Friday, July 25, 2014
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May 4, 2010 PuppyLover897
DOUGAL!!! ITS YOU!!!! SOOOO GREAT TO SEE YOU HERE!!! 11+ BISCUITS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
May 4, 2010 Love44
So cute leaping into action!! Best of luck to your and your little super hero!
May 4, 2010 PuppiesMeltMyHeart
It's a bird! It's a plane! IT'S SUPER DOUGAL!!!
May 4, 2010 wheatie mom
You ARE a super hero Dougal! And a cute little fluff boy who reminds me soooo much of Tucker 4 years ago. Have a happy life and remember your Wheaten greetin' - it gets them every time!
May 4, 2010 DustyDave59
He looks like a stuffed toy he's so cute
May 4, 2010 mattysmom
Are you looking at me? YUP cause you are one cute PUP!
May 4, 2010 Sadie G
Adorable action shot! Dougal you look like you are a fluffy little bundle of joy!
May 4, 2010 oopsidaisy
you are just too cute for words!
May 4, 2010 longislander
Dougal is one of the cutest puppies ever to be the Daily Puppy. He's a little fluff ball of energy. Sending hugs to Dougal and big big bunches of biscuits.
May 4, 2010 sarl6618
Dougal is a super sweet superpup ! He is soooo adorable !
May 4, 2010 goldnlovr
I love the action shot with him jumping off the deck! What a cute boy he is!
May 4, 2010 CãoMinhandO
I have one female in Brazil.Her name is Molly. She´s 3 years old, and has a lot of energy! Love her!
May 4, 2010 guerrero's grandma
Come on, take the stick so we can play fetch :-) dougal you are one cute pup. Have a great long & happy & healthy life
May 4, 2010 w102663
Enjoying some R&R after a hard days play with your new friend!:) Life is sweet for Dougal the cutest little fluff-ster. Love, kisses, pets & tons of puppy cookies for you.
May 4, 2010 DoggyLover24
I love your dog so much! When I first saw his picture my first guess was a soft coated wheaten terrier and I was right! Your dog seems like a bundle of fun! I hope that your dog lives to see many happy doggy years filled with cuddles and dog biscuits! I love your dog!!! xoxo
May 4, 2010 meganbooth
Dougal you are so adorable & kissable!
May 4, 2010 ckendall
Super Dougal is super cute, super adorable, super fun loving, super precious and SUPER super!!!!!!!!!!!!
May 4, 2010 princelover
Dougal, You are so cute in your action shot. Please forgive me for placing a comment of the Grown up puppy on your page. I don't know what happened unless I was overcome by your cuteness. Hugs, Sweetie!
May 4, 2010 RheannaMarie
May 4, 2010 gryt
Action photo! Hehe, so cute.
May 4, 2010 3saavik
What a sweet looking puppy! looks like he wants to get into some mischief-like my babies when they were little!Does he understand French too?
May 4, 2010 DebforNow
Dougal looks like a teddy bear, the better to cuddle with.
May 4, 2010 HillCountryGal
Ok... I'm in love. What a cute little guy. Love all your pictures.
May 4, 2010 loveheals
Dougal is precious---love this photo of Superdog! Wishing you all many years of joy together!
May 4, 2010 skeffersmom
You are a super furball of love! Adorable, such a precious cuddle bug. Love, kisses, hugs, and all the best wishes from Texas!!!
May 4, 2010 molly's mom
Dougal is a sweetie!!!!!
May 4, 2010 pelligrino
Dougal, you have a wonderful face with great expression. You are a cutie, and I would have a very difficult time not spoiling you rotten. Belly rubs for you.
May 4, 2010 noelle6548
You are precious! Our 8 month old Wheaten, Fletcher, would LOVE to play with you! He also flies through the air with the greatest of ease!!! Love Wheatens!
May 4, 2010 Samba1260
U R 2 precious. Many biscuits and tummy rubs to you sweetie.
May 4, 2010 buddyboy77
He is so cute. I love his face. he looks like a dog that my friends have, he's adorable.
May 4, 2010 sugar bear
beautiful....lots of biscies dougal!!
May 4, 2010 DLGray
Get em Dougal!!! LOL
May 4, 2010 ilovetruffles
OH GOSH YOU ARE SO DANG ADORABLE DOUGAL. What the heck! How'd you get so cuuuute? xox
May 4, 2010 roxygurl
LOVE this action Shot! SUPER DOG!!! silly Dougal. His name Suits him To a tee!
