Greta the Border Collie Mix

Puppy Breed: Border Collie / Mixed

Greta is a border collie mix that we got from a shelter two months ago. She was quite shy at first, but is now very much a part of the family. Just this week, she had her first trips to trails, beaches and dog parks. Greta is extremely smart and has already learned many tricks--sit, stay, down, off, carry, come, bring, drop it, and roll over (well, she's still working on that last one). One of her favorite things to do is to play with more than one toy at a time. She can carry her ball and her soft Frisbee at the same time, and it is easy to tell that she is very proud of this! Her favorite toy is a large stuffed octopus that she wrestles and gets tangled in. When we take her out of her kennel, she makes adorable Snoopy-like noises, especially when she yawns. We are so lucky to have found such a wonderful puppy!