Wednesday, July 23, 2014
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Dec 12, 2008 jeni18
I'm in love.
Dec 12, 2008 caraschotch
Cooper, what a stunner you are!! I'd love to have you to snuggle on a cold winter afternoon! Don't worry about that spoilsport--- you OWN all the bickies available! Kisses, cuddles and cookies from Cara...
Dec 12, 2008 suelill
Awwwww Cooper you are gorgeous.
Dec 12, 2008 dogylvr
OMG, I too am in love. Wow, Super Duper Cooper has thrown me for a looper.
Dec 12, 2008 NellyWelly
Cooper has such beautiful eyes!
Dec 12, 2008 Pamela057
OMG, what a beautiful dog...the name Cooper suits was made for him...
Dec 12, 2008 SnoopyDoopy
Such a beautiful baby.... I'm head over heelsxxxxxxx
Dec 12, 2008 Sandy, Cheyenne's mom2
Cooper, you certainly are one handsome gentleman! Your big sister Dembe is beautiful too. When you grow into those feet, you are going to be one big boy! Cooper's glossy coat looks like velvet. Cooper and Dembe can come play with Cheyenne anytime. Heaps of puppy cookies and tummy rubs for Cooper and Dembe from Cheyenne and me, and many happy sunny trails to follow with your loving furever family.
Dec 12, 2008 patw1
This has to be my all time favorite though it is sooo hard to chose just one but Cooper is such a lucky guy to have such a loving caring big sister you can see in her face she adores him and there is no way any harm will come to him with her around, hugs and baskets of biscuits for them both, you are very lucky enjoy!
Dec 12, 2008 lalindamore
AAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWW!!!! Lots of biscuits for you two.
Dec 12, 2008 konstantine
Aaaw - what a cutie!!
Dec 12, 2008 sandrahender
AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW! They both are so incredibly beautiful! I LOVE their coloring! They are two awesome dogs and I want to give them each a big huge hug and kisses kisses kisses! SMOOOOOOOOOOOOCHES to both beauties!
Dec 12, 2008 puppyloveforme
Cooper, you're a beautiful boy! what a sleek, magnificent looking dog. And no use curling up, Coop--you still look like a big puppy to me! He's great!
Dec 12, 2008 howiesmom
Toooooo sweet!!!!
Dec 12, 2008 cutiepants26
Is that your mummy with you? I love the big dog and the small puppy, Cooper. LOVE YOU BOTH! Sorry i didnt pick a picture, cause they are all my favorites! i'd love to see Cooper later on, when he is bigger! 100% ADORABLE! Sooooooo on my favorites!
Dec 12, 2008 Guiname
Cooper, wouldn`t you share your bone? You`re fabulous!
Dec 12, 2008 hygienist.sue
He is such a big boy!!!! He is beautiful. hygienist.sue
Dec 12, 2008 GwdGma
Cooper you are one handsome boy!! You and your sister make a great looking pair, and I am sure you bring lots of joy to your family!
Dec 12, 2008 terry c
SOMEONE likes bigggggggggg dogs! These two are gorgeous.
Dec 12, 2008 longislander
Super Cooper is just gorgeous - are those blue eyes he has? What a great dog family you have. Tons of biscuits for them both.
Dec 12, 2008 Dog Girl
Oh, so cute.
Dec 12, 2008 bullys2mom
This picture is so outrageously adorable I can't stand it!!! Thanks for brightening up a dreary morning. I LOVE COOPER!!
Dec 12, 2008 fluffy ears
cooper is cute
Dec 12, 2008 AngelsBoxers
awwwww sooo very cute
Dec 12, 2008 HillCountryGal
Awwww, Cooper, I can see you're very much loved! What a handsome guy.
Dec 12, 2008 Pateriska
He's so are so blessed to have him and his sister.
Dec 12, 2008 kerryllr
What a sweet moment here! Cooper looks like velvet - and floppy too. He is very handsome!
Dec 12, 2008 ABrilliantWoman
Such love!! Cooper is a Keeper!!
