Gus the Mixed Breed

Puppy Breed: Beauceron / Cardigan Welsh Corgi

My fiance and I recently adopted little Gus from an animal shelter a couple hours away from where we live. We have another dog and we have been wanting to get her a playmate for a long time now. I had constantly been looking for puppies everywhere, but none of them felt like the right fit, until I came across Gus on Petfinder. He is the sweetest dog and he has been super easy to train. He has gotten extremely attached to his new family and especially loves his big sister dog. We are not 100% sure of what Gus's breed is, but think he is definitely Australian cattle dog and maybe a Corgi mix. We plan on getting him genetically tested, just because we are really curious. As we have had him, his colors have started to change and he has gotten patches that resemble the cattle dog. His nicknames are: Goose, Goodles, Gooseldorf, etc. He loves being outside and chasing his big sister around the yard. He and his sister like to play tug of war with sticks and they like to see who is fastest to run after a ball in the backyard (big sister always wins).