Dixie the Dachshund

Puppy Breed: Dachshund

Dixie is a miniature dachshund. She is one small bundle of joy. However, she often forgets that she is only a little dog because she secretly thinks that she is much larger. She is often found running around chasing after anything that moves and doing what dachshunds do best, digging and hiding stuff. When she is not busy playing, she can be found hiding under some piece of furniture in her den. Dixie's favorite things in the world are belly rubs and will take them from anyone who is willing to lend a hand. She also will never turn down a comfy lap to curl up on and have a sleep. She loves meeting new dogs and new people and still doesn't understand why not everyone is the world is going to come over to see her. She absolutely loves to be the center of attention, and loves when all the kids in the neighborhood come over to play. She always has to be near people and will follow us all around the house. She certainly brings us lots of joy and entertainment.