Thursday, July 24, 2014
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Jul 22, 2007 Coleypants
Classic! Love the 'oh dear what have I done' picture with the toilet paper
Jul 22, 2007 scobig
What a doll, the puppy is cute too! :-)
Kisses to you Franzine and friend!
Jul 22, 2007 hunton0375
I don't think they come any cuter. wishing you many happy year's together.
Jul 22, 2007 Zoie's Daddy
Now my puppy loves tissue too, but only she likes kleenex brand with the lotion in it. she is a little cutie
Jul 22, 2007 Jaydee
w00t!! 5th comment!! people, don't let your dogs get the toilet paper or anything!! get them used to kids, and show them what's wrong! they will learn that bad stuff is okay, if they're not punished!!! ... o well, definitely cute puppy though.
Jul 22, 2007 mom-lainie
I'm not much of a small dog lover, but this one is pretty darn cute. I gotta respect a gal who is sooooooo bad, she falls asleep in the middle of the mess.
Jul 22, 2007 dog_puppluver
what a naughty puppy..I like the picture with him and the little girl...they look really cute together...
Jul 22, 2007 allgodscritters
Franzene is a beautiful baby. Bichons are a wonderful breed and very easily trained. Basically, they are just wonderful little lovebugs and it looks like Franzene is no exception. Please give her a kiss and a nuzzle from me. Eleven biscuits for you, sweet Franzene.
Jul 22, 2007 sandrahender
Ok, first of all, she is a PRECIOUS ADORABLE PUPPY!
As far as "punishment" for negative behavior....dogs don't learn by being "punished". They learn by "positive reinforcement". When seeing her perform positive behavior, lavish praise is the key. Negative behavior needs to be ignored; no attention should be given at up the mess should NOT be done in her presense but when she isn't around to see what you're doing. Giving ANY attention for negative behavior will encourage her to do it again...for that is what dogs crave...attention...whether it is being berrated or praised. A sharp firm NO is ok; but any form of spanking or hitting is not acceptable. The only thing a dog will learn from any kind of physical punishment is to become aggressive and mean. Reinforce positive behavior. Don't give any attention to negative behavior. She wants the praise, the attention and will do whatever she can to get it. Ignoring negative behavior means to also not play with her for awhile; just ignore her whenever negative behavior happens; she wants your attention and giving it to her at that time will just encourage her to do it again.
Every one of my dogs has torn up toilet paper...and it cracks me up! As long as they are not EATING it, it can't cause any harm....I had two young dogs shred an entire Sunday Newspaper while we were at church one Sunday...the two guilty parties were in the midst of it when we got home...with shreds of paper hanging from their sweet little faces...I took a picture of it, it was too precious for words. I've been raising dogs since 1962 and every dog is different; they all have different personalities; even dogs of the same breed; I love all dogs dearly; no matter what their origin; whether they be from shelters, mills, or the finest of pedigree, all dogs are precious; they need our love and care.
I LOVE Franzine.....give her tons of kisses and hugs for me!
Jul 22, 2007 sue
what a cute cuddly puppy
Jul 22, 2007 FireHorse
Naughty - but nice!
Jul 22, 2007 llt214
I didn't do it....I swear!!!! Oh Franzene, you fresh little girl! But that's look at your sweet little face and you will pretty much get away with anything!! I hope you have a long and happy life. Smooches to you Franzene!
Jul 22, 2007 jo
Bichons are wonderful dogs, and Franzene looks adorable! If I ever get a purebred, it may be a Bichon--from a reputable breeder whose facilities I have visited and whose references I have checked thoroughly. However, I will almost certainly get the dog of my dreams from a shelter like the Humane Society or ASPCA. I wish you many happy years together.
Jul 22, 2007 JaxMom
That baby is a angel. She is adorable and you did a good thing by rescuing her. You and your little one have a wonderful life. Again, she is darling.
Jul 22, 2007 Tracy Kemmer
I LOVE her. I am in the process of convincing the husband to us getting another dog/pup. A Maltepoo. Which look very much like Franzene. Have a long life together and love each other all of the time. You are both so lucky!!!!!!!!
Jul 22, 2007 pauleenm
What a sweet little ball of fluff. Enjoy her
Jul 22, 2007 puppypac
Very cute puppy!
Jul 22, 2007 Puppylove13
The devil made me do it, Mom!! Honest.... what a cutie pie.
Jul 22, 2007 sirmuttsalot
I agree that Franzene is very cute.
Jul 22, 2007 puppyluv
Very cute puppy. Good luck w/ her.
Jul 22, 2007 yujismom
Franzene is a lovely, healthy, happy puppy...many happy years with her!
Jul 22, 2007 BeckersUNC
What a little cutie! I still catch my 12 year-old cockapoo in this situation. I wonder if little Fran will be a shredder for life? ;)
Jul 22, 2007 dimidog
Franzine is adorable and wonderful. I do agree it is important to socialize her with children while she is still a puppy -- it looks to me like she is fine with the little girl in the picture, maybe she just needs to get to know more kids.
Jul 22, 2007 DucksHockeyFan
What a beautiful puppy, she is the most precious gift of all. The picture with the young lady is absolutely perfect. Both of them are looking straight at the camera as if to say, "Yes, go ahead, make your day". They are both beautiful and I am so glad to see puppies pictures taken with a human member of their family.
Jul 22, 2007 webbcues
This looks as if you have a tiny ball of fuzzy love! :)
oh! I don't know.... how 'bout 12 bones! :):):)
Jul 22, 2007 Wolfenstein
Your little girl is adorable, and I know you did pick a wonderful breed for a condo (I'm training to be a groomer myself, so I see a lot of them!) and I would never tell anyone to trade their dog in, or that it was any less special or cute or wonderful just because they got them from this place or that. These situations, however, can be wonderful learning opportunities, so people can avoid past mistakes and other people can learn from them.