Dec 12, 2008 muttlover
What great pictures! They are both absolutely beautiful.
Dec 12, 2008 lisaivey
Love, love, LOVE this picture!! He looks like, "I know I'm a big boy now, but I still want my toy!" Cooper, you have such beautiful eyes and a gorgeous coat, I know you must be a joy to cuddle with!
Dec 12, 2008 Kayra33
Cooper is adorable, him and his big sister!! Many wonderful years with your pups from Erie, PA
Dec 12, 2008 natalieyoung08
What a beautiful puppy! And a very pretty big puppy too! :) Hugs to you both!
Dec 12, 2008 ckendall
WOW! WOW! WOW! Both are beautiful dogs!!!!
Dec 12, 2008 nghoosier
Aww, Cooper, I have a feeling that you'd get along with my mom's two Danes. Gorgeous boy!
Dec 12, 2008 meganbooth
Cooper, you are one incredibly handsome boy! You will win friends wherever you go.
Dec 12, 2008 LSM
Cooper you are fantastic, such lovely blue eyes, you deserve 11 cookies and a ton of belly rubs. Have a fun-filled life!!
Dec 12, 2008 LSM
Friend or foe???? Cooper, looks like you're saying let's play. You are a lovely looking boy and those ice blue eyes, beautiful. Belly, belly rubs & lots of biscuits for a growing puppy!! Love Bev
Dec 12, 2008 icwilson
Our Henley (the Great Dane) says, "BOOF! Cooper is awesome!" I agree - he really is just plain adorable!
Dec 12, 2008 loveheals
How can sucha bit dog exude such puppiness? Too cute. Cooper and Dembe look like great friends. Cooper is so handsome! Wishing you all many years of joy together! !
Dec 12, 2008 shellyrini
oh my gosh, this is one of the cutest pictures I have seen on the site so far. Besides the fact that Cooper and his sis are amazing, and stole my heart, this is just beyond adorable. And the next picture to follow is to die for too. Thanks for sharing such amazing dogs. I am in love for sure. God Bless.
Dec 12, 2008 grandma helen of ct
What's mamma wispering in your ear? Is she telling you that she loves you. I love you tooXXXOOO
Dec 12, 2008 mikdebluvpups
He is so cute!
Dec 12, 2008 fritzy
Ohhhhhh this picture!!!! So cute!!!! A lot of love here!!! This is precious!!!!! :)
Dec 12, 2008 SWEETTHING
Dec 12, 2008 mydexy
so cute! he has those innocent eyes!
Dec 12, 2008 wldhrsesrydsagn
OMG I so want one of him! I have always wanted a GD! But I have to wait to get a bigger house, one that I am not renting as I have 3 dogs of my own already and foster for a local rescue in NW TN. He is beautiful and so is his sister!!!! May God Bless you with a long and happy life together! Sweet, both of them!
Dec 12, 2008 girlbot
You two cuties make me want a great dane! 10000 treats for you!
Dec 12, 2008 pamfontainepeters
Super-Duper-Cooper! What a wonderful puppy! I'm in love... Biscuits and bellyrubs from Pam in Toronto.
Dec 12, 2008 iluvk9s
Awwwwwww Super Cooper!!! What a sweet adorable velveteen puppy with beautiful eyes. Tons of hugs and kisses from Rusty and Duckie in Madison, Alabama!
Dec 12, 2008 Lisaez1
I can't stand all this cuteness in the morning!!! What a couple of beautys!!!!
Dec 12, 2008 Magisk Ønsker
Cooper is so beautiful. I love his color and his eyes.
Dec 12, 2008 scooter00
Cooper has the most beautiful eyes and the sweetest expresion.
Dec 12, 2008 lucybee
Cooper-you are a beautiful big baby.I wish you and your family a wonderful holiday and a new year filled with love and all things good.
Dec 12, 2008 shell242
These two doggies break the cute-o-meter! One big bundle & one littel bundle of cuteness. I love Coopers eyes and big feet. There are not enough biscuits out there for these pictures...
