Thursday, July 24, 2014
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Sep 7, 2007 tammatha
Wow, he is an eleven and so beautiful however, I have to say PLEASE rescue and or adopt your saving a life!
Sep 7, 2007 ee1izzie
How winsome yet noble he is. Do I detect some mischief in those big eyes? And what about those adorably crossed paws!
Sep 7, 2007 ee1izzie
Well I seem to have sent the picture-fetching program into the ozone but I selected the second photo where he is being demure or maybe batting away an invading squeaky toy.

Sep 7, 2007 allgodscritters
Beautiful, sweet sleeping baby~~ Enjoy and love this very special boy. I have only recently met my first Vizsla and they are amazing!
Gus is a beautiful baby and very photogenic. Please give him a big hug and belly scratch from me. :)
Sep 7, 2007 twister
We have 2 Vislers at my local dog beach and they are gorgeous

man that is one cute puppy
Sep 7, 2007 madziajk
He is simply adorable! Kisses to Gus!
Sep 7, 2007 madziajk
He is simply adorable! Kisses to Gus!
Sep 7, 2007 jojo
[color=orange]Gus is awesome! Looks satiny smooth. Enjoy all the bounding energy! And what an expressive face, says I love you a million ways! [/color]
Sep 7, 2007 basiboo
I love this photo, so cute, he is such a gorgeous colour. Millions of cuddles to Gus
Sep 7, 2007 maddie's mom
I love Vizslas!!! Gus is beautiful. I am happy for your family you will have so much fun with him.
Sep 7, 2007 sandi
I hope this pic show up (looks like some problems) this is the one with this little feet crossed. He is soooo cute! Just adorable. I want to just pet and pet those ears. What a cute nose. And I just love that little worried-look brow. Oh , I could play with him and give belly rubs for hours. :)
Sep 7, 2007 doggieaunt
Sep 7, 2007 Coleypants
Gosh I LOVE the breed.....Do they come in any other colours??
Just beautiful!!
Don't hate me for saying this but I'm a big Pit Bull fan and this breed kinda reminds me of them but cross with something
Sep 7, 2007 sue
hes beautiful
Sep 7, 2007 FireHorse
What a serious little fellow! I love his wrinkled brow. He is beautiful and looks like a wonderful dog. Please give him a big cuddle from me.
Sep 7, 2007 Geordie he should be your pride and joy. He is beautiful!
Sep 7, 2007 kishanabear
ok, if he were my pooch he'd never sleep!!! i would be kissing him and hugging him awake all the time:)

is anyone noticing problems w/this page? text/pic crossover and cut off text above the comments???
Sep 7, 2007 cyndersmama
He is adorable! He looks so silky soft! Give him a wee cuddle for me!
Sep 7, 2007 Woofins
Lovely colour coat, designer puppy! you are beautiful
Sep 7, 2007 PIPPIN
Gus, you are a very handsome boy, with a beautiful shiny coat. I just love the way your ears shape around your face.
Sep 7, 2007 doriesmom
Gus is just very handsom!!!! What nice poses. Love this one as this is what our Brittiany, Molly, does at the railing around our sunken living room. She loves to play with our little dogs, but can hurt them. So they come see her when she has her head through the rail ;-). Best of luck with Gus. May he bring much joy and love into your household. A long and happy life, Gus!! Just adorable.
Sep 7, 2007 Grandma Helen of CT
I don't know anything about the breed, but he look like a lot of fun to be with, so smooth and all that loose skin. It looks like he is going to be a big dog. Luv him ........
Sep 7, 2007 honeygreeneyes
Sep 7, 2007 sandrahender
[b][i][color=blue]Your photos are INCREDIBLE! I had such a hard time choosing...I love the one with the crossed paws, and all the rest...[/b][/i][/color][b][i][color =red][u]and for the 14,000,000th TIME....WHEN YOU WANT A PUPPY, YOU GET THAT PUPPY FROM WHEREVER YOU PLEASE! ALL Dogs and pups need a home where they will be loved and cared for, REGARDLESS of where they originate from![/b][/i][/color][/u]
[b][i][color=blue]GUS is BEAUTIFUL, and I LOVE HIS BEAUTIFUL FACE! He would be kissed a billion times a day with me...I love him! I think it's those precious wrinkles above the eyes that give this particular breed that "most precious" look. You have got to wonder what they are thinking when you see those expressive eyes and the way they focus on you or whatever they are looking at! I can tell what my babies want just by the looks on their faces; by the way they look at me and/or bark at the same time. When my precious Brittany wants to go peepee, he will get his face as close to mine as he can and stare into my eyes and let out this plaintive is just too precious!
Gus is really very beautiful. Give him tons of kisses and hugs from me and you are an incredible photographer too![/b][/i][/color]
Sep 7, 2007 Jenny Yorke
This is one lovely puppy! So laid back & confident; breeding shows!
Sep 7, 2007 love my yellow lab
Gus you are so handsome :)
Love your big ears and paws too!
Many hugs and belly rubs.
Sep 7, 2007 DogMom
Gus -- you are the most handsome Visla Ever!!!! OMG, he is so cute, I can hardly stand it. WHat a beautiful boy. He looks like he has a bit of the devil in him tho! What fun you must have with this wonderful little mandog.
Sep 7, 2007 GeniaNC
I met my first Visla last week at the dog park - actually, my first two as there was a puppy and an adult. I fell in love. What beautiful dogs. I have a lab mix and thought he was graceful to look at but Vislas are a whole different league. Gus - you are a handsome young man. Be good for mom and dad and give them big sloppy puppy kisses every chance you get.
Sep 7, 2007 yoliesf
He is stunningly georgeous!!!!!!!!!!! I'm in love. Enjoy!
Sep 7, 2007 Mummm
Gus is such a beautiful dog! I can imagine that you love him a lot.

