Sunday, July 13, 2014
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Sep 12, 2008 Anetra
Cloe is so cute Looks like i can be with her all day.Happy long years with this cute gal
Sep 12, 2008 puppyluvvy
Yes, you're such a happy dog. and cute! 1000000000 biscuits from me to you Cloe!!!!!!!
Sep 12, 2008 snoozlebunny
What an absolute sweetheart!! Cloe, you can come talk my ear off anytime!!
Sep 12, 2008 Xybelle
What a beautiful puppy! She looks like she's just a bundle full of energy and joy. Many hugs and biscuits.
Sep 12, 2008 dogcopper
What a cutie!!! ENJOY!
Sep 12, 2008 teddy's mom
omigosh.. she is absolutly adorable! lots of love and bikkies to cloe XOXOXOXO
Sep 12, 2008 doggieaunt
Apparently she also enjoys a good joke! So adorable -- I also love the pix of her with her duck toy that's almost bigger than she is.
Sep 12, 2008 kady
someone has told her a good joke and she is enjoying it.What a cute girl
Sep 12, 2008 djmc
Cloe you are just the cutest!!!!! I love the Corgi so cute. Enjoy your baby . many fun times and Cloe loads of biscuits
Sep 12, 2008 HillCountryGal
Well Cloe.. you are one CUTE bundle of fur. I'd sure like to spend some time playing with you. Lots of belly rubs for you.
Sep 12, 2008 longislander
What beautiful coloring, and I love those ears! She's very cute. Lots of luck with her.
Sep 12, 2008 terry c
Sep 12, 2008 daphne's mom
What a cutie! I hope you have many happy and healthy years together! Cloe looks so sweet. Lots of love nad biscuits to you Cloe!
Sep 12, 2008 kiddo
OMG cloe has the cutest puppy face ever, She has the most curious and innocent eyes!! OMG i love corgis they r my favorite breed many happy years!! p.s definetly a favorite!
Sep 12, 2008 Zoie's Daddy
Cloe, you are a little cutie, love all the picts, but this one is my fav. it says to me " GET IT KILLER" lots of belly rubs and cookies
Sep 12, 2008 jrstar
perfect!! I wish I could be so absolutely joyous.
Sep 12, 2008 Sillysunshine96
SSSOOOOOO CUTE!!!!!!!!!! she is ADORABLE!!
Sep 12, 2008 tsuki's mom
So sweet! I love you cute little face, Cloe!
Sep 12, 2008 ckendall
OMG that is the sweetest face!! She is just adorable!! Lots of belly rubs for this baby!
Sep 12, 2008 Moosey
With this sweet face she would always be the center of attention! What a cutie!!! Please give her a hug for me--11 biscuits!
Sep 12, 2008 giada777
What a happy, beautiful girl! Enjoy her.
Sep 12, 2008 superhedgie
I love this breed. They're so cute. I love Cloe. She is an adorable Girl. Love Her.
Sep 12, 2008 fritzy
I think Corgi's are sooooo cute! Especially when they are puppies!!! How precious you are! :)
Sep 12, 2008 imissjess
If this picture isn't saying "Life is good!" I'd be very surprised. She's lovely!
Sep 12, 2008 Sbams
LOVVVVVVE HER!!!!!! So very very cute! Enjoy~
Sep 12, 2008 pamfontainepeters
Oh Cloe! What an adorable, furry little girl. I love her ears! Biscuits and bellyrubs from someone who also wishes she could fly, Pam in Toronto.
Sep 12, 2008 caraschotch
You're a beautiful child, Cloe! Kisses, cuddles, and cookies from Cara...
Sep 12, 2008 Susans4dogs
Such a little doll! Many happy times and lots of biscuits to you.
Sep 12, 2008 jackspal
I can't believe how cute this dog is ! Chloe you're adorable.
Sep 12, 2008 queenofchaos
Awwwwwwwww Cloe, ur such a darling! Do u crow like a rooster as Lily does? I know u r spoiled....we can't help but spoil our litte corgi's.
