Ginger the Shih Tzu Mix

Puppy Breed: Unknown

Ginger's sister says: Ginger is a shih tzu/Maltese/Yorkshire terrier mix. She is a very energetic little girl. When we first met Ginger, we had no intention of buying a puppy. We were simply looking at the new puppies in the pet store. Ginger was giving us kisses through the window of her cage. We asked to hold her, and when we did, Ginger instantly bonded with my grandmother. She cuddled up right by her neck and she wouldn't move. Ginger is a very small puppy. When we first bought her, she could fit in a shoe box! She has a whole basket of toys but, like most dogs, she has a favorite, her frog. She likes to lie on top of her frog and bite one ear. Then she puts each paw on one side of the frog and "scrunches" her paws. Very entertaining! Ginger is playful, friendly, and a cute little bundle of fun. She enjoys going for walks, playing with her frog, and most of all being with her best pet pal, Beanie (my dog, a pug/Chihuahua mix). We are all very lucky to have Ginger in our lives. She will brighten up even our darkest days!