Saturday, July 26, 2014
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Jul 15, 2010 jabberwocki
What a beautiful face! I hope his forever home comes to pick him up soon.
Jul 15, 2010 Wheaten Terrier Lover
You two girls look like you are so much fun! Both of you look very similar almost like twins :) I love both of your sweet faces and your markings are very cute. I especially love those ears you have! Oh so adorable. I can very well see the Doberman Pinscher/Rottweiler in you two. I hope you find the perfect homes and families very soon! You deserve the best!
Jul 15, 2010 shortyww22
Gina and meena are both Beautiful pups.I'm sure someone will adopt them very soon.those faces are sooo cute.they look like maybe dobermen/shepherd cross to me with maybe a touch of hound in there as well.they sure are cute I wish them the best of luck in their new homes.kisses n hugs sweeties.
Jul 15, 2010 doggypro
What a gorgeous little girl u r. Be proud to be u sweetheart!!!!
Jul 15, 2010 sandee
Just beautiful !!!!! awwwwww :) Tons of kisses and hugs and treats sweetheart :)
Jul 15, 2010 pupfanatic
Shep rescue does it again. Thank you. This at this little imp...they'll be lining up for you, sweetheart.
Jul 15, 2010 bkregh
You sure are beautiful kids. I am glad you found a forever home and I pray so do your siblings. You are so precious. Lots of love forever.
Jul 15, 2010 mattysmom
You girls are adorable! I hope you both find wonderful families to love and spoil you soon. Thank you to the foster family for helping these sweet girls out.
Jul 15, 2010 Cambridge
I have a picture just like this with my own dog, however he is 100% 1/2 King Shepherd, and uncertain about mom. They will grow up to be the best dogs you could ever ask for, and very very loving.
Jul 15, 2010 merrylady11
Just sooooooo cute. You are going to grow up to be a very beautiful dog. Many hugs and kisses xxoo
Jul 15, 2010 lovethedogsallthetime
I want one of these girls - I am going to look at them They are gorgeous!!!
Jul 15, 2010 rea's mum
What beautiful girls, im sure someone will snap yopu up very quickly, lots of cuddles and belly rubs for you both xxx
Jul 15, 2010 guerrero's grandma
Gina & Meena, you two girls are such beauties, you look very sweet. I'd love to cuddle with you & love you all day long. Here's wishing you a loving forever home very very soon, filled with lots of head skritches & belly rubs & tons of kisses. Long & Happy & Healthy lives to both of you sweet girls
Jul 15, 2010 animalluvr110
Aw! They look so cute and innocent. I can't tell them apart. I hope that you settle in with a loving family that just adores you two. Because you deserve it. 11 biscuits for you Gina Meena! Wishing you a long and happy life! :-)
Jul 15, 2010 blackmoons
They look like shepard/rottie crosses to me (notice how the ears naturally want to go up a little... dobermans and rotties both have hanging ears so that had to come from somewhere). But regardless of what they are, they are both absolutely adorable and I wish them lots of love and happiness in whatever new home they find. Best of luck little ones!
Jul 15, 2010 Andiethewestie
Such Sweet Girls. Love.
Jul 15, 2010 jocie3
Simply beautiful girls! They look so sweet!
Jul 15, 2010 Ula
Lotsa cuddles all the way from South Africa!
Jul 15, 2010 amyliz
What's not to love about either of these sweet, beautiful girls? They are sure to find loving homes.
Jul 15, 2010 w102663
Pretty puppy girl! I pray that you and your sister's loving families come along very soon. oxoxox oxoxox
Jul 15, 2010 longislander
Awwww how sweet. I hope they find their forever homes really quickly.
Jul 15, 2010 Goldenmom58
Such beautiful sisters. Close observations shows me that one of you has lighter brown eyes than the other. No matter what, you are both too cute. I hope that you can go home together. There is nothing like sisterly love. Lots of fur strokes and ear rubs to you both.
Jul 15, 2010 pelligrino
Look at the sweetness and love in those eyes. She will be a great friend to a lucky forever home. Some kids would be ideal. I hope you find your happy, healthy family that will take good care of you.
Jul 15, 2010 pelligrino
Look at the sweetness and love in those eyes. She will be a great friend to a lucky forever home. Some kids would be ideal. I hope you find your happy, healthy family that will take good care of you.
Jul 15, 2010 Abby-lou'sMommy
These girls look so much like my shelter rescue dobbie/rottie mix, who is the SWEETEST dog I've ever had. I know these angels will make the people lucky enough to take them home very happy!