(and any dog needs a good home, not just the ones in shelters!)
Sep 7, 2007 maddie's mom
i decided not to respond to tammatha this earlier morning so as not to ruin this family's page like all the other times this turned into a debate.
this website is about sharing the puppies we love.
nothing else.
Sep 7, 2007 pointermom
We also have a Vizsla - Zoli, almost 7 years old, and he is the most amazing dog in the world! These guys are quite human! They watch TV, have long conversations with you (not barking - they try to mouth words!), and don't act like dogs at all (our guy is not an alpha dog yet he is respected and treated like a king by our other dogs, both of whom try to lead our pack - but that's another story!)

Thank you for sharing these beautiful puppy pics! We got Zoli when he was six months old and missed this phase of his little puppy-ness! Gus is spectacularly beautiful! Kisses to gus from all of us!
Sep 7, 2007 caseyanddavesmom
What a sweet boy !!!!!! Along and happy and healthy and playful life to you. All dogs from anywhere rule, because dogs are the best !!!!!
Sep 7, 2007 thetopazsmurf
He is a Handsom little man..11+++ Buiscuts..
Sep 7, 2007 bopeep
Gus is a prescious, gorgeous baby. I love his shiny, silky coat. Gus may love the water, but I see no resemblance to a hippo anywhere. Manyt happy years with your Gus. Hugs, kisses and 11 biscuits.
Sep 7, 2007 daisy'smom
what a face! i've never heard of this breed before, but he sure is adorable! congratulations =)
Sep 7, 2007 rexandbaby
I just love how he looks at the world with such curiosity! I love the line about him being part Hippo! 11 biscuits from me too!
Sep 7, 2007 Terry C
He is adorable....and yes, people shouldn't be made to feel guilty because they chose to get their puppy from a source that is not approved of by true believers.

Yes, puppy mills ARE bad, but the preaching becomes tiresome.
Sep 7, 2007 Terry C
Gus has purty eyes.
Sep 7, 2007 Mary V
What a beautifil animal! He will wear you out! I love him!
Bucky and Bailey's Mom-
Sep 7, 2007 Terry C

Nothing wrong with being a pit bull fan. Those dogs get an undeserved bad rap because some of the owners are morons.
Sep 7, 2007 franzie99
What a gorgeous bundle of love!
Sep 7, 2007 franzie99
GORGEOUS!! Such a beautiful breed that you don't see very often!
Sep 7, 2007 pauleenm
What a sweet face. I love his expressions.
Sep 7, 2007 jo
Huge paws, wrinkled brow, beautiful eyes--what a combination! Who couldn't love Gus? What an adorable puppy! He sounds like a wonderful ball of fun. I hope you have many happy times together.

