Thursday, July 24, 2014
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Jan 14, 2007 ailleached
I'm so proud! What a beautiful girl your little Cleo is! Love you!
Jan 14, 2007 Krysia
With that sad puppy dog face, is there anything she can't get away with? ;)
Jan 14, 2007 caraschotch
Oh Cleo, you look so *worried*! It's okay, honey, you made Daily Puppy and you are SOOO beautiful I just want to spend all day kissing your sweet puppy belly! What a doll!
Jan 14, 2007 greatcait
Oh my, I just gasped and teared up because she is so beautiful! Enjoy your darling!!
Jan 14, 2007 doggielover92
Cleo is the most GORGEOUS Weimaraner I have EVER seen !! You are so lucky to have a dog like her : )
Jan 14, 2007 shimmertwist
Absotively, Posilutely, CUTE. I must keeeeeeese her muzzle!
Jan 14, 2007 kippysmama
SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO AdORBALE!!!!!!!!!! I wish i could use more "!" but it would take up the whole thing!!!
Jan 14, 2007 DogMom
She is soooo beautiful. Her coat makes me want to reach throught the computer and pet her. What a gorgeous girl!!!!
Jan 14, 2007 allpupsRperfect
Such a soulful, sweet face! It should be kissed every minute so she doesn't worry too much. ~..~
Cleo, you raise the bar for the definition of "beautiful"!
Jan 14, 2007 puppyluv
Oh sweet Cleo, do not look so worrisome. You are the queen of everything! A bazillion biscuits for this absolutely stunningly beautiful puppy.
Jan 14, 2007 Trevor's mom
Pink Puppy Paw Pads!!---How Perfect!!
Jan 14, 2007 dpiccus
I really want one!!
Jan 14, 2007 silverspawn2000
what an absolutely beautiful little girl. I've wanted one ever since my freshman year of college, but I space hasn't allowed. Rock and Roll, Cleo
Jan 14, 2007 Terry C
She is lovely...those eyes!
Jan 14, 2007 Yourmomsage
Your grandpup is just adorable! Love those big blue eyes and that silky fur!
Jan 14, 2007 icequeen2332
i wish i had eyes that pretty
Jan 14, 2007 Spin Grl
My husband and I have a Weimaraner too. Neat to see many of Cleo's "poses" are the exact ones our girl Abbey has too. What a beautiful puppy! Enjoy and have fun with her!!!!
Jan 14, 2007 trishanicole88
She is so beautiful. I love those big floppy ears and her big puppy feet!
Jan 14, 2007 chefahoola
She is going to be a gorgeous dog. What an expresive face! Lucky you.
Jan 14, 2007 stanzi
A beautiful Pup!

The Weim is an extremely attractive dog and very talented in the field, but if you want one, please bear in mind that they are a SPORTING DOG. They are high maintainance. They do not do well in apartments. They need daily, regular exercise. They want to be WITH you. If you want a dog playing in the back yard, get a Golden or a Lab. The best home for a Weimie is with a Runner. A tired dog is a well behaved dog!

A Weimaraner will want to be with you. On the sofa, in your bed, in your car. Leave them alone at the risk of your shoes and furniture. Separation anxiety can and does present problems. If you want a full time companion, you couldn't do much better. Also remember, these cuddly silver balls of fur will mature at 55 to 75 pounds.... and they still want up in your lap! Weimaraners are wonderful dogs and I can't imagine life without them, but know your breed before bringing one into your life.