Take care of your little girl! :)
Jul 22, 2007 craney808
She is an adorable puppy!
Jul 22, 2007 maddie's mom
Thank you for sharing these wonderful pictures with us. Franzine looks like a great dog, both sweet and exciting. My sister bought her labrador Chloe 6 years ago from a dog store, she walked by, saw her and fell in love. They have been best friends ever since. I wish you and Franzine the same kind of happiness.
Jul 22, 2007 NolaMaria
This baby is simply adorable!! I have a poodle/bichon mix..very smart, but can be stubborn at times..likes lots of attention. He lives with 2 grown-up cats and a new 2 month old kitten. He has adopted the kitten as his own, they are simply a riot to watch together. Hope your little girl brings you as much love and pleasure as my "kids" have brought to me!
Jul 22, 2007 martin109
Darling puppy and darling little girl! Thanks for sharing both with us.
Jul 22, 2007 Annie03
Wow ! What a very pretty little fizz ball.Thank you for sharing.
Jul 22, 2007 dreneen
This is an adorable puppy, and her "bad behavior" pictures just make her cuter! In the scheme of things, there are worse behaviors than ripping up toilet paper.
Jul 22, 2007 vikiiee_dogs123
this pic is adorebel hes so cute!!!!!!
Jul 22, 2007 tipsygypsy
Franzene is a beautiful, sweet puppy, and I'm so glad you decided to share her with us! Thank you.
Jul 22, 2007 Sandra
Franzene is just adorable, cute and you're going to get all the unconditional love you can stand. One of my Bichons loves lip gloss so you do not dare leave a tube of it on a table she can reach. Bichons are one of the most wonderful breeds for a companion. Many Bichons become little velcro creatures with one person. Little children seldom know how to handle a puppy so she's smart to be leery of kids. Hopefully she'll grow to love riding in a car. If she's high enough to see outside she might enjoy it more. Have fun with that sweet little Angel and give her a tummy rub from me and my Bichons
Jul 22, 2007 petluver
Look at that cute face!!! What a beautiful puppy! What a find! You will have many, many good years together! Love her!
Jul 22, 2007 mo
Yay for bichons! I have one myself and find them the sweetest and cutest breed ever! I'm glad that you haven't done that ugly grooming to Franzene, with the triangle head... au natural is so much better! Sounds like a handful right now, but she'll calm down and be the best dog you could ask for, especially living in an apartment. Maybe you could buy a brand of toilet paper she doesn't like, I don't know. Anyway, bichons are especially great dogs because of their size and hair type(you can have people over who are allergic to dogs and they'll be fine). I hope you enjoy her just as much as she grows up, and I'm sure she'll be just as adorable and sweet as you could ever wish!
Jul 22, 2007 Puppyluv146
Such a sweetie!
Jul 22, 2007 Buildatree
Hi all - update on Franzene - this is Franzene's mom. Just to set matters straight - I did not get Franzene from a puppy mill or from the internet. The newspaper add was a local number. The process I went through to 'adopt' one of the breeders babies was as close to adopting a child as I will ever go through. Questions, Questions, Questions, signatures, instructions, guarantees, promises, updated telephone calls, etc.

