Cleo the Weimaraner

Puppy Breed: Weimaraner

Cleo's grandmom says: Cleo is a Weimaraner, or a "silver ghost," as they're called. She had bright blue eyes when she was born and has the silkiest coat I've ever seen. My oldest daughter saved her money until she could afford to drive to Missouri to pick up Foxy Cleopatra, a puppy she had fallen in love with on the breeder's Web site. Cleo is delightful and has an older sister, a German shorthair. I baby-sit for Cleo nearly every day and she loves playing with my two dogs, both of whom were rescues. One of my dogs, Chance, was also featured on the Daily Puppy as a grown-up puppy of the day. Cleo is going to be a big girl, but for now she is still clumsy and gallops like a pony while her long, silky ears fly everywhere!