Saturday, July 26, 2014
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Nov 30, 2011 boncuk
Nov 30, 2011 pupfanatic
This pupperoni is smiling in almost ALL her pics; Doris, will you teach me to be as happy as you? I chose the soulful pic though. Doris, lovin' those floppy ears and white painted stripe down your chest!
Nov 30, 2011 roo91
AAAWWW... She's just beautiful!
Nov 30, 2011 gailbk11
Just look at this smile, really adorable pup, hope she has a very long happy healthy life and keeps on smiling...
Nov 30, 2011 bopeep
Doris,you started my day with a big smile. You are a gorgeous girl who lives life big. You are a shining example of how great staffies really are. Hugs and kisses from Kansas City, Kansas.
Nov 30, 2011 ebead
Absolutely stunning. Beautiful dog with such a sweet temperament. Have a great life together!
Nov 30, 2011 ECHOBLIZZ
WHAT A DOLL-BABY!!!!!'ll have your hands FULL....with this precious pooch! TONS of hugs, treats and TOYS! So sweet!!! Nuttin' but LOVE from this sweetie!!!!
Nov 30, 2011 princelover
What a georgous smile Doris has. She is a very lovely girl.
Nov 30, 2011 tinisarockstar
I so so love yooou! You always smile and it makes one's day happy too. You remind me of my dog, Puff, who just passed away a week ago. Hugs and kisses Doris. May you have a long and happy life.
Nov 30, 2011 veronica
so cute. x
Nov 30, 2011 Marisa
Someone told a funny joke! She is adorable and I want to squeeze that belly of hers! Kisses to this little beauty.
Nov 30, 2011 n23curler
Give Doris a big smooch for me . What a cutie ! I love her name. Doris your a model!!!!!!
Nov 30, 2011 bdadog
W0uld love to choose ALL the photos-what a beauty-perfect way to start my day-and such a sense of humour!
Nov 30, 2011 Mmmousemaid
Spunky little dog' love the "pit bull smile".
Nov 30, 2011 Scamp's Grammy
Doris, love this picture because it shows your beautiful markings, but I love the rest of your pic's because they all show your wonderful smile. Hope you have a happy & healthy life with lots of cuddles from Scamp's Grammy.
Nov 30, 2011 imissjess
She does look happy! Good luck with adorable Doris!
Nov 30, 2011 happypup
Nov 30, 2011 Kylie&Ollie'sMom
Sweet, sweet baby girl!
Nov 30, 2011 ilovemymutt920
Omg Doris! I want to give you belly rubs and kiss your chops! I've felt terribly ill all night and just after seeing this cute puppies face it's all better. Thank you Doris, and thank you Daily Puppy!
Nov 30, 2011 amyliz
Sweet, adorable, and beautiful Doris, it's hard to settle on a picture of you! But I just can't resist your smile in this one! Many happy and healthy years to you!
Nov 30, 2011 amyliz
"Ha ha, that's a good one!" Let us in on the joke, Doris! Too cute!
Nov 30, 2011 curlyreddogs
What a happy chunky young lady! I love the pics...too many to choose 1. But they are happy loving lil clowns and you captured it great! Doris looks like a great pal for life, enjoy every minute of it.
Nov 30, 2011 curlyreddogs
I had to comment on this picture. I LOVE THE BIG LAUGH!
Nov 30, 2011 longislander
So nice to have a happy, playful puppy. Enjoy!
Nov 30, 2011 felipe
Thank you all for comments, Doris and I are reading all the posts, she sends a kiss to everyone!
Nov 30, 2011 meganbooth
Hey there Doris - let us in on the joke won't you?
Nov 30, 2011 felipe
Right now she's playing with a soccer ball.The ball is bigger than her but she doesn't care.
Nov 30, 2011 little_v
She is smiling in *every* photo! Doris, you are just the prettiest and happiest-looking little pup. I'll bet you bring a lot of joy to everyone you meet. Kisses and biscuits to you, little darling girl. xoxo
Nov 30, 2011 guerrero's grandma
Oh Doris, you gorgeous girl! Your smiling face has given my face a huge smile of its own! YOU MADE MY DAY!!!!!!! I love ALL your pics! I want to cuddle with you all day long! Long & Happy & Healthy Life to you pretty lady
Nov 30, 2011 GSDLVR
Look at that little pink puppy belly! Doris, you are a sweetie!