I, too, love to see people adopt from shelters, wish more people would do it, and encourage people to do so. But wherever he came from, Gus is one adorable puppy dog! If there were an option for more biscuits, he'd get them all!
Sep 7, 2007 tngirl532003
What a beautiful boy! I love the breed. Have many wonderful years of unconditional love. 11 biscuits!
Sep 7, 2007 moviefreak
I have never seen a vizla in person, but we have a weim, vizla's cousin! Gus is absolutely adorable! And as far as the everlong debate of shelter vs. breeder adoption, I have only one thing to say...Would you degrade someone for having a child of their own instead of adopting?

But that said, enjoy your Gus as I know you are going to. He is handsome and I'm sure he knows it!
Sep 7, 2007 shellyrini
Gus Boy you are awesome!!
You are so expressive and it is so hard to just choose one picture.
They are all great. Your eyes, ears and nose I just want to kiss all over. I love your big chunky paws too.
You are gorgeous. 11+ treats for you.
Sep 7, 2007 jimandtrishp
I can feel how soft he is right through the computer!
What a cute baby.
Sep 7, 2007 puppypac
Ah ha! I noticed his blue bone says "ANGUS" Wonderfully hansome fellow that Gus Angus! And of course I too love the paws crossed over pic. :-)
Sep 7, 2007 pomtzu
Please quit the preaching - this isn't the place for it. All pups need a good home and it doesn't matter where you obtain one as long as you give it the love and care that it deserves.

Gus - be careful where you stick that cute head - you just might get stuck!! Get out of there and munch on the 11 biscuits that I sent.
Sep 7, 2007 DebbyD
OMG! What a precious baby!!! I love the red nose, and his beautiful hazel eyes! A million puppy cookies for you Gus! You are a beauty! Here's wishing you and your family many happy, healthy, wonderful years of love.
Sep 7, 2007 WeLoveBeagles
He is beautiful! What a sweetie! Where would we be without the fabulous breeds of dogs such as the Vizlas and others?
Sep 7, 2007 webbcues
Now that is one sweet lookin' puppy!
He will be a great friend, I'm sure :):):)
Lottsa love and play....
Sep 7, 2007 Jennb3
This picture makes me want to send you a bunch of icecream!!!!!!!! I wouldnt be able to say no. What a beautiful boy you are Gus!! Love your Mommy and Daddy tons!!!
Sep 7, 2007 kikilovespuppies
What's better than a puppy with green eyes?

<3 adorable!!!
Sep 7, 2007 Yorkie Girl
I had never paid much attention to Vizlas; ony seen them TV in dog shows; but he is sooooo cute. He has such an expressive face. I am sure he gets plenty of loving.
Sep 7, 2007 olgadabest
[color=blue] Gus is puppylicious! I especially love the pose in this pic and the others are great also.[/color]
Sep 7, 2007 fourbaddogs
I have a Gus - mine's a yellow lab and both Gussies have sweet, sweet faces! And I just backspaced out of a long comment about adopting and/or buying dogs because it's no ones business how you came about owning your baby - what's important is that you love and care for your baby-----and that you put Gus on Grown up puppy when he's grown so we can see how majestic he grew up! I love him - knock over the cookie jar!!! ;-)
Sep 7, 2007 3dogmom
What a handsome boy. He'll be a stunning dog when he is full grown. Congrats and the best to you. Many many happy biscuits to you Gus
Sep 7, 2007 gador
I'v not seen this breed before, he is beautiful. lots of
hugs and loves for Gus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sep 7, 2007 2doggies
This is such a sweet faced baby... I just can't stand how handsome he is.... Enjoy this baby!!!
Sep 7, 2007 ceallaig
What a handsome baby! I've never met a Visla in person, but I've heard wonderful things about them. Many happy years and long life to him and his loving parents!

The pups on this page are LOVED, no matter where they came from, and that is all that matters -- please put away the soapbox!
Sep 7, 2007 postiemayer
hmm.....all that rough housing at the dog park must have messed up my manicure. Beautiful dog, great photos, if it comes thru, picked the crossed paws one but was also going to pick the one with the head thru the railings. Looks like he wants to say, if I am a good boy, can I come down and get my ice cream now! Enjoy this little guy.
Sep 7, 2007 pugswill
I never saw a dog with eyebrows! I love it! A former co-worker raised and showed Viszlas but none as cute as Gus. What a sweetie. Enjoy your life together.
Sep 7, 2007 txmadre
Hmmmm, wait! Was that the freezer door? ICE CREAM!!

