Cali the English Springer Spaniel

Puppy Breed: English Springer Spaniel

Cali's mom says: This is Cali, the newest member of our growing Springer family. Her big sister, Luna, was the Daily Puppy on Dec. 31, 2007. Even though Luna is the Queen of Quite A Lot, Cali refuses to bow down to anyone. She's more like a cat than a dog in that she prefers her own pace, and her own space. She's also quite content with her own company. She plays alone for hours throwing pine cones in the air, pouncing on them, rolling over on them, then finally, eating them. Fortunately, we have many pine trees in the yard, so shes' a very busy girl. Unlike Luna, Cali couldn't care less about Frisbees. She runs along side of Luna when they're thrown but never bothers to look up much less make an effort to catch one. She's just happy to be in the world, to have a comfortable home, food in her bowl, and a warm bed to curl up in every night at precisely nine o'clock. We always know the time when we hear the pad of little feet heading up the steps as Cali staggers off to bed. Life is definitely busier and sweeter since these precious girls adopted us. And, while Luna has stolen our hearts, Cali has captured our souls.