All the strong comments regarding how I got my baby are close to spoiling the fun of having the pictures displayed. If you have issues, regarding the choices people make with regard to buying puppies, the DailyPuppy doesn't seem the right place to me.

For all of you so worried about puppy mills and internet providers check out http://www.SmallPaws .com and make a donation.

Thank you for all the wonder FUN comments. The little girl is my granddaughter. Franzene is now a year old and is still alive, healthy, and enjoys her TP once in a great while. She now has an older brother Bichoodle named Mozart whom I rescued. He weights 4 pounds and Franzene now weights 7.3 pounds.
Jul 22, 2007 puppypac
YES! Thank you!
Jul 22, 2007 postiemayer
What a cutie, I have to remember the first time I saw a Bichon. there was a lady walking this ADORABLE little puppy so I asked her what kind it was, she prefaced it all by saying that it was her daughters dog and she was baby sitting and that it was something called a "bitchin frizz" Anyway, way too cute. As for all the comments about adopting a shelter or resue dog over all else, think about it, some people dont want to have to worry about dealing with possible problems left by previous owners, kinda like a used car and some people just want a very specific kind of dog. Nothing wrong with that, there is something for everyone. And thanks, Franzenes mom, for the web site smallpaws. I will definitely check that one out!
Jul 22, 2007 dimidog
Thank you, Franzene's mom, for your update. I imagine Franzene is just as adorable as a grown-up puppy as she was as a little one, and I'm sure she's thrilled to have a canine companion. The breeder you purchased her from sounds just like me! My husband still teases me about all the hoops I made people jump through before allowing them to have one of our puppies, but it's the only safe and responsible way to go. I hope all the overzealous comments have not ruined your day. You're obviously a loving guardian, and congratulations for adopting!
Jul 22, 2007 kkarenee
That is TOO CUTE! I don't know what it is about puppy dogs and toilet paper, but my two dogs have never outgrown it! I especially like the one where she's been caught!!! :)
Jul 22, 2007 zipster
Franzene is so very cute!! I wish you many years of love and licks from this little one.

One of the first puppies I had was a Bichon. Muffen was a delight, and the most adorable fun-loving little girl. She lived to age 14 -- spending the last 5 years as a blind dibetic with daily insulin injections that she never minded. What a wonderful little pet to have! Give a little tummy rub to your little girl for me!
Jul 22, 2007 bayley's mom
Franzene is a beautiful puppy (or as I read previously, adult now) and thank you for posting such cute pictures....the ones with the toilet paper are really cute and don't listen to the negative comments about how you shouldn't let her do that....all puppies do stuff they're not supposed to do and most of the time it makes you laugh even if you know it's wrong and they outgrow it, but that doesnt' mean it wasn't cute when they did it!
Jul 22, 2007 sylvanbliss
It's suprising to me that nobody has picked this picture yet. I enjoy seeing other people's puppies, (yeah, you know me...I'm down with O.P.P.!) I love hearing about all the naughty things they're up to! It makes me appreciate my 5 and 6 year old dogs, that haven't torn up a roll of TP in a few years.