What a beauty Gus is. I love his color and his expressive face. Lots of hugs and kisses!
Sep 7, 2007 bongo
Gus is gorgeous! I've never seen a puppy-sized Vizsla before--I like how his ears are big before he himself is big! His coloring is lovely. He looks like he has a sense of humor. I wish you many happy years of fun!
Sep 7, 2007 ellygh
He's so handsome and oh so photogenic!!!!!! I love this breed. He has such expression in those eyes, those wrinkles, and in his posture. Who could resist that face??? Enjoy your baby!!
Sep 7, 2007 symbrian
Gus is an absolute cutie!!

He's a very lucky pup - definitely 11 bones for you! :)
Sep 7, 2007 bopeep
Love this picture, and another 11 biscuits.
Sep 7, 2007 sjh
I have never heard or seen of this breed before, but they are beautiful. I love the forehead wrinkles and all of his expressions. Too cute for words. My baby also loves ice cream. She is a fan of the Frosty Paws Peanut Butter. There is nothing better then seeing a puppy with leftover ice cream on their nose. It makes me laugh ever time. Lots of love, hugs and kisses to Gus!!
Sep 7, 2007 Sandi Resendez
I have not seen this breed before. He is intriguing. Red from nose to tail. Very pretty and sleepy looking.
Sep 7, 2007 tazjt
What a precious baby!
Sep 7, 2007 bayley's mom
Wow....another breed I had never heard of before I found the Daily Puppy. I've really, really been missing out on all these beautiful breeds!! Gus is absolutely gorgeous! Have fun with your beautiful boy!
Sep 7, 2007 nechtangel
What an absolute stunner! Seriously far to pretty to be a boy.
Sep 7, 2007 casey's mom
Such beautiful eyes on such a gorgeous pup! Love Gus up and enjoy him!
Sep 7, 2007 Rena1955
I just love this little handsome fella! His eyes and coloring are just BEAUTIFUL. The entire box of biscuits for him.So many great photos, it was difficult to choose one.
Sep 7, 2007 sassymiles
Gus! What a handsome puppy!!!
Sep 7, 2007 lalamcgoo
Oh Gus you are such a handsome fella, very regal in some of your pics! I too have a Weimie-a cousin to the Vizsla, they look exactly alike except for the colors, so beautiful. A word of warning to your owners-people will stop you constantly to tell you how beautiful your dog is!! I give Gus 11 treats of course, and several kisses on that cute wrinkled up forehead and adorable snout. On a different note-I know folks mean well but please try to remember this isnt a forum for opinion about where we we should buy pets but a place to let owners know how beautiful there precious dogs are.
Sep 7, 2007 jowaldo
Once again, another precious puppy's page has been tainted by people who refuse to get off their soap boxes and stop preaching. Like the others say above..........stop. Gus and every other dog on this planet all deserve to be loved. It is so aggravating that we cannot enjoy this site for the purpose it was intended!!!

Gus you are a charmer!!! You have such beautiful expressions! You deserve 11 thousand biscuits!! I'm sure you will keep your mom and dad in stitches for years to come!!!
Sep 7, 2007 beth
...beautiful puppy!!!
Sep 7, 2007 tomkazoo
Gus is a charmer. He even likes boy dogs! :) Go get 'em, Gus!
Sep 7, 2007 yujismom
kisses on your beautiful sleepy little head, gus!
Sep 7, 2007 bordercrazed
Oh...the wrinkles! and the eyes! Adorable.

How about we worry about spaying/neutering the dogs we love, thereby preventing the shelter pups to begin with?

