Dixie the Airedale

Puppy Breed: Airedale Terrier

Dixie's dad says: When we were looking over the females in Dixie's litter, both my wife and I were drawn to Dixie because of her eyes-- they looked sad. She was a normal wiggly, romping puppy, but those eyes... Dixie is our second Airedale. She's very gentle and loves to touch. She follows us, and as soon as we're standing still or sitting she finds a way to press her body against ours. Dixie also loves playing fetch and catch, especially with peanuts. She almost always has a toy in her mouth. She's especially good about bringing toys to us and letting go of them so we can throw them right away. Our other Airedale has yet to figure out that he has to release the toy in order to continue the game. Last month, Dixie went to Best in Show for the terrier division in DogShowUSA's contest, beating out more than 6,000 other entries! Amazingly, despite the accolades, she's still as humble and lovable as she was the day we got her.