Franzene is Fab! You meet all my Daily Puppy requirements, cute, full of beans and very young. Congratulations on an excellent compainion and for being today's featured pup!
Jul 22, 2007 sylvanbliss
Eleven biscuits for this fierce picture! Dragon!

I forgot I wanted to say how nice it is that you adopted Mozart. Having two dogs is such fun! Enjoy!
Jul 22, 2007 lovemydogs7
I love the puppy pictures. This puppy gets 11 biscuits from me! I'm glad to her that all is well with Franzene.
Jul 22, 2007 DogMom
Beautiful puppy! I love the way her tail is like a little flag in this picture!!! Very cute. Enjoy your little love bug (and ignore folks w/bad energy!!!) .
Jul 22, 2007 chipsmom
Wishing you many happy years together! Franzene is too cute!
Jul 22, 2007 lotsapets
She is just such a sweet doll, and she is sooo fortunate to have had you pick her to live with you and have a good life !! Hug and kiss her for me !!!
Jul 22, 2007 saahikat cute! luv franzie, take special care of her!
Jul 22, 2007 puppy*power
what a cute little puppy
Jul 22, 2007 maltese
your puppy is so cute! it look just like mines. My puppy was a maltese poodle i had her for a week and she died because she was sick and i didn't know it, until it was too late. So i'm attach to yours just by looking at her. and by the pictures your puppy acted just like mines. I miss her already. I can still here moaning right before she died. I took her to the doctor they say she wasn't going to make it because she had a virus. The person whom i brought it from did me wrong.
Jul 22, 2007 carollevy
Is Franzene the dearest little girl! i can practically feel her soft brush of fuzz against the side of my face.

I have some tips that comes from experience of having a doggie that is fearful or unhappy about riding in a car. With this crowd I am almost afraid of the hell someone will write back and give me for these tips -- but as a small dog owner who is on her second happy and healthy little girl (Mine is Teena the Cairn) I can tell you they work really, really well and are harmless.

First, get a doggie seatbelt. That is a thing that you hook the real passenger seatbelt through, and it's a harness so that if you have a sudden stop, the doggie is as safe as can possibly be. You can do this front seat or back seat. But when you are less anxious about them wandering around in the car, they sense that.

The second tip is this: as soon as possible, invite her for a 'ride in the car' , and then take her for a trip through a drive-through like Jack In The Box. There, buy a chicken sandwich, and then sit in the parking lot with her and feed her little nibbles of chicken. Do this a few times and i guarantee, she'll start associating a ride in the car with good things. My last dog, Wookie, practially put his leash on himself when i suggested a ride in the car.

Much love to you and your little Franzene!!!!
Jul 22, 2007 BTLabs
Franzene's Mom, Your breeder sounds like the one we got our two oldest Bostons from. She checked people out but good and if she didn't like something then no dog! I think that is really the mark of a good breeder; that and follow up. I'm glad you have two little puppy pals. There's nothing like having dogs who love you! Your grandaughter looks so much like daughter did when she was little. At 17 she still has that strawberry blond hair! Enjoy all your babies!
Jul 22, 2007 M2C3
Dear Franzene's mom,
Your puppy is precious. Thank you for sharing her with us!
Jul 22, 2007 craney808
"As for all the comments about adopting a shelter or resue dog over all else, think about it, some people dont want to have to worry about dealing with possible problems left by previous owners, kinda like a used car and some people just want a very specific kind of dog."

