Harvey the Cocker Spaniel

Puppy Breed: Cocker Spaniel

Hi, my name is Harvey. Danger is my middle name. I'm such an awesome guy--I'm sure if we ever meet, you'll just love me to pieces! I can out-play anyone, but once I'm done, I need a snuggle and nap ASAP. My people are super impressed with how smart I am. I learned to "go" outside on my first day home and picked up "sit" and "down" very, very fast. I'm pretty sure I know what "no" means, but I'd rather not listen! My favorite game is called "Collision Course". My people toss a ball across the room toward my pillow and I run full-tilt into it. Bang! It's so much fun! Especially first thing in the morning. My people waited a long time to welcome me home, but man was it worth it...I'm the best!