Thursday, July 24, 2014
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Sep 7, 2006 Skwerly
I have to admit the blueness of the tongue kinda creeps me out, but Cooper sure is one cute floofy bundle of love!
Sep 7, 2006 qwidjibew
I thought he was cute, BUT then, I saw all the pics, and how cute is he then? Adorable, with that gorgeous blue tongue.
Sep 7, 2006 Mary
cute! http://adoptachow.wo rdpress... -- adopt a chow from a shelter, save a life ... love Cooper, hope you always keep him safe.
Sep 7, 2006 James
Why is his tongue blue?
Sep 7, 2006 Arian
Daww, look at that big tongue!

What a cutie :)
Sep 7, 2006 DogMom
He looks like a stuffed toy. He is sooooo cute and cuddly. Lucky you!
Sep 7, 2006 Apollo-s Mom
My friend has a chow mix, so his tongue is pink and blue- it's so cute. Cooper looks so happy and cuddly - I just want to snuggle him!
Sep 7, 2006 Jenna
Hi tongue is blue because that is a trait of a Chow Chow
Sep 7, 2006 Cheryl Pike
Cooper is almost as cute as MiLo my Chow Chow - LOL I have Coopers' brother!!! Hats go off to Shirley for her great pups!! Keep in touch - I'd love to see how our brothers turn out.
Sep 7, 2006 Julie
Cooper is exotically cute, he's quite adorable.
Sep 7, 2006 tori
Cool tunge!
Sep 7, 2006 Jason
Oh, he's just adorable! That blue tounge is quite... exotic.
Sep 7, 2006 Terry C
Looks like a little teddy bear.

Only two breeds with blue tongues - the Chow Chow and the Chinese Shar-Pei. My neighbor has a Shar-Pei mix and he has the blue tongue, even though he looks nothing like a Shar Pei.
Sep 7, 2006 Bridget
I loooove how he shows off his RARE tongue!!! He is precious and sooo fluffy! I'd cuddle with him all day long!
Sep 7, 2006 Charlie O
Chow. I have a mixed breed, former feral dog with a black toungue. Makes me think that he has some Chow blood. This chow is adorable.
Sep 7, 2006 puppyluver
his tongue is weird but hes adorable!
Sep 7, 2006 motown
i love the blue tongue and he's so fluffy!!!
Sep 7, 2006 Beth
Awww! I love the fuzzball and his blue tongue! I had a chow mix and she was the greatest dog ever! Hehe.....he looks like a bear cub! Very cute!
Sep 7, 2006 Charlotte Smith
Sep 7, 2006 Chihuahualuver
Why does she have a blue tounge? Anyway, she is cute!
Sep 7, 2006 beth
...he looks like he just ate a blue popsicle...too cute!
Sep 7, 2006 sputnik
outstanding!!! cooper is a gem
Sep 7, 2006 Melissa D
Cooper is adorable.... I have his daddy & he looks just like him when he was a pup!!
Sep 7, 2006 Julia
He reminds me of a squishy teddy bear! I just want to snorgle him and cuddle him all day long! Sweetness, thy name is Cooper.
Sep 7, 2006 Grandma Shirley
Cooper is soooooooo cute and will be so handsome when he grows up. No doubt, Melissa, he looks just like his dad, but he has his mother's long tongue.
Sep 7, 2006 yummi600
what a cute little bear
Sep 7, 2006 txmadre
Beautiful, beautiful puppy!!
Sep 7, 2006 robbio
he looks like a teddy bear... with a blue tongue! he is so cute!
Sep 7, 2006 Nose Deep in Fluff
Damn, did Foghorn Leghorn paint his tongue?
Sep 7, 2006 jess_hanson
awww! When I was a little kid my best friend had a Chow named Bear. He was the softest sweetest dog ever!! Your pup reminds me of him so much! what a cutie! Hugs to you Cooper!!
Sep 7, 2006 Lover and Expert of Dogs
Although strange through the eyes of an uneducated person, the blackish blue tongue is unique to the Chow Chow breed. The blue tongue is a symbol that you have chosen a healthy and well bred Chow Chow. In my professional opinion, I believe this dog is beautiful. The tongue is very well colored, with a dark blackish blue tint. He has a beautiful coat, and facial expression.

