22, 2014
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Mar 6, 2008 Wellie'sMum
"I'm a star!"

She's a real cutie, and sounds like she'[ll give you lots of amusement in the years to come!
Mar 6, 2008 jbroy
What a sweetie. Cali is so cute!!!! Give her lots of hugs and kisses for me.
Mar 6, 2008 ginnieliz333
Oh my stars! I just want to hug this little darling! What a little angel!
Mar 6, 2008 stormsamson
I just couldn't resist this picture of the two of them! They are definitely on the lookout. Is it they are looking for their Mom or Dad to come home? Anyways, she's a real cutie and Luna is just as precious!
Mar 6, 2008 harlequinguy
With these two at home, who could go to work?? Adorable. Ten cases of cookies!
Mar 6, 2008 kellybuzzard
Adorable! Look at those little butts... hahaha
Mar 6, 2008 k_cyn
[color=purple]Oh Cali you are sooooooooooooooooo CUTE!!!! :) And you sister Luna is sooooooooooo CUTE too!!! You are both ADORABLE, PRECIOUS, BEAUTIFUL....:)
Many kisses, hugs and biscuits to you both!
Best wishes always!!!! [/color]
Mar 6, 2008 nancy814
Cali is just beautiful, I just want to give her a big hug. All the pictures are cute, but love this one of Luna & Cali.
Mar 6, 2008 vorner
Cali, you are just beautiful! If you were any cuter, I couldnt' stand it! A million bones and hugs and kisses to you and your gorgeous big sister. God bless you all! XOXOXO
Mar 6, 2008 detroitdaisy
As a Springer Mom, I am biased. They are the cutest pups! They are both terrific!
Mar 6, 2008 rosy
I could not resist this picture---PERFECT!!!
Mar 6, 2008 LabMommy
I am glad this site is finally working! Cali and Luna are gorgeous!!! This picture is just too cute for words...
Mar 6, 2008 Chico'sMom
Beautiful. I had a springer for 15 years, and trust me, you will never find a better and more loving friend!
Many good wishes to you all x
Mar 6, 2008 Foxie Momma
Super cute <3 ahhhhhhhhhhh just luvvli **tummy tickles** have loadz and loadz of fun and frolics x
Mar 6, 2008 sputnik
absolutely adorable! too many great pics to choose from...
Mar 6, 2008 Alf
This picture says it all. You have a beautiful family. Many blessing & biscuits to both of your girls.
Mar 6, 2008 kds5801
Beautiful babies! All that beauty and trained to watch for the pizza delivery boy, too. What a bonus! Love them!
Mar 6, 2008 macie
too cute. but these 2 look like they are waiting for the postman to show up.
Mar 6, 2008 mrsackey
She is just absolutely precious! I just love this picture of the two of them together! It's priceless!
Mar 6, 2008 kkbartist
awwww i had such a hard time picking a favorite.They're all so cute!!! But this one is cute because it's like mini-me from austin powers haha
Mar 6, 2008 djmc
Just love this picture Too Cute....... Waiting to play . They are the sweetest babies. Enjoy Enjoy 11 biscuits
Mar 6, 2008 Glorybe
Cali is such a pretty little girl; her coloring is beautiful. Luna is also very pretty. It's so nice they have each other, especially when no one is home.

