Gijsje the Longhaired Daschund

Puppy Breed: Dachshund

We've adopted Gijsje from a shelter when he was about 4 months old. The little puppy was a bit shy but very friendly and we fell in love with him right away. So far he's been the most wonderful puppy one could wish for. He's sweet, playful and intelligent. His favorite thing in the whole world would be food and he will do anything for it. He also has a best pall, a kitten named Gucci who's about his age, they can play for hours, chasing each other or just wrestling over a toy. They are an odd but cute couple. Gijsje also loves to go for walks in the forest with us, his big sister, a great dane, and his other sister a lasaopsa. And like most dogs he loves to plunge into any pile of mud he can find. He's incredibly lovable and will lick your whole face when given a chance. We love him so much and I wouldn’t know what to do without him anymore