Charlie the Shar Pei Mix

Puppy Breed: American Pit Bull Terrier / Chinese Shar-Pei

Hi, my name is Charles Barkley, but my people usually just call me Charlie. I'm half Shar-Pei and half pitbull. Believe it or not, someone let me and my sisters free in a public park about a month ago, when we were just a few weeks old. The three of us never left each other's sides, and thankfully a passerby eventually found us and got us to a shelter! That's where my people found me, and now I live with them in Dix Hills, on Long Island, New York. I spend my days lying on my back and looking so cute that my people can't resist giving me tons of belly rubs. Works like a charm. Although my long-term goals include world domination and winning American Idol for my championship snoring, right now I'm happy to live my life in a continuous sleep-eat-play cycle.