Callie the Toy Poodle

Puppy Breed: Poodle

Our 14-year old toy poodle, Cookie, passed away at the beginning of November of last year from kidney failure. The grief and pain of losing our first dog was terrible but once we'd made it past the "acute" grief, I realized I was terribly lonely at home. We still had our schnauzer mix Daisy, but frankly, we're a two-dog home and we were one dog down. In mid-December I started perusing Petfinder looking for a new puppy to bring some light back to my life, my husband's life, and Daisy's life. We found this little bundle of joy at a rescue, and drove 50 miles to see if she was a fit. Of course she was, and we brought her home. Daisy and Callie took to each other almost immediately, and are the best of playmates. Daisy keeps Callie in line, and Callie keeps Daisy in touch with her inner puppy. We like to say Cookie special-ordered Callie for us as a wonderful Christmas surprise.