Clooney the Bulldog Mix

Puppy Breed: American Pit Bull Terrier / American Bulldog

Clooney was adopted a few months ago from the Baldwin Hills shelter in Los Angeles. He was there with his eight littermates and is the runt of the litter! Luckily, we spotted him at an adoption event where a rescue had taken him and his siblings in. He's a bit bigger now (and not so scrawny) but is a tiny guy for his breed. Clooney was named after George Clooney because he's handsome and gray! Clooney's favorite things include dried cow's ears, playing tug, trying to play with his Siamese cat brother, and snuggling. Clooney is a world class sleeper and can easily sleep for 12 hours sandwiched between his human parents! He also loves sleeping on people's heads, which can be a bit problematic because of his snoring. Clooney's daily routine includes hanging out with his canine pals at the La Brea Tar Pits and wrestling with his girlfriend Kitty (an English Bulldog). What a life!