Dec 12, 2008 marshall+meatball
What beautiful blue eyes you have Cooper! Too Cute!
Dec 12, 2008 vanessa.alexander16
Seriously, could he be any cuter?
Dec 12, 2008 gryt
Great danes are soooo beautiful! I love Cooper's coloring - that gorgeous gray with the blue eyes. Sweetiepie!
Dec 12, 2008 stormsamson
I love you too, Coops! Not just one, but two beautiful dogs! Please take very good care of them! They will love you forever! Here's wishing you many years of blessed health and lovins for you and yours!
Dec 12, 2008 ggraden
Your Great Dane Dogs have the most beautiful coat color's that I have ever seen.They are just beautiful.
Dec 12, 2008 Rickysmom
My goodness, this is the sweetest thing. They are beautiful.
Dec 12, 2008 Rickysmom
Cooper you are such a handsome little boy.
Dec 12, 2008 amyliz
Cooper is one good-looking guy! Judging from those beautiful eyes, he is also very sweet!
Dec 12, 2008 lucuma
Oh Cooper you are soooo CUTE and so is your big sis Dembe. You are both ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!! Many kisses, hugs and biscuits to you both PRECIOUS pups!!! :)
Dec 12, 2008 lamcdani
His eyes are so beautiful!! He is so precious!!
Dec 12, 2008 kimnjaeger
Me too, I'm in love...
Dec 12, 2008 Mrs. Gentry
What a beautiful picture! This just warms my heart! Lots of kisses and belly rubs from Jack & Sammy's mom!
Dec 12, 2008 mgsande7
That is a gorgeous dog!
Dec 12, 2008 maddie the dog
Could this be a more perfect picture! love you
Dec 12, 2008 DailyPuppy Admin
Oh Cooper, you must LOVE your big sister Dembe, she takes such good care of you!! I wish you both many years of friendship and happiness!
Dec 12, 2008 dat_tan4d29
aaawwwwww thats sooo cute i wonder why my mom gave me "Dane" as my first name?
Dec 12, 2008 Reggie
Cooper your a doll. Would love to snuggle with you..xoxo
Dec 12, 2008 Reggie
Cooper your a doll. Would love to snuggle with you.....
Dec 12, 2008 tverakul
Cooper, you are one handsome dane! I could just pet you all day, you sweet thing!
Dec 12, 2008 lizanne
Aww, this photo is what Miss Katie looked like when she was just a baby, and also what she looks like now, at 7 years old. Beautiful dogs. Hugs and leans form Elizabeth and Dane Miss Katie =O) Blue Danes are Stunning~
Dec 12, 2008 lizanne
Cooper, You are SUPER. I just cannot resist the pics of you and Mom. I don't have any of Katie and her Mom, but these are close. Wow, what gorgeous dogs. Cooper is a beauty, as is Mom. Elizabeth~
Dec 12, 2008 ppylvr1984
What a beautiful puppy! My Marley is a lab/mastiff mix and she is the same color... I love the velvety coat.
Dec 12, 2008 moosie19
What a great big sis, 1 million biscuits
Dec 12, 2008 Lindsayt
He is so cute. His sister looks like our Great Dane Poena.
Dec 12, 2008 Liana Grace
Dec 12, 2008 cutiepie108
sooo adorable!!!!!!!!!! and this pic really is soo cute!
Dec 12, 2008 foxy1
What a beauty!! I would love to take a winter nap and snuggle with both of them!
Dec 12, 2008 lisalisa
This is so cute, I can barely stand it! I have always liked Danes but I'm becoming such a huge fan now - they are one of the most awesome breeds. Cooper and his big sis are just gorgeous and seeing them snuggle together is a treat. Lots of love to both of them and a gazillion biscuits!
Dec 12, 2008 elizabeth lee
what a precious puppy. :-) i love this picture.
Dec 12, 2008 abaier
What a gorgeous animal! Beautiful coat, and adorable eyes. Such a sweet-looking floppy puppy!
