Thursday, July 24, 2014
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Apr 30, 2010 PuppyLover897
OMG TOOOOOO CUTE TO BE TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dunkin is soooo adorably cute I just love his wrinkly face!!! OMG again I just love him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Apr 30, 2010 pupfanatic
Dunkin, not only is your name totally hilarious and cute, but the bio the YOU obviously wrote so well made me literally laugh out loud. Have you considered being a professional writer when you grow up? My fave is when you oh so subtly mentioned you wished your parents would give you a donut right now. I get the feeling you get donuts, donut holes, apple pie, hamburgers and every other the food in the universe! You cute little wrinklemeister!
Apr 30, 2010 PuppiesMeltMyHeart
So darned cute, I can't think of a thing to say! Your cuteness leaves me speachless!
Apr 30, 2010 Carbchick
Ahhhh. Sweet face! Want. To. Smooch!
Apr 30, 2010 xabismom65
OMG!! What a face!!!! how lucky are you?!?! Great great choice and I am lovin his name Congrats
Apr 30, 2010 paulinespuppy
Oooh i just wanna smoosh that wickle face..ur soooo cute!!!! Id give u all the donuts u wanted. .well, some ;)
Apr 30, 2010 Jasper's mum
dear dunkin, what a cute little boy you are !!!
Apr 30, 2010 longislander
Oh Dunkin your face is just beautiful. Makes me want to give you a great big schmooch. You're my kind of puppy, play, sleep, surf the web sleep. Wish I could do that all day. Have a ton of fun with your parents, you're a sweetie pie.
Apr 30, 2010 daphne's mom
Cuteness Overload! I hope you have a long happy and healthy life Dunkin! Much love, many biiscuits, and tons of cuddles for you sweetheart!
Apr 30, 2010 activity
Absolutely gorgeous !!
Apr 30, 2010 lovethedogsallthetime
Why don't I have a Bulldog? He is absolutely gorgeous!!!!
Apr 30, 2010 w102663
Dunkin, your "wrinkles" and pudginess" are so adorable; as is your cute face.:D You sound like a true puppy delight. Tons of hugs and kisses for you baby.
Apr 30, 2010 sammysilvas4
So darned cute, I can't think of a thing to say! Your cuteness leaves me speachless!
Apr 30, 2010 w102663
I want to kiss this face soooooo bad!!!:)
Apr 30, 2010 guerrero's grandma
Come closer & I'll cover you with puppy kisses :-) Dunkin, you are adorable & I just love all your pics. Long & Happy & Healthy life to you big boy
Apr 30, 2010 lisamaria
Way too cute!!!!! I could dunk him in some milk and eat him up.
Apr 30, 2010 gryt
OMG... Want!!!
Apr 30, 2010 Samba1260
You are a love. So precious. Many doggie biscuits and tummy rubs to you.
Apr 30, 2010 meganbooth
Dunkin you are beyond adorable!!! I just want to squeeze all that puppy chub & smooch that precious face!!!
Apr 30, 2010 TMazz
Apr 30, 2010 Shakoda
That's an adorable wrinkly face! Dunkin you are such a cute little tubber. Lots of biscuits for you!
Apr 30, 2010 amyliz
Dunkin, that is one of the most adorable faces that has ever, or ever will, exist! Plus, you sound like a really cool little dude!
Apr 30, 2010 amyliz
"Honk Shu" It must be exhausting to be so cute!
Apr 30, 2010 sugah
he is so cute i love him awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!:)
Apr 30, 2010 jocie3
Can I hold him? I just want to squeeze his preciousness!!! Maximum biscuits for Dunkin!
Apr 30, 2010 ckendall
Awwwwwwww Dunkin what a sight for sore eyes you are!!!!!!!!! You have put such a huge smile on my face that it will be there all day!!!!!!! Wishing you a healthy happy life full of donuts and belly rubs!!!!!!!