T-Stop making people miserable and enjoy the puppies. Ever heard of the SNL skit "Debbie Downer"?
Sep 7, 2007 dogcopper
What a beauty! ENJOY!!!
Sep 7, 2007 LucyB
This is a breed I've only seen on the dog shows but they are so gorgeous.Such a beautiful color. Are they related to Weimeraners? ( which I just spelled wrong, oops!) That's another breed I adore. Anyway, lovely dog, congratulations on your happy pup, I wish you a long and joyful life together.
Sep 7, 2007 liz
It was a harmless opinion to adopt - I don't see why it would make anyone "miserable" and it certainly does not detract from the cuteness of Gus!
It makes some people sick that that so many dogs are killed in shelters and it does matter to them where you get your puppy. She has a right to her opinion and can say it wherever she wants - including here...Gus is adorable like all the puppies on this site.
Sep 7, 2007 plantsforjenny
I loce those puppy feet!
Sep 7, 2007 PD
What an adorable puppy Gus is. 11 million biscuits for this guy. Pamper your puppy, he's worth it..
Sep 7, 2007 ilghad
Oh my gosh, he is toooooo handsome, what a blessing he must be to you. Please give him an extra doggie kiss for me :0)
Sep 7, 2007 piobaire
Aw, Angus has such a sad looking face. But I bet it's a ploy for treats and such. Give him a big tummy rub and many years of fun and love to you!
Sep 7, 2007 guido's mama
Little Angus might be the most beautiful pup pup in the whole world!!! 7000 bisquits. Just precious. Have a wonderful joyful, healthy, long life with him. xoxo
Sep 7, 2007 guido's mama
and...hard to pick a fav.
Sep 7, 2007 deevine
What a beautiful puppy! Those eyes just scream what he is thinking; new meaning to "puppy dog eyes"! Vizla dogs are very rare. Don't think I've ever seen one as a puppy. Our Boston Terriers have eyebrows too. Gus looks like he is wanting to tell you everything!!!!! 1,000,000 kisses and treats!
Sep 7, 2007 DougM
Looks like he has a lot on his mind, but extremely cute and certainly "11-biscuit-worthy". Hey Gus, you're a puppy, you don't need to worry about anything! hi TK
Sep 7, 2007 chocopuppies
oh my goodness. I'm in love with Gus! If you need a babysitter, just ask.

I've wanted a low dander family dog, and recently learned a lot about vizsla's... the research first started when I saw a beautiful vizsla on I plan on moving to the suburbs and then buying a family dog. But I've heard that it's best to have a LOT of space if you have a vizsla... so I'm thinking about getting a lab instead. Do you think it's doable to have a vizsla and take them to the dog park every day, or do they have a much higher energy level then labs?
Sep 7, 2007 Lizanne
You are truly a beautiful Visla. His eyes are soooooo expressive and full of who knows what???
Your photos are exquisite. Love YOU, Gus. Hugs from Miss Katie =O)
Sep 7, 2007 doggone1973
This is the first i have heard of this breed but he is quite adorable. I mean really who could not love that face.LOL Hugs and kisses daily for Gus! And don't forget the ice cream treats! LOL
Sep 7, 2007 bbba80
I love this pose. Cute pics. I don't know anything about this breed, but will go look them up now. How cute!
Sep 7, 2007 kukie
How did you ever get the pic him sleeping! He sounds like he is on the go constantly...what a honey!!!

I have a nephew cat named Gus (angus) he is a great kitty
tammatha - go somewhere else with your comments!!! Get own your dog.
Sep 7, 2007 mkesj
Gus is a handsome lad and looks like a lot of fun. For the record, there are not enough shelter dogs to provide homes for all the people who want dogs. There is nothing wrong with wanting to train your own dog from scratch. A good friend of mine has a wonderful rescued dog, but he doesn't pass judgement on others who prefer to raise their own dogs. You get plenty of doggy love either way. Gus is a beautiful Vizsla, and I hope you get as much joy from him as he will from you.
Sep 7, 2007 sylvanbliss
I'm pleased to learn that this worried expression is only due to the freezer opening! When I see this much loose skin it makes me want to pet him in a way that will make it all wiggle. "It's got to be jelly 'cause jam don't shake like that!"

I knew a pair of Vizslas that were always digging out of their yard and running about. You could say they're a high energy dog. Dogs don't need space as much as they need exercise and something to do.

Angus is as pretty as a new penny!
Sep 7, 2007 Mom2Max
He's so expressive!!! Too sweet!!! Love him!!!
Sep 7, 2007 ads3w
Teensiest tip of tongue in this picture - I love it! Gus is a handsome little man!

Chocopups - to share my experience - I have a high-energy young lab and live in a condo apartment with a dog park close by. We run together and play ball and I have a dog walker to breakup the work day when he's home alone. I'm very happy with how he's doing. I think that if you take the time to exercise your dog (no matter what breed or size) then it doesn't matter so much how big your house or yard is! Good luck whatever you decide!
Sep 7, 2007 Skatewiz
Such a BEAUTIFUL pup!!! ABSOLUTELY adorable! Many happy years together!!

