Chihuahua Puppy

Puppy Breed: Unknown

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Brittany Dec 26, 2006
very adorable!~!

anon Dec 26, 2006
the ears!!! haha!

anony Dec 26, 2006
now that is a 11 cookie candidate but you need to give us more than 2...

x1Angelx1 Dec 26, 2006

yujismom Dec 26, 2006
ay caramba que quapo! (bonita?)

DogMom Dec 26, 2006
Cute Cute Cute!!! I LOVE those ears!

Terry C Dec 26, 2006
Yum 'em up!

Too, too cute!

Dusty's mom Dec 26, 2006
Tell us about this adorable mystery puppy!!!!

renee Dec 26, 2006
OHHHHHH!!! I just want to scoop him up and eat him. What a...

Cheryl Dec 26, 2006
No name, no story, but my what cute ears you have.

pup police 101 Dec 26, 2006
OMG that is the cutiest dog i've ever seen i love Chihuahuas they are...

pup police 101 Dec 26, 2006
OMG that is the cutiest dog i've ever seen i love Chihuahuas they are...

Waiskai'sMommy Dec 26, 2006
R U Kidding me????!!!!! Absolutely adorable!

colleenpuppylover Dec 26, 2006
prolly the cutest little thing i have ever seen!!! i want to eat him...

puppyluv Dec 26, 2006
What a cutie pie! More pictures please!

Belle Dec 26, 2006
With a dog like that, you should have given us more pictures, I love...

ilovepoppy Dec 27, 2006
cute cute cute cute can i say it anymore she or he is very gorgeous...

CBinID Dec 27, 2006
I'm not normally a fan of the breed, but this charmer could change my...

DKN Dec 27, 2006
Aw! I love how the little ear is in a constant "Baroooo?"...

Pooky Dec 27, 2006
What a cute Chiwowie! Love every little blink.

Loizhanne Dec 28, 2006
renee- so sorry to hear about your bad experiences with breeding your...

ILuvJacobJackson Dec 29, 2006
awwwwww!!!!!!!!!!! he/she is so adorable luv her/him!!!!!!

Laurel Dec 29, 2006
I love their little pink feet.

maggielover322 Jan 20, 2007

That sums it all up in one word!!

PuppyCrazie Jan 25, 2007
What a kind sweet little face! It looks like it has a friendly little...

PorchPuppy Feb 14, 2007
Awww! Dat widdle pwecious! I WANT him....Wittle taco.

Apple Apr 25, 2007
Very cute!

miley1006 Jan 21, 2008
SOOOO CUTE!heart::

DogMom Jan 29, 2008
absolutely delicious morsel of a puppy!!!

georgia04 Jan 17, 2009
This little one ought to win some beauty contests, for sure....

snoopygirl Feb 2, 2009
sooo cuuuute

moonbaby Jun 25, 2009
so cute!!