Dec 12, 2008 anitac
So Adorable! Thanks
Dec 12, 2008 honeypie
Awwww...One of these days I'm going to have a place big enough to accommodate a Great Dane, and maybe a few other of the "big dogs" as I just love everything about them. For now, Super Cooper you're one awesome pup! Best wishes and lots'a treats!!
Dec 12, 2008 wolfgirl66
100% adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dec 12, 2008 beandogs
OH MY GOSH!!! He is the cutest thing I have ever seen. My husband and I have a harlequin dane and know, first hand, what special creatures they really are. I love him sooo much! And what a cute name too!
Dec 12, 2008 kateinkansas
So cute I have a great dane too. They are great!
Dec 12, 2008 patrick58
Oh! Those Eyes! How precious can you get??? A Great Dane is a gift from God.
Dec 12, 2008 lh9313
there couldnt be a cuter puppy!!!!!!!!!! i am in love with SUPER COOPER!!!!!
Dec 12, 2008 LaurenLake
Awwwww Coop! You are a handsome boy!
Dec 12, 2008 lizanne
This is that unmistakable, innocent, little puppy glance that makes us human beings fall deeply in love with puppies of all sizes, shapes, and breeds. It is puppiness at its finest...Ahhh, puppyhood~ Elizabeth & Dane Miss Katie~
Dec 12, 2008 Myghin
That is the most beautiful puppy I have seen in quite some time, including my own. Simply perfect!
Dec 12, 2008 Rider4ever
They are so cute together! I love them and exspecially Cooper!
Dec 12, 2008 Leyladoggy91
He is the most beautiful little dane I have ever seen!!! And so photogenic too!!!!
Dec 12, 2008 Leyladoggy91
This little guy just made my day!!!!!!!!
Dec 12, 2008 PJ's Mom
What a beautiful dog!!
Dec 12, 2008 vorner
This puppy and his big sister are beyond precious! How can you keep your hands off of them. I would be hugging them and tickling their tummies nonstop! God bless you all with long, happy healthy lives filled with love and fun. There's nothing like a puppy in the house for Christmas! XOXOXO
Dec 12, 2008 sputnik
Cooper - oh baby you are so cute!! You and your big sis are so photogenic - absolutely beautiful!!! Awesome pics!
Dec 12, 2008 danelover01
I am a great dane lover and this little guy has stolen my heart. I have a 9 1/2 year old great dane named Duke and he is the center of my world. Enjoy your pouppy and take lots of pics cause he is precious
Dec 12, 2008 LauraW_KS
Cooper is soooo cute!!! We want to hug him!! He reminds us of Scooby Doo!!! 11 bones!!!
Dec 12, 2008 Oliver's Mummy
Cooper you take my breath away! Your big sister Dembe sure loves you little man, and I know you love her too! You are SO handsome, with those magnificant eyes. Your colouring is also striking. Gentle giants. Huge hugs from London, Ontario
Dec 12, 2008 Ace's mom
That is too sweet!! I love them both!!
Dec 12, 2008 SueRou
I am melting with puppy love! How adorable!
Dec 12, 2008 missv
Cooper is such a handsome boy!
Dec 12, 2008 pupaylovr
AHHHHHHHHHHHH! so so so so so so so cute. i mean So cute it is hard to explain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !
Dec 12, 2008 huskyluvr
Aaaww! What a sweetie! Love the color and the eyes! They're killing me!
Dec 12, 2008 barbaranne423
Cooper! What a darling! There were WAY too many super cute photos for Mr. Cooper from which to choose. What a handsome young man.
Dec 12, 2008 ryliegirl444
I'm in love with you,Cooper! You have such a cute coloring to you! I just want to eat you up! Now you take those 11 biscuits I gave you,and share them with Dembe! You have yourself a long,happy life filled with love,hugs,kisses,belly rubs,ear scratches,and of course biscuits! Lots o' Love,Kelsea,Slurpy,Gizmo,and Rylie
Dec 12, 2008 drakes' granny
Cooper's big sister thinks he is very cute asleep too. Love those sleepytime puppy pictures. Hope Cooper lives long than the oldest Great Dane on record and enjoys his forever home with big sis. Please give extra biscuits from me too.
