Thursday, July 24, 2014
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Mar 12, 2012 ebead
So precious! I want a kissy!
Mar 12, 2012 horse_rider
What a beautiful boy! And great photos. Hard to pick just one.
Mar 12, 2012 katz66
OMG He is so cute. Makes you melt.
Mar 12, 2012 sowhatisnew
Hank, You are beyond adorable, beyond heart melting, beyond 'what ever you want pup' cute! Wishing you many happy and healthy years together.
Mar 12, 2012 Bailey's Dad
Hi Hank!! You look like a CIA-puppy in training. Keep you eyes on the prizes (treats & toys) and in no time you will have your adopted parents' routines down pat. Love, licks, and the best health that life can offer is my wish for you.
Mar 12, 2012 dogEmama
Hank - you are absolutely adorable. So happy you found a wonderful family who obviously adores you too.
Mar 12, 2012 ckendall
Love Hank and love this photo!!!
Mar 12, 2012 Missmilamae
Pure, unadulterated puppy happiness! Just LOVE those ears and monster paws! Hank is a real beauty! Enjoy...for many years to come. And here's thanks for adopting, especially from HANK!
Mar 12, 2012 Iluvdogz2
The cutest pup ever! Wonderful photos!
Mar 12, 2012 Inara
What beautiful big ears you have!!
Mar 12, 2012 amyliz
Peekaboo, I see you! Hank, I can tell from your pictures that you are just the BEST... your family is so lucky to have you! (but they already know that!) Many happy and healthy years to you, buddy!
Mar 12, 2012 sedentarynomad
Hank, you looked poised to take over Brooklyn! Very very cute!
Mar 12, 2012 IAmEvilHomer
Hank is all-around adorable!
Mar 12, 2012 joolie boolie
Cutest picture ever!!! I don't know what I love most about Hank - his enormous ears or his huge paws!! He is a great boy xxx
Mar 12, 2012 Simon123
Peekaboo... I just love all these pictues. What a handsome fella with amazing and soulful eyes.
Mar 12, 2012 Kylie&Ollie'sMom
Hank is a lovely boy!!
Mar 12, 2012 goldenlover
Hank is a beauty and a lucky dog !! Great story, terrific rescue !!
Mar 12, 2012 maxmoe
Wow - too cute! He's watching you!
Mar 12, 2012 janet weir
Hank - you are such a handsome guy! I have a rescue dog who looks just like you!
Mar 12, 2012 veronica
wow, so adorable and cute. x
Mar 12, 2012 Lonejoan
Hank, what a sweetie pie you are! I love your ears - it seems that you will have to grow into them! You have such soulful eyes; could that be because in your very short life you suffered - your Mommy and Daddy rescued you. Don't worry, Baby, you are loved and will be the rest of your life and beyond. I wish you a long, happy, healthy life filled with puppy kisses, cuddles, naps in the sunshine, treats and long explorations! Love you, Hank!
Mar 12, 2012 clemency
I love all the pictures of adorable Hank, but this one made me laugh out loud! Stealth puppy! I think Hank got the best of the breeds in his mix--I just love his face!
Mar 12, 2012 cinny007
I absolutely adore this picture!
Mar 12, 2012 molly's mom
awwwwwwwwwww! tooooo cute!!!!!
Mar 12, 2012 BeautyLover
This is the most precious picture - what a beautiful little guy.
Mar 12, 2012 JanW
Oh, Hank! What a cutie you are! I love every one of your pics but this one particularly got my heart! I know your family just loves you to pieces and you return all of that love. Wishing you many years of a fun, wonderful life, Hank! RESCUES RULE!!!
Mar 12, 2012 poochies=love
These pictures are all just perfect puppy pictures! Makes it hard to pick just one! He has such an expressive face and eyes. What a nice bio. He's a lucky pup to have found a forever home and be so clearly adored by his family! Blessings for an already blessed family!