This attitude is disgusting. You're right though - some people mistakenly believe that shelter/rescue dogs are damaged goods. These people are selfish, and aren't real dog lovers. They treat animals like property and don't deserve the love and gratitude of a rescued dog.
Jul 22, 2007 craney808
Also, my first comment was cut by whomever edits this board. "She is an adorable puppy!" was only the first line in quite a long post. This website is fun because puppies are so fun to look at, but it's also depressing because most people get their pups from breeders.
To whomever edits the website: Please do not misquote people like that. If I'd have known I'd be misrepresented I wouldn't have commented at all.
Jul 23, 2007 oneacd
Lighten up everybody! This is a FUN site with adorable puppies like Franzene. If you feel you must share some info, please do it in a positive manner.
Franzene you rock! Mom, way to go getting a dog that is suited to living in a small space. Enjoy your two fur kids!
Jul 23, 2007 gador
I agree with oneacd Lighten up, this is supposed to be fun...
FRANZENE is beautiful. and every thing her mom said under
1st picture was interesting, thank you for sending all the cute
Jul 23, 2007 craney808
So because it's a fun website we're supposed to ignore inhumane practices when we see them? We're supposed to close our eyes to the mistreatment and neglect of animals? Everyone who said something about breeders, puppy mills and/or rescue dogs said their piece in a respectful manner, even cooing about the puppy's cuteness in the same post. See, some of us really DO believe all doggies are created equal. Whether or not their owners are responsible or ethical, all dogs defenseless, precious animals. They all deserve tons of love, attention, oohs and ahhhs.
Jul 23, 2007 bayley's mom
For goodness sake craney808, not a single person said that they were ignoring inhumane practices or closing their eyes to mistreatment and neglect of animals....all they are saying is that there are better places to discuss this sort of thing than on a site that is meant to bring joy to people by allowing them to see everyone's beautiful puppies!! We all know that there are puppy mills and that they are disgusting, but there are better ways to help those poor animals than to go on a site like this and criticize everyone else for where they got their puppy! Franzene's mom gave a great link to a website to help out and there are links on this website that take you to places that can educate people, so is it really necessary to make people feel bad because they fell in love with a puppy that did not come from a rescue shelter?
Jul 23, 2007 oneacd
What inhumane practices? Don't see anyone beating the little fluffster for shreding the TP. LOL!
Jul 23, 2007 catmom
Thanks for sharing your little cutie with us BUT folks PLEASE don't buy pups from stores as the stock is very frequently the product of puppy mills, which are horrors. I am glad that the OP couldn't find a Bichon in a store.
Jul 23, 2007 craney808
Let me just say this before I quit posting on this topic:
Obviously everyone DOES NOT know about the horrors of puppy mills, certain breeders and pet stores, Bayley's mom. Some of the people in this very thread have mentioned either buying or looking for puppies at pet stores!
And oneacd, are you serious? It's inhumane to buy a dog from a pet store. Because it's inhumane to support puppy mills. Heck, it's inhumane to BUY a dog for $800 when you could save 10 dogs for that much. Let me guess, you see nothing wrong with dog-fighting either.
And how hypocritical to suggest donating to SmallPaws when it's people like her (people who buy or consider buying from pet stores) who keep puppy mills in business in the first place! Geez. It's just too depressing to think about all the shelter dogs out there who will never find homes because everyone would rather pay some greedy breeder or pet store for a pure-bred or designer dog. Guess what? There's never a guarantee that your puppy will behave perfectly, even when they come from a breeder. And to those breeders who claim to be reputable and caring: Until all the homeless dogs out there are adopted, it's uncaring and selfish to breed dogs for profit.
Jul 23, 2007 crazyredheadedwoman
Franzene is very cute! I have a five year old female Bichon named Indie that is one of the best things to ever happen to me. A tip I learned on dealing with the red tear stains: make sure your food has no red dye in it. It made all the difference for my girl. Enjoy your beautiful dog!
Jul 23, 2007 Smudge1001
She is the cutest little girl!!!! I just love the face in this pic
Jul 23, 2007 JayNizzy
Too sweet. They kinda look alike. lol
Jul 23, 2007 mperlet
Gotta love the toilet paper pics!!
Jul 23, 2007 DogMom
Lovely, lovely little girl dog. Enjoy her! She is perfect.
Jul 23, 2007 LabMom
Although I am partial to big dogs, Franzene is too adorable not to comment on! She is precious. Craney808- get a grip! I take offense to your preaching. I rescued TWo of my dogs from animal control and BOUGHT ONE FROM A BREEDER because I fell in love with him. This does not make me a bad owner, nor does it negate the good that I did in rescuing my two! I do not care about your opinion, and neither should Franzene's mom. Get over yourself. All dogs, either rescues or breeder dogs need GOOD homes and it looks as if Franzene has exactly that! Get off your soapbox, you are nothing but an attention seeker! Franzene's mom: Best of luck to the both of you! Enjoy a long, happy life together. XOXOXO
Jul 23, 2007 roscoeroxypepper
I love her!!!!!!!!!
Jul 23, 2007 piobaire
Terrorist in the works, I can tell!!
Jul 23, 2007 Andytg
i love her she is soooooooooooooo cute
Jul 23, 2007 db
Well, Franzene's mom, it is evident to me that you simply spoil your little baby with much love!!!! What a precious little one you have.