May you all have many wonderful, loving, moments to share.
Mar 6, 2008 Terry C
Awwwww - little angel!
Mar 6, 2008 suelill
Cali you are the most gorgeous adorable baby and I just want to cuddle you forever. A zillion cuddles and hugs. Have the best life ever. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Mar 6, 2008 mollyface
In case you're wondering, those are my heart strings she's pulling at.
Mar 6, 2008 werleybird
Cali & Luna both sound great!!! Enjoy your many happy years together as a family. 11++++++++++++ buscuits to them both and kisses on their noses too. All the pictures are adorable but I just love this one!
Mar 6, 2008 pupsrule
How do you stand all of the cuteness and love generated by Cali and Luna? They are gorgeous - absolutely stunning girls. Wishing them the happiest and longest of days and all of the biscuits they can eat (they taste better than pinecones).
Mar 6, 2008 opiedog
I LOVE this puppy. She is the CUTEST. 100 bones to her.
Mar 6, 2008 1briant
that is my baby dont take he
Mar 6, 2008 honeypie
Cali is adorable. Best wishes for many years of joy with this sweetie!
Mar 6, 2008 Mary M
What a sweet face!!! Lots of cuddles to Cali!
Mar 6, 2008 megs
My goodness, could she BE any cuter?!?! What a doll!! Can I have her? PLEASSSSSE?? :)
Mar 6, 2008 DogyLvr
In the years that I have been making daily visits to this website, I have never had such a tough time choosing a favorite photo. Your beautifully described relationship with your Luna and Cali was much appreciated. I can see how the essence of Cali would capture your soul. Blessings to all of you and thank you for sharing!
Mar 6, 2008 bopeep
Independent little Cali has her own course lined up. She is a very gorgeous little one, and so is big sister Luna. Sure glad I didn't miss today. When DP did not show up in my mail box I logged on several times today. It sure was worth the effort. Look at these two. Hugs, kisses and 11 biscuits each from Kansas USA.
Mar 6, 2008 abbysdad
I just turned into a big puddle of mush. Melted yet again!!! They are perfectly adoreable!!! Many year of love for all of you!!!
Mar 6, 2008 bopeep
Cali's mom, I just checked out the danger of pine cones to dogs. They can be a chocking hazard, and can also cause intestinal blockage, which is a very dangerous condition. Please clean up the pine cones and keep little Cali safe.
Mar 6, 2008 bopeep
Sorry, choking hazard.
Mar 6, 2008 Kingo217
This cutie got me to register and start commenting. Such a beautiful breed and look at that face! Many years of happiness and joy to you both
Mar 6, 2008 Daphne's Mom
What a cutie! Cali is darling! I hope you have many happy and healthy years with your two girls! Lots of love and biscuits to you Cali and Luna!
Mar 6, 2008 bigotto51
Simple adorable......and sooooo cute!!!!
Mar 6, 2008 AngelC
great pics! she looks so adorable . . and so many others choose my favorite pic with the two sisters looking out the window. That definitely deserves to be in a calendar!

PS . . . good catch bopeep! keep those puppies safe!
Mar 6, 2008 Brunomom
It was hard to choose a favorite picture because she could not be any prettier, but I had to go w/this comical picture. I love this shot, dogs just make life so much better. Gob bless these two babies and their family.
Mar 6, 2008 bullys2mom
These two are so totally gorgeous. I love your description of Cali's temperament - my kind of dog. Much love & many big hugs to both of your sweethearts.
Mar 6, 2008 Pup_luver2008
Both of You are soo cute
I have a sheltie and he is turning 2 today so Happy Birthday!
Mar 6, 2008 jaccikay
Oh my gosh...these have to be the cutest pictures I have seen on this website yet! Cali and Luna are darling. I love your description of the two of them. Just wonderful. This is just a heart warming website. God Bless you all with love, health, and happiness.
Mar 6, 2008 animalqn
Honestly, I wasn't going to make a comment today but then I scrolled down and saw this picture. Beeeg and Leeeetle! What a perfect shot!Well done to the lovely ladies :)
Mar 6, 2008 jaforget
I just love this puppy. Thank you so much for the pics
Mar 6, 2008 SASSY'S DAD
Cali's mom, you are blessed with two beautiful babies. They are too cute for words. Many wonderful years together. All the best. PS....bopeep was right on about the pine cones! Our little Sarah (cocker spaniel) was a pine cone eater. She spent nearly two weeks at the vet and underwent a four operation because of it. Wenearly lost her.
Mar 6, 2008 Della
So Sweet!
Mar 6, 2008 mling
Hahaha! Puppy sleeping positions are the best!
Mar 6, 2008 mash18020
Cali, you are so cute!!! And the 2 of them together are just adorable!!!! gorgeous pups :-) I hope you both have long fun healthy lives....and a million doggie treats to you both too :-)
Mar 6, 2008 DaveyDog
Glad I waited to late in the day to review the DP!! The attached photo is my personal favourite because the only thing better than a dog is TWO dogs!! We have English Springer neighbours ... I'm sure they have human parents ... it just won't come to me right now... but I'm sure they do. However, the English Springers are FABULOUS neighbours!! They share their toys, they're always happy to see you, they're always happy to show you their new tricks they learned at 'school' and they always wag their tails when you stop for a scritch and tickle.... I'm sure they must have human parents ... it just escapes me for the moment, but I'm sure they're nice, too.
Thanks to bopeep for the pine cone research. My grand-beagle believes that toys grow on trees in her back yard, so it's up to Gramma to bring that to the attention of her 'parents'.
Cali and Luna are beautiful and perfect. Aren't they all; it's the humans who need work.
Ontario, Canada
Mar 6, 2008 DaveyDog
p.s. Loved the "tugging at my heart strings" comment. Wish I were that creative. : )
"Mollyface", you have an admirer.
Ontario, Canada
Mar 6, 2008 melinda cox
I think Cali is just a little snuggle bug!! Be careful don't let Cali eat pine cones it can really mess her up. You sure do have a beautiful kids and hope you enjoy them for many years.
Mar 6, 2008 jowaldo
They are BOTH beautiful girls, but this picture just cracks me up!! What darlings!!! :)
Mar 6, 2008 Beach Dog's Mom
Cali is adorable! She looks like the roly poly puppy in the old children's book, who was always sneaking under the fence to go eat strawberry shortcake or chocolate pudding!

