Callista the Great Pyrenees

Puppy Breed: Great Pyrenees

Callista's parents say: Callista is a five-month-old Great Pyrenees who we've had for a month now. She was found wandering in rural Arkansas and was picked up by a local rescue group, Homeward Bound K9s. We were supposed to foster Callista for the rescue group, but after having her for one weekend we were hooked and officially flunked fostering 101 and added Callista to our family. We have two other rescued Great Pyrenees-mix dogs and Callista fit in perfectly with the furry family. She has started basic obedience classes and is having a wonderful time. Her favorite activities are chewing, mainly on her toys but also on her brothers, Tex and Bogart, and her sister, Molly Brown, running up and down the fence line, and learning to climb on the couch like all the other dogs. Callista is a joy and we love having her as part of the family.