Chelsie the Pug/Chihuahua Mix

Puppy Breed: Unknown

Chelsie's mom says: Chelsie is a sassy little girl! Her sire is full pug and her dam is pug/chihuahua, and Chelsie looks like a mini pug. I take her to my parents house for play dates with their pug, beagle, and greyhound... and at a mere 4 pounds she chases the big dogs around without fear! Chelsie is a great balance between silly and smart. I taught her how to sit and then began working on shake by lifting her left paw while rewarding her. We were not quite done learning to shake when my mother taught her to lay down. Now she sits, lifts her left paw and stretches it out to fall into the laying down position! She has also just learned how to go up stairs... but not down!