Dec 12, 2008 lilyj
He really is super..and gorgeous and lovable. What a sweetie.
Dec 12, 2008 lilyj
This made my heart melt.
Dec 12, 2008 wolfhowl15
soooo cute! im in love!!!!! Happy holidays!!
Dec 12, 2008 sparkpug
Cooper. You Radiate!! What blessed humans you must be to host this beautiful being.
Dec 12, 2008 Lucy's Dad
They are just precious together - they are both awesome. Congrats on your super new Cooper!
Dec 12, 2008 MidnightMagic
I love blue Great Danes! They're just so cute and loveable!
Dec 12, 2008 beaglez_r_awesome08
Im in love with the most precious great dane dog! i love you copper!
Dec 12, 2008 AllforthePup
What a beautiful pair of pooches!! I wish you many happy years together!
Dec 12, 2008 1hedge
so cute. I love His looks and He looks so adorable.
Dec 12, 2008 wellie'smum
These pics are all so cute, it was tough to choose! I think Super Cooper says it all!
Dec 12, 2008 ruthie
What a beautiful "little" guy. I love the crinkle near the tip of his nose. What fun he will have with his beautiful sister and all of you. Wishing you many happy years together. & #10;
Dec 12, 2008 ilovedogs
AWWWW!!!!! It's Cooper that mighty mighty Cooper!! GO Coper!!!!!! I love him soooooooooo much that I could give him hugs all day and cuddle up with him!!!! I love his big sister also!!!!!! I love Great Danes they are sooooooooooo cute!!!!!!!!! 11 + biscuits for the cutest puppy ever!!!! xoxoxoxoxo lots of love, kisses, and hugs for Cooper!!!!! Cooper I lovvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee yoooooouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!
Dec 12, 2008 Puppy Wuppy Luv
OH MY GOSH these photos are the most adorable!!!
Dec 12, 2008 Monalizer
Aww. Sweet, and such beautiful dogs. Thanks for sharing.
Dec 12, 2008 puppydog
I have to say... Cooper you are one of the most cutest little great danes i've ever seen! Lots of luv!!!
Dec 12, 2008 maggie-n
He is definitely Super Cooper! Very adorable and such lovely eyes.
Dec 12, 2008 jackson101
he is sooooo cute
Dec 12, 2008 wordgrrl
Absolutely precious!!
Dec 12, 2008 puppy world
they look curious about eachother lol
Dec 12, 2008 chidsterjr
Awwwwwwww, Looks like that handsome pup is full of energy!!
Dec 12, 2008 juliak
I am speechless and in love!
Dec 12, 2008 djmc
How sweet, Just love them both. many happy years, Tons of hugs and kisses
Dec 12, 2008 malawi
Isn't he just amazing! They both are! Congratulations on having two such beautiul Danes!
Dec 12, 2008 kwikwitz
Cooper and Dembe are the best looking Danes I've ever seen! I love little Cooper's blue eyes! His big sister sure does adore her baby brother! Many belly rubs and biscuits to a beautiful duo!
Dec 13, 2008 snoopygirl
Oh. Wow. I adore blue great danes - they are like the royalty of all canines. Cooper and Dembe are beautiful and they look so majestic but I bet Cooper is playful and funny too. Hope these amazing dogs have a great life together with you.
Dec 13, 2008 dapplefritz7
I love how cooper looks like he's blue in some of the pics! He has adorable eyes, im in love!!
Dec 13, 2008 dapplefritz7
cooper is soo cute. He almost looks blue in some of the pics, and he has the most adorable eyes!
Dec 13, 2008 mummm
How completely sweet! Your dogs are gorgeous and the photos are great!
Dec 13, 2008 randomearrings
Cooper I have fallen in love with you. A million hugs, kisses and biscuits for you darling xxxxx
Dec 13, 2008 bubbaismybaby27
he is beautiful!! i luv the colors, plus cool name! i wish he could stay that size! :D
Dec 13, 2008 phaedrapetnanny
What a SWEETHEART! Give that Super boy a big hug from us! phaedra and pack
Dec 13, 2008 Andrea P.