Tammatha... GIVE IT A REST!! We all understand what you are talking about... Sometimes it doesn't work that way... Get over yourself... seriously.
Sep 7, 2007 Angus
Thank you so much for the overwhelming nice comments, to answer Coleypants's question, they come in just the Golden Rust color, some are darker than others, Gus is the darkest one I have seen so far

It's ok if you don't have a yard or a big house. Gus is pretty mellow in side the house, as long as he gets play time at the dog park, he is a happy dog

Thanks so much
Gus's mom
Sep 7, 2007 cwood800
Gus is very charming and beautiful. Have a wonderful life with him and thanks for sharing the little guy with us.

To ColeyPants: Using the search feature on Daily Puppy, look up "Chance". He is our pit bull, and he's a sweetheart.
Sep 7, 2007 Yankee-7
Aww! What a beautiful dog!
You know, after I noticed that by her annoying preaching habits Tammatha even got her own subject in the forum, the topic similar to, "get this crazy woman off the site? I really thought that she had just gone away and left us dog lovers in peace. Well, I guess I was wrong - guys, just ignore Tammatha. And Tammatha, if you REALLY want to preach, and you actually think people care, go onto the forum and do it. Not here.
Sep 7, 2007 magnoliasmom
I really don't know this breed but I do see the resemblence to Weimers and I just love those dogs. Gus is a real beauty and I give him 11 bones and more if I could. Have many wonderful years with your darling Gus.
Sep 7, 2007 barbaranne423
The pup is gorgeous and please tell Gus that people do not mean to be so rude and steal his thunder by advertising their own opinions!
You are a gorgeous boy and just seeing your sweet face has made my day brighter.
Sep 7, 2007 dancinghorse
Gus - short for Angus. How sweet he is.
Sep 7, 2007 dancinghorse
Gus - short for Angus. How sweet he is.
Sep 7, 2007 dancinghorse
Gus - short for Angus. How sweet he is.
Sep 7, 2007 birdygirl
What a beautiful boy! I love his wrinkles. ;-0
Sep 7, 2007 LisaLisa
Gus is a character! It looks like he's a cool dude just hanging out!
Oh, what a little sweetheart he is. Very handsome indeed! :-)
Sep 7, 2007 becca
He is a beauitful pup. Have many years of happiness and love with him.
Sep 7, 2007 Brava97
Are those green eyes? With red hair? I must get a Vizsla so we can be matching!
Sep 7, 2007 mbgame
We once had a beautiful Viszla next door.
She had won several dog show trophies and was so sweet and gentle. We fed her treats and loved on her and she would actually hug us back. Since her owners ignored her and underfed her she kept climbing the chain link fence to come visit us! We loved her visits, but her owners got mad at us for giving her some attrention.
They moved away and we still wonder if she is okay. She was really special, and we miss her. You have a wonderful dog, too, I can just tell!
Sep 7, 2007 Blackmoons
such a cutie!!! enjoy him!
Sep 7, 2007 gistuary
Quick question: Where in gus' story does it mention him being from a breeder? And if he was from one, I hate that some people feel the need to judge.