Apr 30, 2010 taylorswift
the wrinkles suprizingly make him even MORE cute! :)
Apr 30, 2010 DebforNow
Dunkin, could you be any cuter? I'll squeak a toy for you anytime!
Apr 30, 2010 Pug Mom
Next to pugs - I love Bulldogs best & Dunkin has the cutest little face I've seen in a long time. Thanks for sharing.
Apr 30, 2010 LHERMAN
I think I had a stuffed dog that looked like this when I was a kid. Great face!
Apr 30, 2010 Boxermom717
Sooooo sweet!! I just want to kiss that mushy face!! Lots of love and hugs and kisses to Dunkin!
Apr 30, 2010 tropicsteve
bullies are the sweetest and bullie pups are the cutest ! you are no exception little dunkin !
Apr 30, 2010 skeffersmom
You are so adorable! I would love to cuddle and kiss your sweet face! Many treats, kisses, and tons of love from Texas.
Apr 30, 2010 HillCountryGal
Hi Dunkin, it's sure good to meet you! Sounds to me like you've got a family that loves you. Wishing you a healthy life that full of fun and the occasional donut! :)
Apr 30, 2010 Jarrett
Hi, Dunkin ! You look like such a sweetie pie. You remind me of a bull dog I had many years ago. His name was Butch !
Apr 30, 2010 Herefred
Dunkin, you are too cute for words! Have a long and happy and donut filled life with your loving parents!
Apr 30, 2010 Malimom
I love Bulldog puppies little wrinkle faces and their bubbly personality. 3 cheers for you for making are perfect. Have a great day little one.xoxo from CA
Apr 30, 2010 kiljey
Oh I would love to give that cutie a big smooch!
Apr 30, 2010 iluvpupos
i like a dog with a sense of humor! you're a cutie dunkin!! xoxo
Apr 30, 2010 Owen's Mom
You are so cute it's amazing!!!
Apr 30, 2010 Luv-da-babies
I'm ready for my closeup Mr DeMille. Gimme some of that puppy sugar NOW!!!
Apr 30, 2010 LaurenM
Oh, Dunkin, you have completely stolen my heart... I am putty in your hands. You are just about the cutest thing I have ever seen!! I would love to cuddle you and your adorable wrinkles all day long!!
Apr 30, 2010 jo1951
What a cutie!!!! One of the best looking bulldog pups I've ever seen! What a sweetie!
Apr 30, 2010 wheatie mom
Love this bully boy and love his bio! Who could resist this face - not all of us!
Apr 30, 2010 pammy56
Pleas will someone play ball with much more of a hint do I have to give you...I am going to be really happy living here....Sending you lots of hugs,Dunkin
Apr 30, 2010 pelligrino
Dunkin, you have a face to die for! I bet you make your family laugh with your comedy routine's. Have a long and healthy life. many belly rubs too.
Apr 30, 2010 shellane
i love his cut lil smooshy face :)
Apr 30, 2010 luvmum
What a darling! The perfect daily puppy today! And its my birthday! L.O.L. (lots of love) to you and your family!
Apr 30, 2010 thezookeeper
Priceless... Love that face..... Big smooches to u xxxxxx
Apr 30, 2010 DailyPuppy Admin
Who could ever resist those puppy eyes! This Dunkin is TOO cute!
Apr 30, 2010 coolioally91011
Apr 30, 2010 Limmyluver
OMD OMD OMD! Can a face get any cuter! AWWWWWW I'm in LOVE with Dunkin. I am defo adding him into my favorites. Soooooooooooooo so ADORABLE. Can a pup get any cuter!!!! Have a great life little one and luvs 4 U! I wish you many treats, hugs, kisses, and loves.
Apr 30, 2010 brookelynnu2me
Dunkin has such an adorable face! Awwww.What a cutie! Please comment on Lexi and Zazu's page they love comment's! xoxo's and lots of treat's.