She's just so cute I can't stand it!

Lots of love and happy years to your two beautiful puppies.
Mar 6, 2008 clhaffner
Your girls are beautiful!!!!! All the pics are adorable. Just love the little pink tummy. My spaniel mix sleeps on her back with all 4 feet in the air all the time. They are just soooo cute. Many happy days with both your beautiful girls.
Mar 6, 2008 PhoebeJane'sMum
PhoebeJane (also a springer window enthusiast) says you two can come over & play anytime! I taught her to jump on command (yeah, like that was so hard!) and now she jumps whenever she wants her ball....another dog will scoop it up and there she'll be - jumping & jumping and thinking "What gives? Can't you see I'm JUMPING?" English springers are WONDERFUL friends, true characters and sensitive little people....thanks for sharing your GORGEOUS girls! xxx to those fuzzy toes.....
Mar 6, 2008 lucyny2000
Your girls are simply irresistable! Springers are humans in dog outfits. I have a Springer- Labrador mix, it is true for her too.
Every picture of Cali is perfect! I chose this one because it made me laugh for 5 minutes after long and tireing day! We all know how expressive Springer's eyes are, but I never knew how expressive Springer's backs can be!
God Bless Your Family for Many Happy and Healthy Years!
Mar 6, 2008 LucyB
What a pair of beauties you have! I just love this picture of Cali entertaining herself.
Mar 6, 2008 PuppyPal
Hi all, I'm Cali's mom. I want to thank everyone for your loving concerns and comments about pine cones. Especially to you, bopeep, for taking the time to research. This is the Internet and The Daily Puppy at its finest. Thank you, thank you, thank you for helping me keep the girls safe and healthy.
Mar 7, 2008 jenbeagle
So adorable! I wish I could pet that cutie pie!!!!!
Mar 7, 2008 NewPup
We had a Springer for over 11 years, and Holly was a neverending bundle of joy and surprises! She was never too easy to Walk, but never tired of spending time with us, and the most loyal, loving furball I ever knew! ~ She would come to whomever fed her after she finished licking her bowl clean, clearly "THANKING" them, with a nod, or a paw on the knee, or kisses.. but always a sure show of appreciation~ We'd be very lucky to find such devotion again!
You two are precious! Best of luck with them!:)
Mar 7, 2008 kittymom
Sister Love!!! 11++++++++++++ biscuits to Cali, Luna & their excellent puppy Mom. You puppy girls live long, healthy, & safe!
Mar 7, 2008 Mikkimrado
I am seriously at a loss for words and pictures! I just love Cali with all my heart!
Mar 7, 2008 browniebiscuit
[color=purple] So adorable! Whatever makes her comfortable! [/color]
Mar 7, 2008 Mummm
How utterly adorable! Cali and Luna are just beautiful.
Mar 7, 2008 NewPup
I found the "R"!!! ... that shhhould have read "YouR two are precious!" LoL
Holly would have had more fun with a pal like sweet Cali, or Luna.. but instead she had a feeeline friend~ a chocolate tabby, Woodstock. ;)

When we add a puppy to the posse here, we'll eventually have too too.. uh, two!!