Anyway, I've recently fallen in love with weimers, and Gus reminds me of one---Vizslas are so awesome, too! Very cute pictures here. 11 from me.
Sep 7, 2007 jenpdx21
Puppies need homes no matter where they come from; breeders, shelters, rescues, etc. If people do not adopt from breeders, those pups will end up in the shelters anyway! This is not a place to criticize those who do not live up to your expectations. It is about puppies, puppies, and oh wait...puppies. It is not about YOU! I thing Gus is beautiful and I am happy to see he has such a wonderful home!
Sep 7, 2007 jenpdx21
AND yeah...Where does it even say this boy was bought from a breeder. Tammatha needs to get her facts straight before she starts spouting her opinions, which no one cares about. We only care about the PUPPIES!
Sep 7, 2007 tazziesmom
Not sure what's happening here today but your puppy is beautiful.. He has amazing eyes...
Sep 7, 2007 KayJay
I agree this isn't the place for long political rants, but you don't have to respond so harshly to someone who leaves a brief, polite reminder once in a while. It never hurts to remind people... and if the demand is cut off, it will help the cause. I've only been coming here for a few months and have already seen several feature stories on Daily Puppies who are suffering from parvo (most probably purchased from pet stores or less-than-stellar breeders). People need to learn why this happens. It's not putting anyone down, it's just a friendly reminder. If you really, truly love animals you will take your head out of the sand and recognize that by ignoring the problem, more animals (and owners) will suffer.
Sep 7, 2007 pomtzu
Let me just say that KayJay is missing the point - this is not the place for reminders (which we don't need to be reminded of - we already know) - it's a place to share the joy of puppies. I adopted a kitten years ago from the local SPCA, and in 3 days it was dead. When I called them to report it I was told that all the cats had to be put down because of distemper, but no one ever called me to tell me I had taken home an infected kitten, and as a result my older indoor cat contracted it since he had not been vaccinated and I had to have him put down. So you see - there are "less than stellar" shelters too!! Enough said.
Sep 7, 2007 Puppylove13
Who couldn't love that face???? He'd get away with nearly anything with me!
Sep 7, 2007 lovemydogs
Such CUTENESS!!! He is a heartbreaker!!!!! This is a beautiful breed. Congratulations on your handsome young man with beautiful eyes. 11 cookies for Gus!
Sep 7, 2007 OneFlower
No politics here, just pure puppy love! :D Such a sweet face, love the wrinkles!
Sep 7, 2007 mling
I love Vizslas! What a fine purdy one Gus is! And are those green eyes I see? Green eyed dogs areeee the best! 11 biscuits for sure!
Sep 7, 2007 VizslaLuvR
What a beautiful Vizsla!! Gus, you go boy! A bundle of joy and energy. I have had 2 rescued Vizslas age 10 who died at age 15. I have raised 5 Vizsla puppies for a guide dog school that provides guides for the blind. I will be getting another on in Nov to raise. Currently have one age 5. A great breed. If this is your first V baby, keep him well socialized & excerised outside the house and yard and he will be fine.
Good Luck!
Sep 7, 2007 larrythedoglover
OMG, this little fella deserves thirteen biscuits!!Can we make a special request to the Puppy people and give him extras???What a cute little gentleman!!Why his fur looks so soft and, well, furry, that it just makes you want to pet him and give him a big dog treat! Too cute!!!!
Sep 8, 2007 rubyhatchet
Dawwww, he wuks so saaad~! What a pretty boy~
Sep 8, 2007 kmg314
11 Frosty Paws for Gus!
and I don't understand why people have to get on their soap boxes about breeders and puppy mills when NOWHERE does it say in the bio that the puppy came from either place! You never know; he might've come from a shelter or a Vizsla rescue. Either way, I agree that all dogs deserve a good home.
Sep 8, 2007 kmg314
11 Frosty Paws for Gus!
and I don't understand why people have to get on their soap boxes about breeders and puppy mills when NOWHERE does it say in the bio that the puppy came from either place! You never know; he might've come from a shelter or a Vizsla rescue. Either way, I agree that all dogs deserve a good home.
Sep 8, 2007 Bleu
Oh my GAWD... I am about to DIE he is so stinkin' cute!
Sep 8, 2007 Smarties
Hey, Gus. Your stockings are too big! Love all the wrinkles. One very sweet pup, for sure!!
Sep 8, 2007 MusherMaggie
He's gorgeous--and such soulfull expressions! I like them when they're sleeping--so precious, just like babies!
Sep 8, 2007 LabMom
Gus is beeeeaaauuuutttiiiffffuuuullllll... ... I mean really. I had to laugh at chocopuppies comment. I have labs and I would call them high in the energy dept. I have one laid back guy and one that is a super spaz... (Read Marley and Me" and that's my Sonny). Both LOVE to run, run, run... and are actually quite impressive when they get down to it. Please don't choose based on who's higher energy, because, either way, with plenty of love and exercise, you'll have a pooped pup at the end of the day, and that's what really counts, after all. Love sparks play, sparks exercise, sparks fun and =everyone cuddling up at night together on the couch fighting for space... Now that's a perfect scenario no matter what the breed!!! Enjoy whomever you choose! And Gus's Mom, congrats on your choice, he's gorgeous and looks like a ton of fun!
Sep 8, 2007 larrythedoglover
Actually, I think Angus is the name of a puppy mill in Florida where he came from? But he is SO CUTE!!!
Sep 8, 2007 DogyLvr
Love your pup! Exquisitely beautiful! This picture is also perfect. It appears that Gus is admiring his manicure and is in awe of his ability to stretch his toes. Wow, what a great dog! May you enjoy a wonderful life together.
Sep 8, 2007 Terry C

I know just what you mean about Boston Terriers.