Sep 12, 2008 ursa'smomma
I luv a Corgi! An adorable lil' gurl and a official Precious Princess!
Sep 12, 2008 wheatie mom
There's the famous corgi smile! Cloe is a cutie but be prepared to be outsmarted by your pup - I have an 11 year old corgi and he still surprises me with his intelligence. He is also a Canine Good Citizen as corgis are a snap to train. Think border collie with short legs!
Sep 12, 2008 cjsadlier
What a happy puppy! She is adorable. A million biscuits for this cutie.
Sep 12, 2008 kyladee
Simply adorable!!
Sep 12, 2008 quiltcat
Oh Cloe, you are sooooo cute! I'd love to pick you up and snuggle you. There's something about Corgis with their bright intelligent eyes, black button noses, and short little legs that i find totally appealing. Many happy healthy years, Chloe!
Sep 12, 2008 lovemydog
Cloe - you are just too cute for words!
Sep 12, 2008 angelbear
Oh my goodness! What a cuddle bear!
Sep 12, 2008 mummm
What a wonderful, happy looking pup! Cloe is CUTE!
Sep 12, 2008 puppyeatmycoookie:)
Oh my gosh!! I also have a pembroke welsh corgi and I was shocked to see a pembroke welsh corgi as the daily puppy!! It's not that often you see a pembroke welsh corgi!! Look at her eyes!! Who can't fall for her puppy eyes?! I wish I could give you all the biscuits in the world instead of just 11...! Except Biscuit; she's my other dog you can't keep her ;)
Sep 12, 2008 corgigirl37
Corgies Rule!!!!!
Sep 12, 2008 sdv in slc
Awwwwww, Cloe is soooooooooo cute. What a sweet face!
Sep 12, 2008 linnea
She is one pretty corgi. I love corgi talk!
Sep 12, 2008 cindyb5
Sep 12, 2008 amyliz
Stubby legs + big ears=CUTE! Cloe, I would love to chat with you, but since I can't I'll just give you 11 biscuits instead!
Sep 12, 2008 KentuckyJim
I love all dogs. I truly do, even if they're not the most attractive, they still have a "doggy heart". That said, I must say that Corgis are one of my favorite breeds. They're not only beautiful but so dog-gone CUTE. And the view one gets of the southern end of a northbound Corgi is precious; they just have that little "twisty tail" thing going on. They are always smiling, too. My dad had an older Corgi until it was time for her to go the far side of the Rainbow Bridge. She was always smiling. That's why I chose the picture of Cloe smiling; it just seems to come naturally. Cloe is such a pretty fawn color, too. I love it! With such enchanting looks, it's too bad you can't fly, Cloe. :o) May God bless you a wonderful, long and healthy life, Cloe, with many days of happiness, joy and peace. May you always be loved as you give love, wholeheartedly. Much love, kisses, hugs and blessings to you, little one, from ol' Uncle Jim in Kentucky. :o)
Sep 12, 2008 lalamcgoo
awww, I just want to hold and nuzzle this little girl, what a sweetheart! She is cute!
Sep 12, 2008 mydexy
awwwwww so cute!!!
Sep 12, 2008 PenfoldNM007
Oh MY!!! what a beautiful little lady! She is adorable. These pictures bring me back to when my two corgis were puppies! She lookes like she is laughing in the sun! I know you will be having years of joy and laughter with this little lady! Many hugs and kisses to this beauty, and many healthy and happy joy filled days with her smile to you and your family.
Sep 12, 2008 Chazzy-baby
awwww cloe you are sooooo cute, my parents breed pembroke welsh corgis, so i grew up with them all my life, and they are very smart and good with kids, great show dogs, lots of luv and treats for u cloe!!!
Sep 12, 2008 teddiepants
Yep, come on over Cloe, there's a tummy rub awaiting! Not familiar with 'corgi-talk' as I've never had the good fortune to personally know a corgi but would love to learn! Eleventy biscuits for this little cutie.