Nov 30, 2011 gumby1958
What a beautiful, happy girl! LOVE the name! LOVE Doris!!
Nov 30, 2011 daphne's mom
How cute is Doris? Too cute! I hope you have many happy and healthy years together! much love, many biscuits, and tons of cuddles for Doris!
Nov 30, 2011 janet weir
Oh Doris - you are delightful!!! Love your puppy smile!!!!!
Nov 30, 2011 chryssie
Love the big grin!! Staffordshire Bull Terriers are such clowns and have the best doggie "smile" ever!! Beautiful puppy!! Enjoy her!
Nov 30, 2011 Puppy Power
What a beautiful sweetheart!
Nov 30, 2011 Kddid429
Nov 30, 2011 doglover1313
so cute is she smiling cause she had a good day
Nov 30, 2011 Frankt
Daily Puppy????? I thought you wanted me to run for President!!!
Nov 30, 2011 MaryG
What a great picture! Doris is precious! I love her smile and happy personality. Sending her hugs and kisses.
Nov 30, 2011 sherrilynn
What a "pretty" baby. Is there anything better than a Staffy smile? Rub your belly, rub your belly!
Nov 30, 2011 cricket92429
what a regal pose Doris!
Nov 30, 2011 molly's mom
What a happy girl, made me smile!!!!!
Nov 30, 2011 bettie
haha, she looks SO happy and smiley!!
Nov 30, 2011 MaeDeLena
Love this face!!!!
Nov 30, 2011 zediam
what a gorgeous puppy and she has an amazing big staffie smile! she looks like the puppy version of my recently adopted 9yr old staffie! they are the best!
Nov 30, 2011 crow
Beautiful!!! Staffies are great...;) Enjoy!
Nov 30, 2011 Cuddzy
Doris, you are a sweetie! These are wonderful dogs. My daughter has a brown and white one named Ginger and she just loves me so much! When the family tells her Ya Ya (me) is coming over, she will wait by the window for me! These are very loving family dogs. May you enjoy her for many years to come.
Nov 30, 2011 pelligrino
What a blissfully happy, lovable playful girl Doris is! I bet she is the best cuddle bug ever! Hugs, kisses, belly rubs ans love to you sweetheart!
Nov 30, 2011 GeorgesAdult
Super cute!! Blessings for a long and happy life!!
Nov 30, 2011 Judith Cox
Too cute! Lots of hugs, cookies and a very long life. You can come and play with me any time.
Nov 30, 2011 BeautyLover
I love you, beautiful girl!!!!
Nov 30, 2011 CA puppylover
What a beautiful, happy, laughing girl Doris is! Have a Great Daily Puppy Day with lots of tummy rubs and cookies.
Nov 30, 2011 madeline
Smiling adorable little Girl !!!!
Nov 30, 2011 jonnijones
What a wonderful laugh!
Nov 30, 2011 jonnijones
What a beautiful dog!
Nov 30, 2011 gryt
Awww what a sweetheart. Such a sweet little face, so gentle.
Nov 30, 2011 cane corso
"I knew you'd like that joke. Okay, have you heard the about.....?" HA,HA, HA,HA!!! Doris is beautiful!
Nov 30, 2011 lalamcgoo
Doris you are a show stopper darlin' I love your photos and that beautiful joker smile worn best by a staffy, you will bring so much joy to your people, I already know you are super sweet, it goes with the breed, I adore you!
Nov 30, 2011 boomerhead
What a HAPPY dog!
Nov 30, 2011 CairnHappy
I don't always comment - but today I can't resist! What great photos - they made my day. Thank you Doris.
Nov 30, 2011 JanW
Beautiful, distinguished photo of this pretty boy!
Nov 30, 2011 biochemphd2
Oh my goodness - Doris is adorable! I love that she laughs! Have a great life little one.