Mar 12, 2012 Kddid429
I see you!
Mar 12, 2012 Sibes
Hank, you're so cute. I love those floppy ears.
Mar 12, 2012 barbwiest
Hank, When you grow into those wonderful ears and paws, you're gonna be a big boy! Remember, Labs are the BEST! Wishing you many happy,healthy and lots of love years with your very lucky family.
Mar 12, 2012 Frankt
This is my close up!!!!
Mar 12, 2012 pelligrino
Not eazy to choose only one photo of handsome Hank. Those soulful eyes will work in his favor everytime. Have a long, happy and healthy life sweetheart!
Mar 12, 2012 chelsearosebud
Sweet, adorable, happy Hank ... there aren't enough biscuits for you, honey! You are already well-traveled, but sometimes one must go the distance to find 'forever'. Thank you for rescuing your BEAUTIFUL boy. So glad you have each other.
Mar 12, 2012 mollyG
You are killing me!!!!! You are awesome! And welcome to New York we are very happy to have you!! Happiness to you always! xoxoxo
Mar 12, 2012 cane corso
Darling photo of your sweet boy, Hank!
Mar 12, 2012 karmaruby
Peek-a-boo! OMG. I can't decide which photo is the cutest. Hank you are too adorable. Loooong, happppy, lovvvvving life to you. XOXOX
Mar 12, 2012 patcacioppo
Mar 12, 2012 bloodylev
OMG, Hank you are fantastic. Great pictures :) lots of love :D
Mar 12, 2012 Bubby's Mommy
I think he's going to grow into those ears! He's a keeper!
Mar 12, 2012 j_myster
Look at those big brown eyes! This one is just made to melt your heart with a look. You are blessed to have this baby in your lives!
Mar 12, 2012 Lina
Hilarious! What a cutie.
Mar 12, 2012 daphne's mom
What a cutie! I hope you have many happy and healthy years together! Much love, many biscuits, and tons of cuddles for Hank!
Mar 12, 2012 thorny
Hank, you are too cute for words! I'm so happy you have a loving home to grow in
Mar 12, 2012 drakes' granny
Hank is so adorable. What a fun loving little boy. Sounds like he has found his adopted parent forever. You have one sweet boy...enjoy.
Mar 12, 2012 lucybee
A boxer/Lab? what a great combination! And what a handsome boy you are.I see years of fun ahead for you and your family.
Mar 12, 2012 The Raven
Handsome Hank with the enormous paws. You are a lucky lad to live in Brooklyn. Have you got the Brooklyn accent down yet? Looks like days at the beach and sand on your nose. Check out the great food carts and restaurants, too. A long and happy life with your lucky doting family.
Mar 12, 2012 newfieluvr
so sweet!!!
Mar 12, 2012 DogFun
Hank, you are a lucky and cute boy. I love to see a dog in a harness -- so much nicer for a dog than being walked on a collar.
Mar 12, 2012 virgilsmama
Hank, you are so cute, lovely color, like a sweet butterscotch kiss! You are lucky and so is your family to have gone through so much to rescue you. I know you will be happy together for a long, long time. Congratulations on your special day.
Mar 12, 2012 Cindylu001
It was hard to pick a shot of you, little Hank, but this one cracked me up! Such a cute little boy! 12 cookies for you, little one!
Mar 12, 2012 ssmmtm
The ears. The paws. The ears. The paws. Then there is the look on his face. Beyond cute. Way, way, way beyond cute.
Mar 12, 2012 lalamcgoo
Hank, you are super duper ADORABLE!!! I love all of your photos, they are so cute but this one makes me giggle too. :D I know you will bring your family many, many happy years full of love and laughter!
Mar 12, 2012 Jansil40
Peek -a-Boo Hank! I see you! You are soo Adorable! May you have a long, happy and healthy life with your new family.
Mar 12, 2012 hamachi
If I flap my ears even harder I can get my back legs off the ground too!