I have to agree with the one person who commented that she has to respect a gal who is sooooooo bad, she falls asleep in the middle of the mess!!! I think the two photos of Little Franzene with the toilet paper should always go together because they tell such a great story!

Thanks for taking the time to share your photos! It always brightens my day to see so many little souls loved so much.
Jul 23, 2007 DogyLvr
What cuties!
Jul 23, 2007 3dogmom
Your baby takes me back to the day I picked out my Bichon. My husband had given her to me for my birthday two years ago but she wasn't going to be ready for three weeks. I picked my Lily because of all the pups to choose from she liked to be held. Now between my golden retriever and my cocker mix the bichon rules. She sits with me and sleeps with me and she's a great cuddler. I hope you enjoy yours and much as I enjoy mine. Wait until she get old enought to start grooming and getting that great bichone hair cut! They are sooooooo cute.
Jul 23, 2007 akprincess72
I'm a big dog (prejudiced towards one breed even) gal, but your little Franzene looks like a firecracker! So cute! You showed excellent planning in finding a dog compatible with your lifestyle. Very responsible! Glad to hear she has grown up happy & loved. Please give ear-rubs to her & her brother!
Jul 23, 2007 Msgreyeyes
What a typical puppy action! LOL What a cutie :-)
Jul 23, 2007 postiemayer
okay, out of respect for Franzenes mom, I wont say all that I want to, but I resent the comment that what I meant by some people wanting a specific dog or thinking they might be unable to deal with pre-made problems disgusting is totally wrong. I am a true dog lover, have only had one dog that wasn't picked up as a stray or a mixed breed and the one that was purchased from a pet store, my husband bought. My next dog will be a rescue dog. I just want to say, that with politics and religion, (and obviously on this site) one cannot push their opinions on others. Let it be for God's sake and enjoy the puppies. We all know the horrors of puppy mills and back yard breeders, but we can't help but love our kids, no matter where they came from and how they came into our lives.
Jul 24, 2007 DogMom
Franzene is a beautiful little girl who looks like she has a life full of fun and adventure (along w/her brother). Enjoy your beautiful little girl!
Jul 24, 2007 lovedogs321
she's such a cutie! i live in an apartment and am looking for a small dog that wouldn't need to always be in a yard and can fit into an apartment lifestyle. i noticed you said you live in a condo. was she easy to train and housebreak?
Jul 24, 2007 Yankee-7
Whoever's editing this site isn't doing a very good job at all. I didn't write anything wrong - all I did was to disagree with someone, and they took my comment out! Why?
Anyhow, very sweet puppy, thanks for rescuing her, and if anyone really wants to see a debate about puppy mills, leave it to the heated one on Ginger the Shih Tzu Mix and don't ruin any other puppy's page. :)
Jul 24, 2007 Julia
Just to let people know: bichons are, in fact, made from sugar. It's true. When you get them wet, that fuzz melts away and reveals a pinkish, delicious, tiny, doggie-shaped piece of candy. :) I miss my bichon. She was my first baby and the her loss will never stop hurting.