Sep 12, 2008 whippoorwill
Cloe is an adorable little munchkin and I'm sure she's the delight of your household. May you have many happy years to love each other.
Sep 12, 2008 SheriinReho
OMG! I have such a soft spot for Corgis, and esp. Pembrokes because one of my best online buddies is Kaley, a fluffy Pembroke. This pup is ADORABLE!
Sep 12, 2008 Dolores & Aibo
Cloe you are such a cute puppy!
Sep 12, 2008 Puppy Power
Very cute!
Sep 12, 2008 tamwise21
So cute...what is corgie talk?
Sep 12, 2008 MilesBub
What a happy little girl! I just adore Corgis! Best of lucky on with your puppy!
Sep 12, 2008 maggie mae
I want to be as happy and loved as this little girl seems to be expressing on her face!!!!!
Sep 12, 2008 nicoleann75
She is beautiful!!!!! Congratulations!
Sep 12, 2008 mimizap
There is no better or cuter dog in the world than Corgi's!! She's absolutley gorgeous, you can't meet one and not fall in love. Many happy years together.
Sep 12, 2008 usfour
What a beautiful little ray of sunshine!
Sep 12, 2008 pomtzu
Sooo cute! Love those short little legs. Have a great day pretty pup!
Sep 12, 2008 flashrmom
Love the smile and the sweet little tongue. What a cutie!
Sep 12, 2008 bonbon1122
Just like my Dustie loves her toys..... all the cookies and love for life little girl
Sep 12, 2008 Rickysmom
Sweet, sweet baby; this has to be the cutest corgi I have ever seen. I'm in love.
Sep 12, 2008 malawi
Cloe is one of the cutest pups on here yet. She is really adorable. Many happy years with her. :-)
Sep 12, 2008 lucybee
She looks like a little laughing fox in this picture. I've never known a corgi in person but I just love them.Enjoy this sweet girl!
Sep 12, 2008 gary
Love your Pup. I had One as a Kid. And Cloe, is a Beauty
Sep 12, 2008 Devi
What a cutie.
Sep 12, 2008 mrywbstr
The picture of pure bliss!!!! Many happy puppy years to come-she's beautiful!!
Sep 12, 2008 cobylover11
AWWW!!!!! This dog is definetly blessed at Highlands Church!!!!!!!!!!
Sep 12, 2008 iluvk9s
Sweet adorable happy puppy!!!! I would love to hug her!
Sep 12, 2008 doggiewoggiewoo
Cute litle girl - her toy is as big as she is!
Sep 12, 2008 piobaire
Oh cripes! Is there anything cuter than a Corgi? I think not, and it was about time to have another on here. Cloe is verrry cute and I wish I could snuggle her. My Eddie sends loads of Corgi talk her way.
Sep 12, 2008 tracy kemmer
Love those short little legs, yep your'e a doll. "Kisseys" to you Cloe.
Sep 12, 2008 lisalisa
Simply precious. She is the cutest little thing!!! Lots of biscuits and belly rubs are being sent to her - and wishes for the most happy and healthy of lives!
Sep 12, 2008 lizanne
Cloe, What a lovely young lady you are. Love your pretty little face,ears, and those precious little legs. Now I would love to hear Corgi-talk??? I have never heard of it? What is it. Someone tell me, please!! Corgi Hugs to you from Miss Katie Dane=O)
Sep 12, 2008 lexilexlex22
these are the most adorable pics of this puppy i love it so much!!!!!!
Sep 12, 2008 lexilexlex22
c...i told my sis puppies!!!!
Sep 12, 2008 lucybee
She looks just like a laughing little fox in this picture.I've never know a corgi personally but I love them.Enjoy this happy girl!
Sep 12, 2008 lh9313
what a very very very very adorable little face Cloe has! Just for that im gonna give 11 biscuits but if it was up to me i would give her a gazillian!! Love ly pup!
