Gibson the Shiba Inu

Puppy Breed: Shiba Inu

Gibson's dad says: Gibson's full name is Dr. Cornelius Gibson, but that's a little wordy when you're calling him, so we just go with Gibson. Or Gibbertons. Or Dr. Pups. His mom and I got him about five weeks ago from a litter of four puppies and so far he's proven to be a very mellow pup, although he loves to fetch if you get him going. He loves going for walks and playing in bushes and fountains. The knock on shibas is that they're wary of strangers, aggressive towards other dogs, and hard to train, but so far Gibson's been great. He loves meeting new people and other dogs and he's doing very well with "sit," "down," and "come." He loves to go under things -- the coffee table, chairs, the bed -- although he's starting to get so big he bumps his head when he runs under the bed. He's particularly cute in the morning when he likes to stretch and make all manner of funny yowls while he's waiting for breakfast. As a member of a somewhat uncommon breed, we've considered getting cards made up that say "Gibson, shiba inu, 25-30 lbs., born 3/13/07" so we won't have to go through the same explanation every time. It's more than made up for, though, by how popular he is around the neighborhood every time we go out.