BTW, not every purebred dog comes from a puppy mill or pet shop.
Sep 8, 2007 Britgal
Little Gus has stolen my heart...those eyes and that cute little nose! What a beautiful big boy he's going to be!
Sep 8, 2007 Judi
If anyone out there should doubt that dogs have a soul, then they should look at these pictures. The expressions on Gus's face are unbelievable! I had never heard of this breed before but I fell in love with Gus. From the looks of his paws, he will be a pretty big fellow. Lots of happy days & years for you & Gus. He is beautiful!! 1000 bones for him.
Sep 8, 2007 Msgreyeyes
Gus is the most adorable dog I have seen in a LONG time! I wish I could give him a big hug! 11 biscuits for you Gus! :-)
Sep 9, 2007 lotsapets
ALL Gus's pictures are so very excellent, but this one is "the icing on the cake !! "
Sep 9, 2007 vllybllstar
haha that's funni
hope his head didn't get stuck! lol
Sep 9, 2007 mash18020
He is adorable and gorgeous....and such a poser!!!!!!!!!!! And I agree.....enough with the lectures. ALL dogs, young and old, deserve a matter where they come from.....especially those that come from bad places. No one should be put down for where they get their dog.....they should be proud for saving him or her.
Sep 10, 2007 Bully'smom
Meeeeellllllllttttiiiiiinggggg!!! He's so cute he literally brings tears to my eyes!! I LOVE him!!!
Sep 10, 2007 Ems
Abso-freakin-lutely adorable!!! A very proper young man, love the foot tucked under! Enjoy him!
Sep 10, 2007 roscoeroxypepper
gus, what a beautiful little boy you are. it was so hard to choose just one picture they were ALL so cute!!!!
Sep 10, 2007 taglove18
aww what a cutie! he semms very curious about his paw!
Sep 10, 2007 lovespuppies4ever
Gus is such a doll! He is worth a million biscuits.
Sep 12, 2007 ckporter73
Was that the freezer?? What a gorgeous pup! Love the expressive little face. Bet he gets tons of snuggles to go with that ice cream :)
Sep 12, 2007 kilroy
wowowow. What color! What a face. I could never leave him alone would have to be hugging and kissing him all the time.
Sep 20, 2007 Liam4276
Omigosh, he is the cutest!! I love Vizslas!
Oct 3, 2007 fro01
bundle of energy? he looks so tired, 11 biscuits
Oct 10, 2007 rudy's_gal
Thank you so much for sharing Gus with us! I think I fell in love!

My family has a vizsla, Rudy, and he is nearing 12 years old. The vet says he does not have very long left before he leaves us for doggie heaven. We love him as much as I know you love Gus.

Seeing Gus' photos made me cry; he is very handsome and reminds me of Rudy when he was small.

Angus, here are 11+ cookies and some ice cream! It was so hard to choose a favorite; you are beautiful! <3
Jan 5, 2008 RockStarFrenchy
This guy is gorgeous!!! Love those eyes!!!!!!! Kisses galore, Gus!
May 31, 2008 wolfgirl66
May 31, 2008 wolfgirl66
Jul 14, 2008 dlfairma
I see nothing wrong with purchasing a dog from a breeder. I have volunteered at a shelter for a long time because I had always wanted a dog but was unable to take care of it as I was in school and worked 3 jobs. However, I am now thinking of getting a dog since I am not as busy anymore and the lifestyle that I have requires a dog that not only works well with me and my boyfriend but also can adapt well into the city life with occasional excursions to the lake on the weekends. Not all dogs have the traits that a Vizsla has: very easy to train (as I have trained many of them), affectionate, no under coat (which means no shedding-this was a deal I had to make with my boyfriend in order to get a dog), loyal, they dont need to be bathed as often and they are less prone to disease and other problems than many other dogs. This is not to say that a breeder is the way to go for everyone but it is certainly the way to go for some. I ran into many mutts and full bred dogs at the humane society that I would have loved to take home with me but that was only after I got to know them for a longer period of time. Some of these pets from the shelter can have many problems that you will not know about until further down the line and if you dont have the money to take care of it then it will be a never ending cycle for the pet (shelter-home-shelter-home, etc)
Mar 12, 2009 puppyluver8
omg this dog i got on the daily puppy email. usally i will delete my messages and somehow i would not delete him but know i know why because he added him on my b day weird huh and also he is soo cute
Apr 6, 2009 JL2726
what a cutie pie!!
Jul 9, 2010 pelligrino
Gus is a beauty and it was ahrd to pick just one. This one with his paws crossed is over the top cute! Big beautiful ears, gorgeous face and color. have a happy life with him!
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