May 4, 2010 jessepuppy
Love the action shot! He looks like tons o' fun and an adorable puppy. Enjoy, and a gazillion tummy rubs for Dougal.
May 4, 2010 iluvpupos
May 4, 2010 amyliz
Dougal, you look like trouble in this picture...cute, furry, adorable trouble!
May 4, 2010 maddiesmom
this is one of my favorite breeds. what a sweet puppy. great picture.
May 4, 2010 kodak
May 4, 2010 Ollies Mom
Super Pup !!
May 4, 2010 Limmyluver
O my goodness! Dougal is 100% ADOOOOOOOOORABLE. All of the pics are so sooooo cute. Have a great life little one and luvs 4 U! I wish you many treats, hugs, kisses, and loves.
May 4, 2010 DailyPuppy Admin
I love this action shot!! What a cutie.
May 4, 2010 jsewell51
You are a beauty! xoxo
May 4, 2010 bestfriends
Dougal to the rescue! Hard to choose just one shot, a very photogenic pup. Great to see a dog who is so well loved. Wish you a long, happy, and healthy life filled with snuggles, treats, and love.
May 4, 2010 Dog-Lvr
When I read that you leap from steps like a superhero it made me smile. I was even happier to actually see a picture of it! You are one cute super doggie!
May 4, 2010 Rickysmom
Such a sweet baby!
May 4, 2010 carlajoh13
Wheatens are my favorite breed of dog. I have a 5 1/2 yr old Wheaten named Bailey and he is just as lovable now as your Dougal looks here. They are great dogs and you are lucky to be the proud owners of such a wonderful dog. I hope you have many years together.
May 4, 2010 kiljey
What a cutie!! He looks like he is up for some fun!
May 4, 2010 frankies_mom
Able to leap off patio decks in a single bound....! Dougal you are scruff-a-licious!! It's plain to see that you have a super fun and playful life ahead of you. Sunshine, friends and plenty of twigs to chew on. Stay strong superhero! 100 biscuits
May 4, 2010 Central79
I am a sucker for terriers period, and this little bundle of joy is bar none , one of the cutest, precious little doll...Dougal :03
May 4, 2010 luvlabsluvlife
Dougal is really, really cute! Lots of love and fun baby boy!
May 4, 2010 uptnlft13
What a could you not fall in love with a puppy like this! Have fun playing! XOXOXOXOXO
May 4, 2010 Carmilove1209
AWWWW so cute! I love your name!! You are too cute. Hope you get lots of belly rubs and treats!! ~Carmi~
May 4, 2010 swarna
May 4, 2010 daphne's mom
What a sweetheart! I hope you have many happy and healthy years together! Much love, many biscuits, and tons of cuddles for Dougal!
May 4, 2010 doggieaunt
Ooooooh . . . beyond adorable!! I love wheatens!! And Dougal (great name!) is just a quintessential wheatie! Lots and lots of scritches for Dougal!
May 4, 2010 ruthie
Dougal, you are all boy, all cute, and all fun! What a wonderful little guy!! Wishing you a long, healthy, happy, love-filled, fun-filled life with your forever family.
May 4, 2010 lucybee
Dougal- I have never personally known a Wheaten terrier but clearly your breed is able to leap tall buildings in a single bound and to be exquisitely cute while doing so!
May 4, 2010 allmyshelties
Yippee! What a fun puppy. Dougal is a s SuperDog!
May 4, 2010 taniamorse85
Super Dougal to the rescue! He is such a cutie! Wheatens are definitely my favorite terriers. They look so much like old-style teddy bears, and I want to cuddle with every Wheaten I see! Dougal definitely has that super-cuddly look, and he seems really sweet!
May 4, 2010 Two paws up
Twelve biscuits!!
May 4, 2010 pammy56
I think superman had better watch out because I think you have him beat...You're sure adorable little puppy...
May 4, 2010 tzumom
You are soooo cute...have fun with your new friends and family. What a sweetie.
May 4, 2010 iluvk9s
Great mid-air shot of this adorable fuzzy wuzzy baby!! Endless cookies, kisses and hugs for Dougal!!!
May 4, 2010 Scamp's Grammy
Dougal, you're a regular superdog--able to leap tall steps in a single bound! What a fun puppy! Lots of cuddles and bikkies from Scamp's Grammy.
May 4, 2010 terrick
Yer to cute
May 4, 2010 REXXY23
May 4, 2010 Tzarinac
Leapin' Wheaten! Dougal, you are an adorable scruffy guy! Lots of belly rubs to you when you come in for a landing.