Apr 30, 2010 taniamorse85
Oh, Dunkin, you stole my heart with this look! You are such a cutie! You look so cuddly, and those wrinkles on your forehead make you even cuter! I wish I could give you tons of kisses! Oh, well, I guess 11 biscuits will have to do...
Apr 30, 2010 taniamorse85
I just had to comment on this photo, too! This look still has me laughing! Don't worry, Dunkin, it's just because I love how silly you're being in the photo!
Apr 30, 2010 monkeynbubba
Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! Beautiful baby boy!
Apr 30, 2010 monkeynbubba
Super sweet!
Apr 30, 2010 Reblgem
Dunkin... you might possibly be the cutest most adorable pup there is. Wish I could give you a big kiss... stay wonderful. lol
Apr 30, 2010 kgpayne13
Dunkin, your name suits you since you look good enough to eat! What a cutie you are. Many belly rubs and biscuits to you!
Apr 30, 2010 Taboo8
He is so cute!!!!!!! Beautiful puppy :)
Apr 30, 2010 lerato541
Maybe the cutest puppy of the day EVER! And I love the description! So great!
Apr 30, 2010 jsewell51
Dunkin - you are absolutely darling and quite a character too! xoxo
Apr 30, 2010 K9srock
Dunkin, you are plumptious, cuddlesome and I want kiss that squidgy face! You are a fine looking pup, and a credit to your parents! Your name suits you perfectly, cos I'm hungry and could just eat you up! xx
Apr 30, 2010 The Fur Gang
Dunkin, if you sneak over to our house we will give you a big donut. You are the most adorable pup I have seen in a long, long time. Goe bless you, Little Man, with a long, happy and healthy life. I know you are loved because who could not love that gorgeous face
Apr 30, 2010 mabelsmom9
He is absolutely the cutest!!!
Apr 30, 2010 NKD330
Dunkin is just too stinkin cute!!!!! The birthday's are a day apart on the profiles, but I really think he's my Lola Poppy's his dad Rambo??
Apr 30, 2010 princelover
Dunkin, You are an adorable little donut and I bet that you are just as sweet. Your face is irristably cute and smooshable!!
Apr 30, 2010 sdv in slc
Dunkin, you are a rolley, polley little sweetheart. You should get lots of biscuits (not donut, they aren't good for you!). Love those wrinkles puppy!!
Apr 30, 2010 wilddogmommy
Let's PARTY!! Dunkin, you are way, way, way, way too cute! I love your photos, but your bio was the best for me... you have a way with words my little friend. Donuts and loves from wilddogmommy in Austria!!
Apr 30, 2010 wilddogmommy
ROFL! Let's PARTY was for this photo. :o)
Apr 30, 2010 Mitchy the Kid
Bulldogs are my favorite breed and after seeing Dunkin's sweet mug, I know what puppy love really is! This 4-legged lovebug is the cutest thing I've seen and the name is as adorable as that face! Stumbling across this cutie pie totally brightened my day. Thanks for sharing!
Apr 30, 2010 wilddogmommy
Bodi, you are a gorgeous, and very brave fellow. What an exciting job working with your dad, you must have! Stay safe. Cookies and kisses from Austria.
Apr 30, 2010 piobaire
Dunkin, you are pretty stinking cute! I bet you get whatever you want!
Apr 30, 2010 Noodlesboy
Dunkin, you are too cute! Are you ever told "No"? There is no way I could say no to that face. Many hugs and kisses for you. Beautiful guy! (and you are going in to my favorites...)
Apr 30, 2010 sandrahender
Omg...what a precious little wrinkled baby! He almost looks like a stuffed toy! Love the pictures. Love his name. Sending him tons of kisses and hugs and lots of belly rubs!
Apr 30, 2010 Scamp's Grammy
Dunkin, what an adorable little wrinkley face you have! Bet you are fun to snuggle with. Long, happy & healthy life to such a sweetheart from Scamp's Grammy.