LoVe the photos!!!
Mar 7, 2008 CelineBeforeSunset
I have a springer too and they are lovely, sensitive, very in tune with humans and very very bouncy! Mine has still got his tail though, it's beautiful with a white plume and you can always spot him in fields because of it. It is sad these little girls have been docked. Tails are one of their primary means of communication, stumps just don't do the job!
Mar 7, 2008 pauz4paws
Cali is just adorable! My daughter has a Springer spaniel named Charlie and he's just the best. Take good care of beautiful Cali and Luna, you're very lucky to have these beauties.
xoxo from Florida.
Mar 7, 2008 clemency
"I just need to pull a little harder! Ehn!" Cali is super-cute and sounds like she has a great personality, too!
Mar 7, 2008 jaccikay
I just had to come back today and see the pictures of Cali again. They are just too cute..........I think all of the pictures should be in a calendar. I would love to have one for my home.
Mar 7, 2008 cookiebaby
Great pictures. She's a doll!
Mar 7, 2008 piobaire
DARN YOU!! How can you make it so difficult to PICK!?!?!
Mar 7, 2008 piobaire
You have, tug of war to show how sweet she is in size.......
Mar 7, 2008 piobaire
Puppy tummy......(this picture better change...)
Mar 7, 2008 piobaire
Puppy bum? (sometimes this site drives me nuts!!) Anyway, Cali is a doll and choosing was waaaaay too hard today!!
Mar 7, 2008 denawolves
It's wayyyy too hard to pick a I picked this one where it looks like she's taken over the basket! I agree these girls should be on a calendar! We babysat a springer spaniel years ago named Raisin- she was so sweet and good. By the way, my 2 little dogs have been eating pecans, w/ most of the shell, for like 6 yrs and they are very healthy. We have 7 pecan trees. I think it's roughage for them. I really believe that if it's something they're used to they'll be fine, but if it's new to them then it's risky. But better safe than sorry, right?
Mar 7, 2008 liltinker
"They're home!"
love this pic. It always reminds me of kids in PJ's when pooches with stubby tails stand this way. I just wanna hold em.
Cali....What a beauty.
Mar 8, 2008 Sasafras56
Love spaniels and your girls are precious! Amazing how they have different personalities but Cali is still growing and will learn a lot from her big sister.
Enjoy many many years together.
Mar 9, 2008 rsack07
These pictures of Cali are so adorable! Sadly I had to say goodbuy to my English Springer Callie after 12 wonderful years togeather. I hope your Cali brings you as much joy and love as my Callie did.
Mar 10, 2008 roscoeroxypepper
it was very hard to pick just one picture, what a beautiful family!!!
Mar 10, 2008 loverofgoldens
Cali and Luna are beautiful. I love the picture of them looking out the window together. Soooo hard to pick a favorite picture :-) But since it's Cali's debut I had to go with this one - looks like she's the queen. Enjoy many wonderful years with your beautiful companions.
Mar 10, 2008 paws4thought
[color=red] this has possibly been one of the toughest challenges i have ever had to face in life,
I mean
which one to choose?
this one?
that one?

Well in the end i possibly had to pick this one i don't really know why but i absolutely love it!

You clearly have a beautiful family
i myself am not particularly fomd of springers but that does not mean that i can't make a few acceptions........
but really
any spaniel is a famtastic breed and you are so lucky to have not only her, but Luna as well......

from your wonderful description of your family, i can see that she is a happy, care free puppy that is perfectly happy to just watch the world go by, and enjoy it .

Have so much fun together won't you
and i gave you 11 biscuits by the way!!woop woop

Have such fun
many happy memories
good luck
enjoy it!!![/color]

[b][color=pink]X[/color][color= red]O[/color][color=pink]X[/color][ color=red]O[/color][/b]
Mar 14, 2008 Teresa
As the Mom of two springers 3yrs and 1yr old, I totally enjoyed these pics, but most of this one. Our boys are just like your girls, jake the older one would catch a kong all day long, and Wilson is happy just to run right along side. Happy days to your springer family, I most especially like the pic of the two of them looking out the window, my favorite everyday, they wait for Dad to come home from work :):)
Many years of joy to all of you!
May 20, 2008 puppydog
2 little observers, they r so cute!
Nov 1, 2008 georgia04
Awww, two beautiful puppy sisters together! Give them both hugs and kisses for me.
Apr 21, 2009 bella96
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