Jul 15, 2010 malawi
Beautiful young ladies! Best of homes for you both and hope you don't have to wait long
Jul 15, 2010 Coinshop
Oh what an adorable face. I hope Gina and Meena find their forever homes soon! So sweet.
Jul 15, 2010 pfordeb
Such cute puppies. Hope someone scoops them both up really quickly (together?!?)
Jul 15, 2010 doglover456
love the pics!hope they get adopted!
Jul 15, 2010 annie08
awww they r sooo cute, though i cant c the difference between them. im sure they will find a loving forever home very soon!!=)
Jul 15, 2010 Reacher Girl
Beautiful photos. May they find loving forever homes soon!
Jul 15, 2010 Sucker for Strays
Awww...absolutely adorable. I believe they're lab/doberman mix though. Don't really see Rottie in them, but they have the classic lab soft eyes!!!
Jul 15, 2010 Nikka
So sweet and lovable!
Jul 15, 2010 siun
i have no idea how to tell them apart! all i can tell is that their absolutely beautiful!!! their build is so perfect, so strong yet elegant! their ears are quite something!!! they kind of are pointy ears yet they still droop... interesting... i really do think they are absolutely perfect! i must say, i like mixes best... they have a lovely type of mixed breed, as rottweilers and Dobermans are really strong and lovely. most people think rottweilers are vicious, horrid little things, and some are vicious, horrid little things, but all the rottweilers and rottweiler mixes i know are absolute darlings! they wouldn't hurt a fly!!! they are really lovely!!! i am sure i would adopt Gina and Meena if i could, but sadly i can't... kisses for you, Gina! xxx! kisses for you too, Meena!xxx! love ya!!!
Jul 15, 2010 Malimom
Cheer up little one..your family is just around the corner. 3 cheers for Sheprescue and Foster families. Thats fun, hard, and rewarding!! Hope this day is your lucky day and you have lots of fun. from CA
Jul 15, 2010 The Raven
Are there really two dogs photographs here? They or she are adorable. They, or she, look just like my bicolor German Shepherd Dog, The Raven. Except Rav's ears are up, way up. Big feet, they are going to be big adorable girls. Good luck finding your forever home(s) you are darling puppy girls. Long life! Great health! and a happy family to love you.
Jul 15, 2010 goldenlover
Beauties !!
Jul 15, 2010 coonhoundmama
You girls are so sweet and marked just like your Mom and Dad, and our Black & Tan coonhound. I bet you are both fun to have around. Lots of tummy rubs, treats and years with a pack that will treat you right.
Jul 15, 2010 sedentarynomad
Absolutely heartwarming! I hope these girls find great forever homes...
Jul 15, 2010 jeksfcusa
What's not to love?????
Jul 15, 2010 luvlabsluvlife
Very sweet babies. Hope they find their forever homes.
Jul 15, 2010 A Merle and Me
How can you not love this face? I hope these beautiful girls get wonderful homes!
Jul 15, 2010 dogluvr123
Gina and Meena are sure to find a home soon! Rottweilers and dobermans can be very sweet dogs if you train them right. I just wish i can have both of these sweet, beautiful girls! Best of luck, Gina and Meena
Jul 15, 2010 ~Kazoo~
Beautiful :)
Jul 15, 2010 Taramore
Beautiful girls - how lovely if they could find a home together. I am sure the sad plea I read in this photo will not last long as some lucky person scoops them up.
Jul 15, 2010 sdv in slc
Love those ears! Gina and Meena are sure to get adopted quick!
Jul 15, 2010 DailyPuppy Admin
You two girls are precious! I hope someone takes you home soon. Lots of belly rubs for you girls.
Jul 15, 2010 laurielloyd
beautiful puppy. looks like penny, my childhood dog :)
Jul 15, 2010 Maxi's mum
You are adorable just like my Maxi, hope you find your perfect home very soon.Lots of love n Hugs
Jul 15, 2010 bestfriends
Lovely gals! Best of luck finding your perfect family soon. Enjoy long, happy lives filled with love and affection.
Jul 15, 2010 tzumom
What a sweetie. Here's to a quick forever home for both of you. Many hugs and pets.
Jul 15, 2010 Dog Master
Oh you two are just too cute! I'm sure that you'll go home to a wonderful family real soon!
Jul 15, 2010 ruthie
Such pretty little girls, they should have no problem getting a forever family soon.Wishing them long and happy and healthy lives with their families.
Jul 15, 2010 RubyJeansMom
I am in love with these girls! If I was looking to adopt right now I would take them in a second!
Jul 15, 2010 CrystalMax1214
You are absolutely precious! Those flowers look great with your fur color!