Sep 12, 2008 JeannieM
Looking at Cloe, I can appreciate why the Queen keeps Corgi's. Lovely, lively little companion dog.
Sep 12, 2008 lifeisgood365
she looks like the Happiest dog ever!!
Sep 12, 2008 cookiemonster
aaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwww shes so cute i wish i had 1 nearly as much as i want a border collie!!!!. shes so cute shes 2 hard 2 rezist!!! lots of biscuits, hugs and kissies from me
Sep 12, 2008 Agness95
Aww :* Very cute puppy ! :*
Sep 12, 2008 fluffydoglover123
Look at cute little me!!!!
Sep 12, 2008 bookstax
I can't think of another word to describe her other than she is PRECIOUS!
Sep 12, 2008 packermom
Lovely little girl. Hope your life is full of fun, health and happiness. xoxo
Sep 12, 2008 doggies4ever
So beautiful and happy. This pic made my day!
Sep 12, 2008 maddiesmom
cloe is so small!!! so lovable want to snuggle up to her
Sep 12, 2008 jenna girl
awwwwwww its a baybe
Sep 12, 2008 starheart5
cloe is sooo adorable!!!! she looks like a very expensive styffed animal. i love her big ears their soooo cute ;D and i love how her fur looks sooo smooth and perfect. have fun with cloe!!
Sep 12, 2008 wolfgirl66
Play Play Play!!!!!!!! Cloe's super sweet & adorable!!!!!!
Sep 12, 2008 allmyshelties
Of course she wants to be the center of attention...just look at her!!! Those ears! Those cute little legs! That fuzzy butt! She's perfect. And she may not be able to fly, but she looks like a furry angel to me,
Sep 12, 2008 krystan
look at dat face, who wouldn't love that face and short stocky body. And those ears, i love those ears. Makes me want to just pick her up and sqooosh her and nibble them cloe, you're special, lotsa snuggles and hugs to you.
Sep 12, 2008 krystan
Now thats what i call a happy, content little puppy, wonder what she's laughing at?
Sep 12, 2008 dkritter
1,000,000 biscuits to this little bundle of fur! She is ADORABLE!!!
Sep 12, 2008 carol-spain
What little face such cute!!!!!!!!!! It's a beautiful thing. My favourite breed is corgi,and Cloe is a pretty girl, very, very prettty. Love and kisses
Sep 12, 2008 lrmpuppys2
she is ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love corgis
Sep 12, 2008 doggcat
Sep 12, 2008 wolfensteinsmom
She looks like she is saying "BLAH, BLAH, BLAH! I've heard it all before!" She is just beautiful. We love Corgis, and she is a perfect one! Tummy rubs to put her to sleep, and ear tugs to wake her. A TON of biscuits to keep her happy.
Sep 12, 2008 pawprint1513
Corgis are adorable but yours excededs the cutness limit!!!!
Sep 12, 2008 In Memory of Annie
What a sweet child! Chloe, sending you tons of hugs and kisses. Wish I could play with you!
Sep 12, 2008 gizmo's mom
Cloe you are adorable what a sweet pup.
Sep 12, 2008 NewPup
Darling Corgi, Cloe! Her mallard is almost bigger than shee is!!! LOL;D ~Dig in, sweet doggy, you've got a pile of biscuits waiting for you!
Sep 12, 2008 dyanswan
Sep 13, 2008 catmother
Okay: A painter, a poet, and a philosopher walk into a bar . . . it's not a joke -- it's act two of Puccini's La Boheme! Ha ha arf arf woof! Now where did I leave that duck? Nomnomnomnom -- life is good!
Sep 13, 2008 XO*marthadog*OX
Sep 13, 2008 xdogsandpuppiesx
This is the most adorable baby ever!!!
Sep 13, 2008 terry c
How adorable! Love her coloring and her pretty dark eyes.
Sep 13, 2008 *my4d0gs@recute*
Sep 13, 2008 K-dog
Sep 13, 2008 catlover
Looks like she is laughing in this shot!!
