Puppy Breed: Unknown

Chewy's parents say: Chewy came to live with us when he was just over ten weeks old. He's a sweet-tempered cocker spaniel / bichon frise mix with lots of energy who loves to play and explore the backyard. He's smart and has already learned to come, to sit, and to give high fives. He still takes plenty of naps, but when he's awake he wants to be in the middle of everything. He loves going for rides in the car and chasing anything that you throw for him, especially Frisbees that are bigger than he is. The reason that he was named Chewy depends on who you talk to. One reason is because he was, and still is, in the puppy-chewing phase. Another is that his fur looked a little like Chewbacca's from the movie Star Wars -- only Chewy's fur is white and very soft. But whatever the reason for his name, he's been a great addition to our family and we all look forward to watching him grow up.