Also, there are responsible breeders who take great care in placing their dogs with good homes AND who take great pains to produce healthy animals. I am VERY against puppy mills, but I feel like criticizing someone harshly is a little bit like telling a pregnant woman that she should have adopted. I will never buy a dog again, but I also live where there are many breed-specific rescues to choose from. Check out the web for some bichon rescue groups, btw! Many dogs are given up for reasons that have more to do with the owners than the dogs, so don't assume that adopted dogs are "damaged goods"

To Franzene's mom: She looks just like my little Jill did, but Jill had a bigger nosie. I have almost the SAME PICTURE of myself with her that you have with your (daughter?). It brought tears to my eyes, but they were happy tears. Seeing her go at that TP also reminded me of Jill's first act as our new puppy: she promptly licked me and then peed on my little sister's Richard Scarry puzzle. She tinkled right on Lowly worm and Busytown Airport.
Jul 25, 2007 Lizanne
Hi, Your Franzene is a sweetie. I love her and hope you enjoy her for many happy days. What a little mischief maker, but hey, if you like T Paper, whats the big deal.:)

Elizabeth & Miss Katie=O)
Jul 25, 2007 Frecky
You dont know what you are talking about, the bichon is orignated from the belgium water spaniel a unique hunting / retrieving breed.

They need lots of exercise, nd love playing in water,and you will soon see and experiance the "Bichon buzz" and you should have got 2 puppies as they will become sullen when left alone, they love human company and interaction

I have 3 bichons ,2 girls and a boy
Jul 25, 2007 x-lab_lover-x
its a good job shes cute otherwise there could be BIG trouble...........
Jul 26, 2007 kathyd125
uh oh, I think i'll buy some stock in Charmin! What a cutie!
Jul 31, 2007 Medora88
Princess Franzene, I have a 13 year oold Bichon and she still shreads TP. you have a great little princess and a great breed. As far a the kids my turned out to be a great kids dog but she really loves her mommy. Kisses and hugs to the "Princess"
Aug 18, 2007 vllybllstar
all of the pics are adorable! this one (if its not there, its the one that looks like she has a head and nothing else) made me crack up!
special mention to the plant and TP pics
Aug 28, 2007 Lizanne
Sweet little baby. Hugs to Franzine :)
Sep 13, 2007 RockStarFrenchy
The dog isn't that cute (I'm not a fan of any of the "fluffball" breeds), but that adorable little girl makes up for it!! She's precious!!!!
Nov 25, 2007 sasha11
you've got a precious girl on your hands. she looks really sweet, and she's super adorable!
Jul 14, 2009 Cartoonification
OH ahaha! Bichon frises are great. so cute and curious. I love this puppy.
Oct 6, 2009 georgia04
Franzene is DARLING, I don't know what the above commentor was thinking when he/she said otherwise. Bichons are born to love and make their humans smile, and it sounds like that's exactly what Franzene does. If there was a DP of the year honor, I'd vote for her to win it. Enjoy your sweet Baby Bichon for many more years to come!
Apr 8, 2010 w102663
Firstly, I love your name "Franzene" it fits you perfectly!:) You are the cutest little munchkin with just the right amount of sass!!! 11+ biscuits for you along with hugs and kisses....
Oct 30, 2010 pelligrino
Franzene is adorable and this photo is hilarious!
Jan 9, 2011 pelligrino
Franzene is adorable, I would spoil her rotten, they all deserve to be! It sounds like she keeps you active and entertained. Have a long, happy and healthy life sweetheart.
Nov 7, 2012 sammy12 12
you are very lucky to have such a new buddy
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