Nov 30, 2011 vorner
Oh Doris, you are such a doll! This is what pure joy looks like. What a magnificent puppy you are! Long, happy, healthy life to you, sweetheart. XOXOXO
Nov 30, 2011 Rickysmom
Oh My Gosh! What a gorgeous, happy baby. I'm in love. She's the epitome of joy. I have a staffie, and I adore her. They are just the best companions. Have a wonderful life angel-girl.
Nov 30, 2011 WATERDOG
Scary, Me? Oh man, that's rich. Let's play my favorite game, it's called belly rubs. Such a good girl, Cheers!
Nov 30, 2011 lucybee
That's not just a smile,that's flat out belly laugh!
Nov 30, 2011 chelsearosebud
Adorable, laughing Doris ... I am laughing with you, sweetheart. Every single one of your photos is 'picture perfect' but I had to go with this one. I'll bet it's been chosen a lot today. Wishing you and your family years of happiness, fun, and lots and lots of love. Love you. xoxo
Nov 30, 2011 chelsearosebud
PS: Your brindle coloring is gorgeous! xoxo
Nov 30, 2011 Debbie-M
Doris your mom will love every day with you and your smiles,as i have with my own staffies. You will never go back to another breed once you have lived with a staffy and there love thay give you.
Nov 30, 2011 gouldkb
Looks like you are laughing at a great joke.
Nov 30, 2011 Wigglebutt1
What a beautiful smile she has! Have fun playing, Doris!
Nov 30, 2011 santiger79
A ray of sunshine just landed at your door step. Such a beautiful baby. xxxxxooooo
Nov 30, 2011 dak2010
Nov 30, 2011 dogylvr
Oh life feels so good, doesn't it Doris? What a magnificent dog you have! Blessings to you!
Nov 30, 2011 dak2010
Nov 30, 2011 feather
Soooooo happy to see a Staffie "kiss-bull" on daily puppy. Doris is a gorgeous little girl with such beautiful markings. Many happy years together with your baby.
Nov 30, 2011 love dogs too
All I can think about is Doris Day and how much she loves dogs. Doris you are sooooo cute. It was difficult to just pick one picture.
Nov 30, 2011 caraschotch
Doris, you are a complete goofball,but I am crazy about you and think you are beautiful!! Kisses, cuddles, and cookies from Cara...
Nov 30, 2011 flutey48
Not only is Doris a beautiful pup, she is the happiest looking dog I have EVER seen - keep smiling girl - you're in for a wonderful life!
Nov 30, 2011 mushermaggie
What a happy puppy! Enjoy her!
Nov 30, 2011 wolfgirl66
Beautiful Doris looks totally HAPPY!!!!!!!
Nov 30, 2011 mrgoldwyn
Such a cutie!
Nov 30, 2011 tink'smom
Doris, honey, I gotta tell you that I am usually afraid of your kind. Although I promise you that I love and adore you now that you're a pup. I apologize for my prejudice toward you, as I know all bull terriers are not scary or vicious. You look like a cutie in this picture. I'm sure you'll grow up to be a lovely doggie. XXXX
Nov 30, 2011 jojosmom417
Felipe, you hit the jackpot with this little beauty! She's absolutely gorgeous! She reminds me of a Pit who used to live next door, but who loved nothing better than to spend his time sprawled on my lap. They are all so sweet and loveable if they are raised right, and I can see Doris is in excellent hands. Enjoy her for many, many years to come.
Nov 30, 2011 margaret0474
Doris, what a joy you are! You are just gorgeous! Many happy long and healthy years to you and your family!
Nov 30, 2011 nono-badkitty
This sweetie defines "I has a happy"!!
Nov 30, 2011 Erinchocolate984
Aww... What a sweet pup! She's very beautiful too. I love her long tail! XOXO
Nov 30, 2011 AnnM
She's Beautiful.....
Nov 30, 2011 Pupeluv
Doris is a beautiful example of her breed. And I'm glad that you talked about her personality as being sweet. That is reassuring. It tells a lot about you, as her owner. :-) Have a looonnnggg, wonderful life together.
Nov 30, 2011 cherokeewoman
I love this pic she looks as if shes laughing and so happy what a sweet doll xoxoxoxo
Nov 30, 2011 iluvk9s
What a precious sweet happy face!!!! Endless kisses, hugs and cookies for Doris!!