Apr 30, 2010 DoggyLover24
What a cutie! I love bulldogs and this dog is truly a wonder! He is so cute! Have fun with him! Tons of hugs and kisses from me! xoxo
Apr 30, 2010 lalamcgoo
oh my gawd Dunkin!!! you are so darned cute I can barely take it, seriously???? Have you ever once gotten fussed at? I am guessing no, even if you ate the couch, I could never yell at that smushy, adorable face!!! kisses all over that face to you from me punkin!
Apr 30, 2010 AnimalLover22
You are so cute!When people think about a bulldog most of the time they think ugly. You are nothing like that! This is a great breed.
Apr 30, 2010 gail koup
What an absolutely adorable face you have Dunkin! BTW Ilove donuts too! They are not as cute or as much fun as you are though. I am so glad you have a loving and wonderful for ever home! Love and biscuits to you and your family! :-)
Apr 30, 2010 luvlabsluvlife
Oh Jeeeezzz Dunkin! This is about the cutest little pup we've seen in long time! he looks like a little soft, squishable, loveable sweet, sweet baby! Does he snore yet? Much love to Dunkin and his parents...and hey give the guy a bite of his donut would ya?
Apr 30, 2010 sbaker-12
honestly one of the cutest dogs i have ever seen in my entire life. i want him!
Apr 30, 2010 milton's mom
What can I say....I'm into butts, and this is one that I can't wait to get my hands on!
Apr 30, 2010 Abi
Wow!!! You are just about the most ADORIBLE little bulldog Dunkin!!!! Normally I dont like bulldogs (no offence) but you are SUPER cute!!! This is such a cute face! I love you Dunkin....huugs and kisses from Miley and Daisy!! :)
Apr 30, 2010 tink'smom
Hello, you smooshy faced, little bundle of love. I'd love to cuddle with you for a couple of hours. What a sweetheart you are. Long may you live, cutie. XXXX
Apr 30, 2010 shortyww22
Dunkin is soooo very cute...Just Look at that wrinkly face and those Big 10000% Adorable and then some..I wish you many happy years with cutie Dunkin....sweet kisses and gentle bear hugs for him from me and my pack come see my dogs n comment please.Dunkin is definately goin in my fave's list...I'm inlove hes sooo cute and I like his name too...
Apr 30, 2010 Oliver & Henry's Mum
Dunkin, you are splendid! I want to touch every soft wrinkle on your face and give you lots of hugs and cuddles. Your markings are beautiful as is your personality. What a lovely boy!!! Hugs from Oliver & Henry, and their Mum in London, Ontario
Apr 30, 2010 Emmy462
How SWEET....Dunkin, you are so cute I love all your little wrinkles :)
Apr 30, 2010 lucyny2000
Dunkin is sweet and delicious as a cinnamon donut! Those lips are made for kisses! Smooch!Blessings from NY
Apr 30, 2010 sheila
Dunkin is way too cute. I love his squashy face and his wrinkles and everything about him. He is just adorable overload. I love Bulldog puppies and big ones too. And the picture of him sleeping is way to adorable. Long and happy life to Mr. Dunkin and his humans.
Apr 30, 2010 kooky100%
WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HE IS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO CUTE
Apr 30, 2010 Jose
Your soooooooooooooooooo cute I just want to give you hugs and kisses!
Apr 30, 2010 kooky100%
Apr 30, 2010 drakes' granny
What a sweet baby. We have squeeky toys here for you to play with. It just means you are very alert and curious. Have fun baby Dunkin but be safe.
Apr 30, 2010 leia kelly
What a handsome face!
Apr 30, 2010 MAOAC12
Oh, gosh! What an adorable furry baby he is! So incredibly sweet.
Apr 30, 2010 doodlesmom
Dunkin you're a cutie pie and I just want to eat you up with a spoon. I know you bring your pawrents lots of happiness and smiles!
