Charlie the Poodle Mix

Puppy Breed: Poodle / Shih Tzu

Charlie is a ideal puppy that loves to be with people. He travels to work daily and hangs out in the office making friends and asking for belly rubs from anyone willing. He is the perfect mix of playful and mellow at all the right times. He loves to play fetch and is quite agile--jumping over boxes to retrieve the ball from hidden places. He is a great snuggler, too, and has much love to give!

Comments (22)
DaveTheDog Jun 7, 2014
"What, is there a problem? Real men do pink all the time. Sod...

BostonMalteseLover Jun 7, 2014
"Halt! Friend or foe??"

scratch Jun 7, 2014
Honest! My eyes are in here. I can see ya! I can see ya! What? ...

MrMotivations Jun 7, 2014
"I've got a secret! Come closer, I'll tell you..."

nancybatt1 Jun 7, 2014
I love Charlie. He is the perfect blend of two of the best breeds,...

julie55 Jun 7, 2014
You are a sweet bundle of love, Charlie! Much love is wished for you!...

spunky Jun 7, 2014
"This is my office attire", I have to make an impressionable...

Abiglen Jun 7, 2014
CharIie, I would love to scoop you up and give you gentle squeezes...

Mmmousemaid Jun 7, 2014
Let's snuggle Charlie!

Spitld Jun 7, 2014
I also have a shih-poo who was incorrigible as a puppy, She is now 3...

amyliz Jun 7, 2014
Charlie, I wish I got to see your cute face at my work everyday! I...

mummm Jun 7, 2014
What a little cutie!

schotime Jun 7, 2014
What a great face. What's not to love. Charlie is a treasure.

drakes' granny Jun 7, 2014
Charlie is so adorable. I'm sure a great cuddler. Happiness...

The Raven Jun 7, 2014
I bet you eat quiche, too. You handsome little fluffy Lad.

daphne's mom Jun 7, 2014
What a cutie! I hope you have many happy and healthy years together!...

Nened0155 Jun 7, 2014
Charlie, you're Oh so cute & fuzzy! I absolutely love your hot...

goldenlover Jun 7, 2014
Handsome little guy--much loved, great pics and story.

BeeBeeLily Jun 7, 2014
Just wanna give Charlie a hug!!!!!!

Economist Jun 7, 2014
How can anyone get any work done with this cutie around? I'd be...

poochielover Jun 10, 2014

piobaire Jun 10, 2014
what a cutie pie you are Charlie.