BTW, Weimaraners are born blue eyed with stripes. Yes stripes! The black stripes disappear in about 3 days. The blue eyes turn golden or yellow with maturity. Sometimes the blue eyes remain into adulthood, but is now rare.
Jan 14, 2007 yujismom
she has blue eyed soul!
Jan 14, 2007 Loizhanne
this baby has beautiful blue eyes, but i found myself thinking, look at that perfect pink circle on that sweet nose. this dog will be quite a character. beautiful.
Jan 14, 2007 wonder_al
Beautiful! Love the paws!
Jan 14, 2007 LESA
Jan 15, 2007 renee
Stunningly beautiful. her coat is so silky. I just want to run my fingers up and down her. Then she has those beautiful blue eyes. Wow!!!
Jan 15, 2007 ridingbuddies06
awww.. how cute! my grandpa has one that looks just like her and his other one just recently past away like a few wekkes ago... :(
Jan 15, 2007 larkspur
Jackie is my weimaraner and she is now 10! What a great dog and friend! Hide the remotes for a year or so but enjoy the smartest dog ever!
Jan 16, 2007 AngelaMichelle
so cute, and such beautiful eyes!
Jan 16, 2007 maggielover322
She looks very sweet! My mom has said for years that she wants to get one. We just couldn't because of the size. Instead we got a yellow lab! She is the sweetest little girl in the world**her name is Maggie May and she is only one and a half years old. I love her more than anything in the world*******
Jan 16, 2007 SheltieLuver2
She has the sweetest face!
Jan 16, 2007 Geenie
She's soooooooooooooooooooo glossy and beautiful. She looks like the finest velvet!!!!
Jan 16, 2007 soshyviolet
her beautiful blue eyes are almost piercing... what a beauty!
Jan 16, 2007 AnimalLover85
My cousin has a weimaraner and you DON'T know how jealous I am of him! I always play with his big boy, Ash. Anywho I LOVE these dogs they are so sweet and wonderful! But enough about THESE dogs let me talk about THIS gorgeous puppy! Where do I start? WHERE do I start? Her eyes, nose, silk skin, body or her ALL around cuteness?! How about her nose I know before that i have said that i LOVE dogs with brown noses but hers is just to DIE for I can see her little nose now sniffing around for treats or for her older sister to come play with her. Her hair looks to be the softest, silkest, most velvet like, gorgeous colored coat. She is a real treat to look at! O.K. so far i am not freaking out but you just wait until i talk about her eyes, twich* Her body is so tiny but it won't be for long but her paws will forever be big, her paws are so adorable I LOVE them!! And her nails oh so cute! But wait i didn't talk about her mouth and her puppy breath that is contained in that little mouth that also has a tounge that goes a 100 miles an hour when her tail is excited enough! TOO CUTE, she is the cutest weimaraner ever! I'll make sure Ash doesn't hear about that he would have a fit so would my cousin! Oh one more thing HER EYES!! So precious so so precious, those eyes could let her get away with ANYTHING if she was mine! I LOVE them, such a PRETTY color and the way she looks up at you ALL of her pictures are the cutest and the BEST but i would heve to say my top picture is the one where she is in the picture! Yeah, I couldn't choose they are ALL so adorable. She is just the cutest most WONDERFUL little puppy (but won't be little for long!)She is so gorgeous and beautiful! You are so LUCKY and don't let ANYONE tell you otherwise you have an AMAZING pup! Good luck with her!
Jan 18, 2007 danijo
OH MY HEAVENS!!! what a beautiful little girl! i have a little boy weim, his name is olliver webber (due to the webbed feet) and they are such an amazing breed- so very sweet and gentle, SO akward at first and funny!- my ollie is about 9 months old, and already about 70-75 pounds... and STILL insists on being a lap dog. :)
when i saw little cleo on here, i immediately registered so i could leave a comment and tell you how precious she is! your in for a VERY high energy, loving, intelligent journey with this girl- good luck to you, and give her a squeeze for me! :)
Jan 24, 2007 PuppyCrazie
What a beautiful sweet dog!! I would love to have one of these... just gorgeous. I would love to get one that keeps the blue eyes through to adulthood!! Well, for now we will be content to love our lab puppy to bits! Congratulations on your lovely dog and may you have many many happy years with her :o)
Feb 7, 2007 snuggles19973
Ohhhh Cleo I must have missed are a beautiful girl. I love those eyes. Huggs and Kisses to you for that cute little nose.
May 3, 2007 doxielvr
the most beautiful coat ive ever seen looks like gray velvet
Jun 5, 2007 Olivia
What a sweet pea. I love the eyes! And her expressions just had us in tears..... Beautiful fur, too.... Enjoy her!
Jul 29, 2007 dogluvr234
i want a weimerainer!!!!! **woot!**
Mar 25, 2008 dawgsfurever
What a gorgeous puppy!!! Love the name too
Sep 10, 2008 jersey
Who did you buy her from, so adorable!!
Dec 14, 2008 Dachshund lover
my neighbors had 2 girls named stella and callen but they had to move to fiels train them
Jan 31, 2009 petsarethebest
awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww i was goning to get a weimaraner but then we got a puggle from x mas and then i got one juts like cleo for my b-day :-)
Aug 20, 2009 bliss
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