I congratulate you on your new puppy. Copper is a beautiful puppy, and will most likely draw attention when he is full grown. Good luck!
Sep 7, 2006 adrai
I what a dog like that.
Sep 7, 2006 Lin
What a gooood dooog. He looks like an absolute hunny bun. Soo cuddly. He looks like he has a very sweet disposition.
Sep 7, 2006 Cassidy-s Momma
Cooper is awesome. I bet he is so much fun. Will he get a "lion" haircut in the summer months? He has such a darling face! Very photogenic! Lucky you :0-)
Sep 7, 2006 Mary
so much goodness in this dog. Chows are noble, wise, patient, kind (yes, kind) and have a wonderful sense of humor!
Sep 7, 2006 chica y gatitas
he's a keeper (duh!). I lub-lub-lub the back puppy paws. Dey soo kooot.
Sep 8, 2006 Amber-s mom
Many years ago my Dad had a dog that was part Chow and part Husky and when he was a pup he looked like a little teddy bear like Cooper. King didn't have a blue tongue though.
Sep 8, 2006 #1doglover
watz with the toung a blue tonge
Sep 9, 2006 Jenna
You wouldn't be so lucky to even get a dog like him gift wrapped.
Sep 9, 2006 Lover and Expert of Dogs
As I said, (windjammer, #doglover), Chow's are a gorgeous breed, and like Dobermanns docked tails, Chihuahua's small body, and Dalmations spots, the blue tongue is a unique characteristic that makes Chow's so gorgeous. If you are not fimiliar with the breed, and that the tongue is a special feature, not a defect, than do not post on how "ugly" this dog is. Of course this dog seems hideous to the uneducated mind, because you have no sense of dogs, I wouldn't be suprised if you called a cat ugly because it's furry.

On a lighter note, I think that Copper is beautiful, as I stated, and is a gorgeous Chow.
Sep 10, 2006 KateLyn
Sep 10, 2006 Samantha Nicole
The blue tongue makes him look sick, i know that is how their tongues are supposed to be, but it just looks scarey. But he is cute. So cuddly wuddly.
Sep 11, 2006 Shirl
To "By lover and expert of dogs". Being the breeder of Cooper, I appreciate your praise and honest comments. I believe I can also speak for Cooper's Mom We thank you
Sep 11, 2006 Shirl
To "By lover and expert of dogs". Being the owner of Cooper's mom,, I appreciate your praise and honest comments. I believe I can also speak for Cooper's owner We thank you
Sep 11, 2006 Shirl
To By lover and expert of dogs, I appreciate your praise and honest comments. I believe I can also speak for Cooper's owner We thank you
Sep 13, 2006 Cheryl
He looks like a fluffy stuffed bear- what a cutie!
Sep 18, 2006 windjammer
i dident mean the puppy was ugly he looks like a stuffed sorry if i upset you.yhe comment was meant too be funny.
Sep 22, 2006 Emilyyyy
Wow look at that blue tongue! It is insane! Hehe nice doggy! ;]
Oct 5, 2006 kayla
you are a realy cool puppy.
Oct 11, 2006 CrazyLeah
OMG... the cutest wittle pup ever, look at his adorable wittle tongue, its an spectacular color of blue/black/grey.
Oct 13, 2006 Angie
I'm so glad to FINALLY see a Chow Chow puppy on this website! He is ADORABLE! Our Chow, Bear, lived to be 18 years old. Cooper reminds me so much of her!
Oct 18, 2006 Zoe Nicole Suarez
That is the most biggest puppy I have ever seen
Oct 23, 2006 Tina Lawson
I love Chow's they are the cutest puppies in the whole world. Your's is not exception. What a fluffly bundle of joy!
Nov 9, 2006 Ukye
What a cutie :) Gotta love a chow puppy! Little balls of fluffy!
Nov 14, 2006 lloyd raymund of cebu,ph
pure breed chow chow has either blue or purple tongue. if not, then its not pure. anyhow, this pup is soooooo cute!
Nov 14, 2006 lloyd raymund of cebu,ph
pure breed chow chow has either blue or purple tongue. if not, then its not pure. anyhow, this pup is soooooo cute!
Nov 15, 2006 Rachel
I wish that I had a house with a yard so I could have a chow too. I'm so jealous. I WANT A CHOW PUPPY TOO :(
Nov 23, 2006 luckymydog
AAAAAW, he looks like my chow when she was a pup. Isn't it cute how blue their tongues are?
Nov 24, 2006 Simple_Plan_Fan
He looks like a teddy weddy bear.
Nov 26, 2006 Carley Lord
what a blue toung
Dec 14, 2006 missy
He is adorable ,we had one named sugar bear .
Feb 22, 2007 jodiehays
it's funny to read comments about the blue tongue being odd, or making him look sick. my first and only dog is a chow and i'm so used to the tongue color that it's really strange to me when i see dogs with pink tongues! anyway, cooper is a beauty. like yours - my billy, was very easy to house train. he's stubborn with every thing else - but that part was easy. other than recurring skin conditions, he's a very healthy, happy and spry 14 years old. i wish a long and happy life to your little cooper.
Feb 23, 2007 chowlover99
what a gorgeous little fella. I just love the black muzzle against the cinnamon colored fur. So unique looking.
Feb 25, 2007 MamaBear
My Bear Doggy was like this as a pup only he does not have a loooong tongue - just a cute denim blue one.
My Boo (Chow mix black girl) has a deep purple tongue.
Bear has been here since 2000 - adopted him from St. Francis Animal rescue in TN - we drove all the way there from NH to pick him up as they would not let him go until they saw us together and it was a match made in Heaven as I knew it would be the very second I saw his photo online.
3 years later they sent us Boo by jet as they knew she would have a loving home. Apparently they have a hard time finding homes for these gorgeous babes down there . I would take them all if I could.
Anyway, I am with Jodie on this - these tongues are so gorgeous and I am so used to them that pink tongues on dogs look funny to me now ha haha
Also "lover & Expert on Dogs" is right they are attention getters - My Bear is a virtual celebrity online and in real life - Bear & Boo go everywhere with us and we drive down a street with that big ole red head hanging out the window and people just go crazy. I just love seeing the big smiles appear and hearing them holler "CHOW CHOW" at him - He loves it too - but DO NOT EVEN THINK ABOUT PETTING HIM! He loves only us...
Cooper is a living doll:)
Jun 1, 2007 doggieaunt
Is it possible to stuff the ballot box ("biscuit jar")? I'm trying to get Cooper's score up to 2 digits before the decimal point, as he definitely deserves it. He is the ultimate in chow fluffiness.