Apr 30, 2010 lotsapets
What a marvelous little plump wrinkled fellow !! His reddish brown hair is gorgeous, too !! ^_^
Apr 30, 2010 Morgan's Fan
OH MY GOODNESS! And I thought Golden Retriever puppies were cute! This guy is a "who'd a thunk it!" Whether he bites toes or not - he's got to be great to have around!
Apr 30, 2010 YeahBoy-eee
Almost too cute for words
Apr 30, 2010 YeahBoy-eee
Like I said. Almost too cute for words except maybe awwwwww
Apr 30, 2010 ruthie
Dunkin, you are too cute; those eyes, those wrinkles, those beautiful eyes, love them all!! Wishing you a long, happy, healthy, love-filled life with your lucky forever family.
Apr 30, 2010 Tzarinac
Dunkin, you are adorable! Snooze and snore away, little one! Belly rubs to you when you wake up.
Apr 30, 2010 jojosmom417
Oh, my gosh! Are you cute, or what? I absolutely LOVE all the "bully" breeds--Bulldogs, Pugs, and Bostons and any others with that cute little smushed-face look. Dunkin you are a fine example of "so cute it hurts". Wishing you a long, happy, healthy life, little one.
Apr 30, 2010 georgia04
Absolutely Dunkin is a treat! His squishy face made my day. Truckloads of biscuits!
Apr 30, 2010 Babsintoyland
OMG you are too cute ..... I want you so much!
May 1, 2010 2pupsmomma
Dunkin you are just the cutest, love the name and love the face.
May 1, 2010 kian
He is a handsome puppy!!
May 1, 2010 iluvk9s
What an adorable cuddly little love bug!! How sweet that Dunkin likes to give toe kisses! Zillions of kisses, cookies and hugs!!!
May 1, 2010 lynetz2
dunkin - i can see how your family has fallen in love with you! you are so handsome - how can anyone resist that adorable face!! love and hugs! and lots of biscuits!
May 1, 2010 doggieaunt
ooooh . . . puppy perfection!!! Look at those awesome pawsies!!! Lots of scritches for Dunkin (whose name I just love).
May 2, 2010 Critter Crazy
So precious is Dunkin!
May 2, 2010 shay43
What a cute baby have fun with Dunkin
May 2, 2010 3saavik
I don't get to see puppy Bulldogs or basset Hounds, only adults. Just don't eat too many donuts though. He's cuter than Uga!
May 2, 2010 puppy world#1
His face is adorable
May 3, 2010 swarna
adorable,bully and strong,healthy body i love you long life to you...
May 3, 2010 threebabyboxers
Oh Dunkin, could you be an cuter??? This has to be one of the most adorable puppies on Earth! What a precious little one, you are. Lots of biscuits and love to you, sweet one! ((((hugs)))
May 3, 2010 lucybee
I love this picture.You are a pudgie wudgie darling!
May 4, 2010 RheannaMarie
So cute and tiny
May 4, 2010 Dog Lover 77
I just love bulldog puppy faces!
May 6, 2010 A Merle and Me
how adorable!!!
May 7, 2010 Mia's Mom
Dunkin is precious! Those big puppy paws and sweet face are just priceless.
May 7, 2010 Streetpup
I love him! he is SO cute!
May 9, 2010 Mia-Lu
Love Dunkin- he's a sweet baby :)
May 11, 2010 twilight_girl2010
looks as if he gives up
May 12, 2010 jzaruk
look at all though's wrinkles they are the cutest
May 16, 2010 dogloverliz
he has SUCH a cute little face!!! reminds of my frieds bulldog Budha!
May 23, 2010 Animal's Friend
Ohhh... Dunkin is so adorable! And sooooooooooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
May 29, 2010 empress
What a wonderful bulldog! So cute!
May 29, 2010 k719m
The cutest bulldog I have ever seen. So incredibly adorable.
Jun 28, 2010 dustinlover
very cute!!!!!!!!!
Feb 21, 2011 cornchunks
Love it!
May 24, 2012 lozzy 101
what a cutie
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