Oh wow that has too be the most beautiful GD baby I have EVER seen! I want one EXACTLY like him!
Dec 13, 2008 gary
What lovely pictures of cooper and his sister. I just couldnt decide which one to pick
Dec 13, 2008 Aby
OMG!! I am soooo in love with this puppy! I WANT ONE!! :o) Cooper is just a beautifully handsome boy and his sister Dembe is just gorgeous too. I wish you many long happy healthy and play filled years with them both!
Dec 13, 2008 peakachu
Serenity, peace and happiness. That is a satisfied heart!
Dec 14, 2008 hdog
Cooper looks sad. :(. Why the long face bud? Cute though
Dec 14, 2008 FairyLightsAngel
Aww! Cooper worked hard for his poses, 11 doggy treats to you, I hope your owner gives you real ones too, I especially like the ones with Cooper and his sister, But I don't know which one is Cooper!
Dec 14, 2008 FairyLightsAngel
Cooper is such a lucky dog! It's such a lovely picture, It's my all time fave! It must be really nice to have a caring sister. Cooper is such a lovely color, If I where a dog I would have a crush on Cooper, In fact I have a crush on him now! Cooper's girlfriend...your a lucky dog!
Dec 14, 2008 msh85
Very cute!! I like the color!!
Dec 14, 2008 SelaTyron
I love Great Danes! They're the best. What a cute pup!
Dec 14, 2008 Go_Dawgs12
Cooper is such an adorable dog!
Dec 15, 2008 sumitjuneja
he is soooooooooooooooo handsome .... just too sweet ...he luks amazing...
Dec 15, 2008 taniamorse85
I absolutely love great dane puppies! They are big, wonderful babies, and they are so goofy when they are learning to work with their big paws!
Dec 15, 2008 Beth1226
just beautiful.
Dec 15, 2008 dalila
He looks so adorable with is mom. I think I am in love! If I could meet him I toattly would he looks so nice!
Dec 16, 2008 Bowie's Mom
Super Cooper-you are so lucky to have a bnig sister that loves you and will show you the "puppy ropes". Don't get into too much trouble!!! Much love :)
Dec 16, 2008 susanah
Two of the most beautiful dogs EVER!!!
Dec 17, 2008 lynetz2
cooper is an absolutely gorgeous puppy, here with his big dembe, who is also a beautiful little girl - these dogs are awesome - i can never get over how big they grow, and how gentle and loving they are - you are blessed with 2 awesome animals - many wonderful days ahead for you all!! xxxxooo
Dec 18, 2008 gotta_love_mutts
Dec 18, 2008 tambore
Sisterly love from Dembe. You're not only gorgeous, Cooper, but truly loved.
Dec 21, 2008 winie oscar
beautiful eyes!
Dec 21, 2008 denawolves
I could be mistaken, but he could possibly grow very large, judging from his paws- like a horse!!!
Dec 21, 2008 niki003
what a cutie pie!!! I miss having a dane pup around :)
Dec 26, 2008 shugsmom
Oh Super Cooper I Love You!!!!!! His eyes are just dreamy, he is GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!! Lots of hugs, kisses, and biscuits for Cooper!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!
Dec 26, 2008 cyntinabf
You remind me of my Gidget... When I was a teenager, oh so long ago. I loved her so and miss her. Thanks for bringing those memories to the forefront. Wags, cyntina and diamond
Dec 26, 2008 cyntinabf
Just wanted to say that I forgot to say how cute Cooper is.. Adorable.
Dec 26, 2008 tessiesmum
What could be nicer than hanging out with your big sister...
Jan 15, 2009 georgia04
What a sweet boy Cooper is. And a gorgeous color, too. He deserves round the clock love and spoilage!
May 18, 2009 rottweiler13
this is my birthday very adorablee dog
Jun 14, 2009 GatorGirl
so cute, and so much like the typical boy, always giving mom mouth!
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