May 4, 2010 ilmw98
What a cute little boy he is! Have fun with your new best friend! You are just to precious! Hugs and kisses from me and trixie! And please comment on my pups!
May 4, 2010 lucuma
Dougal you are sooooooo BEAUTIFUL!!!! :) Many kisses, hugs and biscuits to you PRECIOUS Dougal!!!! :)
May 4, 2010 Wheaten Terrier Lover
Oh, what a cutie you are, Dougal! I own 2 Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers and I just LOVE them. Now there are many Wheaties in our neighborhood because everyone loves em'. Dougal sounds a lot like Rebound, one of the neighborhood Wheatens. When Rebound was a puppy like you, he would jump everywhere! His family called him "Super Man" because he jumped off the porch like a super hero. They even got him an ID tag with the Super Man symbol on it! Unfourtanetly, he had to get a new one because it got destroyed. But still, today, he acts like a crazy little guy jumping all over the place!
May 4, 2010 Coc&Sandy'sMom
Leapin Lizards!! My Sandy loves to leap too and give the famous "Wheaton Greetin". Our Sandy will be 3 in August and she leaps anytime she can. Dougal is adorable and if you survive the first 12 - 18 months you'll wear the Superman/woman cape! Enjoy him--he's worth all the antics!
May 4, 2010 lucyny2000
"Look, Mama, I can fly!" Great photo of Dougal! Gotta love Wheatens for their bouncy, cheerful, lighthearted personality! Blessings from NY
May 4, 2010 drakes' granny
Most adorable. Dougal is all tired out from playtime. Great pictures to capture his moods and character too. Extra treats for the little fella.
May 4, 2010 sundayfriday
May 4, 2010 monkeynbubba
Awwwwwwwwwwww! What a cutie!
May 4, 2010 coriebe
Luv, luv, luv Dougal! :)
May 4, 2010 Critter Crazy
Dougal is the cutest pupkin and looks like an adorable stuffed dog. He is a Disney-type dog.
May 4, 2010 K9Girl
He's so adorable! I love this pic. :)
May 4, 2010 DoxMD
I just melt when I see a pup with a stick - Dougal, you are just precious not to mention a cutey pie! My Dox is sending many sniffs and licks your way!
May 4, 2010 puppielova
Luv you lil Dougal. You are tooo sweet for words.
May 4, 2010 Jose
Your soooooooooooooooooo cute I just want to give you hugs and kisses!
May 4, 2010 Shadow's Mom
Wow, I love it when dogs can fly! You are so cute, Dougal! Hugs and kisses to you!
May 4, 2010 jojosmom417
What a cutie!!! Dougal, you are a gorgeous baby boy. And so brave! Jumping off that huge deck without a care at all. May you have a long, happy, healthy life, little man.
May 4, 2010 sandunguera
so cute..... lol
May 4, 2010 wolfgirl66
Sweet Dougal is very very very very ADORABLE!!
May 5, 2010 teeru
Too cute. Awwwwwww
May 5, 2010 doreendixon
Ach, Dougal, you are a handsome wee laddie!
May 5, 2010 weezie
so cute
May 5, 2010 curly#1
Dougal, you are such a cutie!!! Lots of hugs and buscuits to you!
May 5, 2010 Beth1226
May 6, 2010 hounddog_mama
I'm so glad you included this picture. As I was reading the description, I was thinking that that much be a sight. It is indeed! What a darling baby!
May 6, 2010 glyn
What a beauty Dougal is. He is just adorable! Glad that he has found such a loving home. Lots of hugs and treats for this little guy.
May 7, 2010 piobaire
I want a soft coated wheaten!! What an adorable dog.
May 8, 2010 2pupsmomma
What a sweet boy.
May 8, 2010 lisalisa
That is a face I could NEVER say no to. How sweet is he!!! And he looks so soft too. Aw, he's great!
May 9, 2010 Mia-Lu
Just want to play with him! Looks like Dougal is very happy and lots of fun!
May 9, 2010 puppy world#1
He is soo cute in dat pic
May 10, 2010 feather
May 19, 2010 harpreet27
Dougal is the cutest little puppy I've ever seen in my whole entire life ! i hope you guys have the most wonderful of times together !
May 24, 2010 jpcline84
He is too adorable!!!
Apr 29, 2013 Keeleymom
Just love your spunky Wheaten pup. We have a 5-year old female "Sweetie Wheatie" who we adore. Wheaties are the best dogs ever! Have a lifetime of fun, Dougal!
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