Mar 12, 2012 pupfanatic
Oh, dear GOD, ALL these pics are great...just had to chose the peek-a-boo one. A little Brooklyn-boy RESCUE!!! How great is that?????
Mar 12, 2012 piobaire
Hank, you look like you are a complete and utter treasure!
Mar 12, 2012 Bear'sMum
All your picts are beautiful Hank! Enjoy your forever family - you all deserve one another! Big hugs to you sweetie! :)
Mar 12, 2012 AussieLover30
OMG!!!!!!! He is so cute!!!!!!
Mar 12, 2012 bafern
Oh Hank is one big beautiful boy. He looks like he is just busting with love and energy. Looks like he is also going to be a really big boy. I am so happy to hear that there are such nice people in this world to adopt a beautiful animal. Wishing you a long and happy life together.
Mar 12, 2012 Economist
Peek-a-Boo, I see you!!
Mar 12, 2012 boomerhead
Oy! That is one cute puppy!
Mar 12, 2012 doreendixon
Wow! Hank's going to be a big boy! I love all his pictures but this one really tickled me. Enjoy Big Hank!
Mar 12, 2012 vorner
Hank, you are a fabulous little puppy! Every picture of you shows your intelligence, sweet personality and you are gorgeous too! Long, happy, healthy life to you sweetheart. May you and your family be blessed in the years to come with great adventures of lots of love. XOXOXO
Mar 12, 2012 pandrews-4
Hank is adorable! Congrats on his win!!!
Mar 12, 2012 Tika123
He is SO darling.Little boy,stay that way. never change your ways.
Mar 12, 2012 Coinshop
Love those big feet! Adorable!!!!
Mar 12, 2012 WATERDOG
Hey.... what cha eatin? All your pics are great, Hank, you could be a one pup calender, Cheers!
Mar 12, 2012 giang.julia
your legs and tail is so long
Mar 12, 2012 gryt
You have such an earnest little face, Hank! Xoxo
Mar 12, 2012 mychiensr1
Haha, Hank the tank is so cute and funny in this pic. Hank looks so happy here. Hugs and kisses from 5 dogs in NM.
Mar 12, 2012 sheila
Mar 12, 2012 sheila
Hank you are soooo cute!! I love that sweet face. You look like you're paying very close attention to whoever's taking your picture and you take a fine picture. Thanks to your humans for rescuing you. Long and happy, happy life to you Hank and to your humans.
Mar 13, 2012 puppylover3399
I think Hank is the cutest Labrador I have ever seen!! He has the inoccent look of the puppy who always convinces you he didn't do aything wrong. I would fall for it, for sure!!!
Mar 13, 2012 DogLover in Canada
I am just in loooooove with Hank and those wonderful ears. I don't think he could be any cuter. I bet he can get away with a lot of mischief with a face like that. What a wonderful rescue pup.
Mar 14, 2012 guerrero's grandma
there is no better sight than a pup @ play! I love this pic & I love you Hank... you are a handsome boy! Long & Happy & Healthy Life to you cutie pie
Mar 14, 2012 Judith Cox
Boy, he will be a really big boy when he grows into those feet! What a sweet guy! A long life and lotsa fun!
Mar 14, 2012 Scamp's Grammy
Hank, You are a very handsome puppy. Love the color of your coat & that sweet face. The mix of your breeds makes for a very special K-9. Wishes for a healthy & happy life with lots of treats and snuggles from Scamp's Grammy.
Mar 16, 2012 wolfgirl66
Soooooooooo SWEET & ADORABLE!!!!!!!
Mar 16, 2012 shirley
Hank, your ears are incredible, and that face could launch a thousand biscuits!
Mar 17, 2012 iEatUnicorns
I love love love your ears. :D
Mar 19, 2012 elissa
you are so cute hank!!!!
Dec 15, 2013 doglover3702
Oh my gosh he is so cute!!! What an adorable pup!!!
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