Finn the Brittany

Puppy Breed: Brittany

Finn's mom says: In November 2007, my husband and I lost our beloved 14-year-old Brittany Mac. Although we know all dogs are special to those that love them, Mac held a particular place in our hearts as he had previously belonged to my husband's father, and we had "inherited" him upon my father-in-law's passing. Our house seemed empty. As God would have it, we learned of a litter of puppies in Kentucky who were "relatives" of our Mac. After much consideration, we made the decision to bring little Finn home -- and life has not been the same since. Although he was named for that adventurous scamp Huckleberry Finn, he's been nicknamed "The Atomic Cottonball" and "Finster the Baby-faced Gangster" (for you Bugs Bunny fans). Finn has developed numerous interesting and productive hobbies since moving with us to Pensacola, Florida, including digging holes, unfurling rolls of toilet paper, "helping" with the laundry (by stealing it and running), snatching newspapers (while they are being read), and most of all, playing with our six-year-old German short haired pointer Dixie. Although he doesn't know it, he's also made the loss of Mac a little bit easier to take. When we see him and Dixie playing together in the back yard, we're pretty sure Mac would approve!