Nov 30, 2011 felipe
Many many thanks to you people. I and Doris are very VERY happy reading yours messages!She's laughing right now!
Nov 30, 2011 karmaruby
Doris is living proof that dogs smile! XOXOXO
Nov 30, 2011 brockchoy
Doris is extremely photogenic! Staffy smiles are the happiest smile, how can you not feel joy when you look at a staffy. Doris you are one gorgeous lady, looking at your photos have really made my day!
Nov 30, 2011 roccodog
I love this picture! This is just what my pit bull looks like when she is trying to sneak up on squirrels! Love and kisses from her pit bull cousin!
Nov 30, 2011 pggentry
What a wonderful dog-our son has one and she is the best dog. They have so much personality and our Abbie is just the sweetest thing ever-she loves to play "soccer" too!
Nov 30, 2011 malawi
I LOVE Doris' face...she's adorable :)
Nov 30, 2011 roo91
Beautiful happy girl!!!
Nov 30, 2011 JeanMc
Buttercup, my AmStaff, sends puppy cookies
Nov 30, 2011 Kauluwai
Hope she stays as sweet as she is now!
Nov 30, 2011 Seraphine_Jones
AWW What a gorgeous happy pup! Long and definitely happy years to you ^_^ Staffies are great dogs, very strong!
Nov 30, 2011 sheila
Doris you are adorable. Do you ever not smile? What a happy girl. I'm so glad to see more of these wonderful dogs on Daily Puppy. When they belong to loving people who treat them with love this is what you get. A few bad apples (people) give these wonderful dogs a bad name. Doris you can come and play with my Daisy any time. Long and happy, happy life to you Doris and your humans.
Nov 30, 2011 sheila
I can't help myself. I love this happy, funny picture. Doris looks like she's having a wonderful belly laugh. What's the joke pretty girl?
Nov 30, 2011 tzumom
Look at all of these great smiles...what a cutie you are little one. What a lucky mom you have. Lots of love and tummy rubs and goodies little one.
Nov 30, 2011 pyriteical
This is one of the cutest dogs I have ever seen on this site. SO CHARMING.
Nov 30, 2011 booboopup
Ata girl babe ....laughter is the best medicine live the the happiest life there is possible I love your curves and beautiful markings
Nov 30, 2011 Jose
Doris you're a very pretty girl. I hope that you have a great life with lot's of love. Hugs and kisses to you.
Dec 1, 2011 ursa'smomma
Just had to sneak back and give more boneys! Doris is just adorable and her million watt smile is awesome!
Dec 1, 2011 strawbabies
What a beautiful little girl!
Dec 1, 2011 drakes' granny
She looks like a ready for action little gir. Very pretty.
Dec 1, 2011 piobaire
Oh little Miss Doris, you must tell us the joke! What a beautiful smile you have.
Dec 1, 2011 wkinney623
You are gorgeous! What a great smile!
Dec 2, 2011 4loveoftbone
What big smiles!! you're one happy pup!! Wishing you many happy days ahead Doris!
Dec 2, 2011 little_v
Doris and Felipe, all the Daily Pups are beautiful, but it has been a long time since I kept revisiting a featured puppy's profile because he or she stole my heart, the way Doris has. Doris, you are a special girl and I'll bet your daddy loves you very very much. Thanks for being such a little beam of sunshine. :) I hope we see you as DP's Grown-Up Puppy some day. So many smoochas for you sweet tiny girl, xoxo
Dec 2, 2011 doggies4ever
Wow! Doris is beautiful and full of happy.
Dec 4, 2011 timO
She's great. Our most favorite dog was our American Staffordshire Terrior Sugar.
Dec 4, 2011 timO
Doris is great. Staffs are an exceptional breed. our favorite dog was a Staff, Sugar
Dec 4, 2011 dak2010
I LOVE this pic it's mt 2nd comment she looks so happy i love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dec 18, 2011 spongebrooke
Bullies have the best smiles!
Dec 20, 2011 BeautyLover
Dec 26, 2011 libbyears
What a lovebug!
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