I am curious about his blue tongue, however, as I always understood that chows' tongues are purple (at least the purebreds I've seen have purple tongues). Is blue a variation (or a vagary of the photos)?
Jun 30, 2007 Lily2014
cooprt so cute and i had a chow before but he died.
Sep 29, 2007 bopeep
Well Cooper, I see you are a potluck puppy. As I did not know about this website when you were featured, I could not comment on your cuteness. I have know several Chows whose names were Bear, and I think that is funny. I wish I could see a picture of you now. Hugs and kisses.
Oct 27, 2007 InfantryWife
That tongue is a trademark of Chow Chows. I LOVE it! What a cute little boy you have there! He reminds me of a little teddy bear... only fluffier :) How impressive that he hasn't had any accidents in your home! Good boy Cooper!
Nov 21, 2007 doggieaunt
Had to add another comment praising the adorable and gorgeous Cooper when he popped up as my potluck puppy. Wow!!!! (And, yes, I'm still trying to stuff the biscuit jar to raise his score.)
May 22, 2008 btlabs
What a handsome boy, tongue included! I'll bet you get to pick the loose wads of fur off him like we do with our German Shepherd! Weird, I know, but we think it's fun!
Jul 3, 2008 tamwise21
fluff that tounge
Nov 2, 2008 Dachshund lover
his tongue is blue.why?
Nov 3, 2008 coleypants
It's just a trait of the breed - I cracked up laughing at the first photos!
Nov 4, 2008 grandma helen of ct
who wouldn't love this bundle of fuff. Chow's are very loyal. good luck and a long life with him. xxxooo
May 17, 2009 kendra blackie 08
His tounge is so long and blue!! Very cute!
Jul 11, 2009 Minature Teddybear
Cooper you are gorgeous! You are exactly what I am looking for,but I need a smaller size.Fourteen years ago the most precious puppy was dropped off and abandoned at my house.He is still the love of my life,but I don't think he is going to live forever, so I am trying to prepare myself for that day. I am doing research now, while I am not devastated, trying to obtain information on what kind of mixed breeds would yield a small(under 10lbs.)teddybear looking dog when fully mature.I need small so it ,as my companion,can travel in my retirement days with me.A lot of people who left comments seem knowledgeable about Chow Chows and I would be delighted to hear their comments and suggestions. Once again Cooper,you are quite beautiful and hopefully, I can find a toy or miniature replica of you.
Jan 23, 2010 CAVACHONluvers!!!!
ummmmmmm.... why does he have a blue tongue? tht is probably unhealthy.. and a little weird. but otherwise CUTE!
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