Sep 13, 2008 lisa518
What a precious pup. She is absolutely adorable!!!!
Sep 13, 2008 puppy world
lol love it omg love it
Sep 14, 2008 winie oscar
soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute she's adorable
Sep 14, 2008 agi345
Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww adorable!!!!!!!!!!!
Sep 14, 2008 puppiepop21
AWWWWWW! i luv da puppie. what kind is it. tell me at puppiepop21
Sep 14, 2008 misa's mom
Aww she is so adorable. Our Misa is 16 months old now and we love and enjoy so much (you can search for her on here from when she was a pup). Hope Cloe brings you many many years of love and joy.
Sep 14, 2008 jenna girl
CUTE Add me peeps! i have three extremly cute dogs
Sep 14, 2008 looploop321
what a cuuuuutie and i really mean it many happy days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sep 14, 2008 lynetz2's a great life, everyone! cloe seems to be enjoying the world around her and her new family - she is ready for lots of belly rubs and kisses! have fun with your little corgi - she is precious!
Sep 15, 2008 snowball
so cute! beautiful coat &'re so lucky to have her.
Sep 15, 2008 ShortyDog
Absolutely Beautiful!! Our Corgi "Chevy" likes to talk alot and has ears just like Cloe (he's 6 and still hasn't grown into them!!) Have fun with her and give her lots of biscuits and rubs from her new friend Chevy!!!
Sep 15, 2008 alexis
favorite pic
Sep 15, 2008 msh85
Sep 15, 2008 Slipknot
Awwww your so cute!! Lots of hugs and kisses for you!
Sep 15, 2008 dogmom
Please tell me the joke cloe is laughing at -- it must be hilarious! what a precious little girl you have. she is lovely.
Sep 15, 2008 Delli
attack attack! nnnuuwwwww so cute!
Sep 16, 2008 cutepuppies
SHES SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sep 16, 2008 sentimental pup
are you inviting me to play with you? certainly! wish i could hug you, too.
Sep 16, 2008 Littlepuppenny12
Little Cloe looks so serious and yet she succeeds in being cute!
Sep 17, 2008 fluffy ears
sooooooo cute
Sep 18, 2008 ShelleySadie
Look at those ears - so cute!!!!!!!
Sep 18, 2008 animallover7112
Aww! look at those big eyes! hes so adorable!! hugs and kisses!
Sep 18, 2008 puppydog
Cloe is such a little cutie! I love corgis big or small!
Sep 20, 2008 jack-a-tack
That is a cute picture, I saw a Pembroke Welsh Corgi at the dog park today by the lake. The one at the lake was almost as cute! Keep on lovin'!
Sep 21, 2008 My Pup
u are so small u baby doll
Sep 21, 2008 Campwestie190
so cute! my puppy is chloe! she was featured on sept. 18! the name chloe(cloe) seems to fit both of them! :) :) we were very close to having her name spelled Cloe but we decided on Chloe. Both names still VERY cute!
Sep 24, 2008 Emerald
A sweetheart!! Looks like a lot of fun, to me.
Sep 24, 2008 BoxerRox
oh so thirsty.. i need water mum.. hehe, what a little cutie :)
Sep 27, 2008 cats
11 Biscuits for you
Sep 27, 2008 cats
shes cute :}
Oct 1, 2008 drakes' granny
How cute that Cloe's toy is bigger than she is. She is really adorable and so pretty. I will her a long life, loving people around her forever.
Oct 28, 2008 Yeatts
She is soooo cute!
Jan 24, 2009 vesper82
What a little cutie baby toy! Love her so much!
Mar 28, 2009 tobyslattery
u should try for the puppy of the day! i think he's got the wright stuff! please give ur sweet baby a treat from me! xoxo :D
Aug 16, 2009 dogworld93
awwwwwwwww! aren't u a cutie! xoxoxoxoxoxxxx ;-D
Nov 19, 2009 Applegirl
Cloe, I bet you ARE the center of attention with that angelic face! Who could resist you?????? i can't!!
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