Jul 15, 2010 E.Cole
Jul 15, 2010 muttlover
Wow, what a pretty girl! They are going to be GORGEOUS dogs! I wish I could have one.
Jul 15, 2010 lucyny2000
Love-love-love the pure bred American Mutt! Difficult to chose a picture to comment on! These Dobbi-Rotties are sure to make someone's household a happy home! Blessings from NY
Jul 15, 2010 Candy&Chloe's mom
These puppies are beautiful dogs..they are going to be handsome adult dogs. I hope these two puppies find the perfect home, they look like everything you dream for in a puppy, these dogs will be extremely smart dogs, by the way.
Jul 15, 2010 sheila
Gina and Meena are beautiful and adorable. It took me awhile going back and forth between the pictures to figure out there really are two different dogs here. They are only going to get more gorgeous as they grow. Whoever gets these wonderful girls is so lucky!! I wish I lived close enough to drive and pick them up right now!!
Jul 15, 2010 sheila
I forgot to pick a picture - duh!! My two girl dogs would love to have a puppy playmate. Long and happy life to both Gina and Meena!!
Jul 15, 2010 Rio
Awwwww, Is all I can say. Nothing cuter.
Jul 15, 2010 lvlybbyJR
Jul 15, 2010 ebead
They look very grown-up for 14 weeks. And so beautiful! I'm sure they someone will fall in love with them very soon!
Jul 15, 2010 Oliver & Henry's Mum
There is some terrific loving in those eyes! There might even be a bit of Lab in these pups. They are lovely and I am sure they will find their loving forever homes soon. Hugs from Oliver & Henry, and their Mum, in London, Ontario
Jul 15, 2010 lotsapets
I also had to scroll back and forth before I could see that there were, indeed, 2 different dogs in these photos !! They are very sweet, and I know will find forever homes soon !!
Jul 15, 2010 2added2ours
OMG! What loves! The markings are heavenly and these love eyes are irresistible! Blessings and wonderful forever homes for these two.
Jul 15, 2010 Jose
Your both soooooooooooooooo cute I just want to give you hugs and kisses!
Jul 15, 2010 3saavik
I wish I could, but have 3 B.C.s already. I love those brown eyebrows and I hope whoever adopts them takes great care of them so they'll stay adorable forever!
Jul 16, 2010 puppy world#1
Jul 16, 2010 puppy world#1
Jul 16, 2010 slevinsmom
I don't know if this one is Gina or Meena, but I'm in love. Heck, I'm in love with them both. Precious angels!
Jul 16, 2010 honeypie
What a sweet gentle face. Someone will bring you home soon girls, just watch and see! God bless...
Jul 16, 2010 iluvk9s
Awww what a sweet face!!! I hope the two sweet cuddle bugs go to their forever home soon!! Endless cookies, kisses and hugs for Gina and Meena!!
Jul 16, 2010 Scamp's Grammy
Gina, you are a pretty little girl. I love your four tan stockings and your cute face markings. Hoping you will get a happy forever home real soon with lots of cuddles and biscuits from Scamp's Grammy.  0;  3;
Jul 16, 2010 dfrushon
Absolutely adorable!
Jul 16, 2010 ninjakarl13
Jul 17, 2010 rockford
AHHHHHHH! so cute love those markings! plz comment on my pups :)
Jul 17, 2010 lucybee
I love that mysterious Mona Lisa smile.I hope you girls find your forever people soon,I don't see how anyone cold resist those faces!
Jul 17, 2010 lynetz2
gina and meena: you are beautiful and i pray that you will find your forever family very soon - have a fun puppyhood and learn lots! you are so cute! lots of hugs and biscuits for you both!
Jul 19, 2010 keiko
What a cutie
Jul 20, 2010 tape33
aww! they're both so cute!
Jul 21, 2010 daisy josie
she is thee most adorablest puppy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
Jul 22, 2010 harpreet27
i only have one word ... ADORABLE! i am just giving you some advice, please do not keep these girls on sale you should keep them. trust me , i have a 5 1/2 month old rottweiler, and i have met many dobermans, they are bundles of fun..!And in my opinion , both breeds are the best guard dogs in the whole entire world. it would truely be a huge mistake to sell them to someone... and i dont think the separation of the two sisters would never be right. i just hope , where ever they might be , to live life to the fullest , and always stay happy :) plz!.. comment on my rottweiler!...
Jul 24, 2010 jster61
so cute
Jul 26, 2010 RheannaMarie
May 18, 2012 JanW
I hope that Gina and Meena found wonderful, loving homes. They are beautiful, sweet-looking girls and I'm sure are absolutely gorgeous now. Love and tummy rubs to both of them.
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