Chloe Sophia the Italian Greyhound

Puppy Breed: Italian Greyhound

Chloe's mom says: In July 2007, Remi, my first Italian Greyhound puppy, and I got to meet her little half-sister (same Sire), Chloe Sophia, for the first time. I thought it would be wonderful to have two sweet, quiet little lap dogs from the same breeder and same blood line no less. Remi was such a good puppy...I knew I could easily handle two. What a surprise! After a short, uneventful ride from the airport, it was time to introduce the puppies. I expected little Chloe to be shy and need some protection from my top dog. That was totally unnecessary. She marched right in the door, drank both bowls of water, ate both bowls of food, grabbed two of Remi's toys and settled into Remi's bed. It took a few days for Remi to reclaim some of her territory...or at least half of what used to be hers. Fortunately, they quickly became inseparable. It is adorable to see them kiss each other good morning and good night. One will not eat or sleep without the other by her side. Baby Chloe is teaching Remi all of the fun things she missed out on in her early puppy how to bark and lick, how to get the squeakers out of every toy they own, how to hide their puppy snacks under Mommy's pillow in case they get hungry during the night, and how to dig holes in the carpeting. One look at their cute little faces, however, and I can't possibly feel anything but forgiveness. I truly love them both.