Emma the Boxer

Puppy Breed: Boxer

Emma's dad says: Like most boxers, Emma is a very playful and fun-loving little character. Favourite toys include empty coke bottles and her precious leather football; she's not yet able to bite into either of them, and that makes her growl like a lion when she scrambles around in the yard with them, knocking over everything that's not bolted down, including unsuspecting guests. Recently, Emma also met a great playmate, the huge boxer Louis. He's five times bigger than her, but that does not seem to ruin her general idea that he can probably be knocked over by running frontally at full speed into his face. And that seems to be her general attitude towards most things at the moment, including the family's cat. Luckily for the cat, though, boxers are generally not the brightest of dogs. While Emma's having a hard time understanding that the cat does NOT want to play when it's wagging its tail, she does seem to get the message when a claw hits her face. She still hasn't figured out the cat flap thing, though. See more of the adorable Emma at her Flickr page