Friday, April 18, 2014
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May 14, 2007 vllybllstar
aw....such a cute puppy
i love his markings--they're very unusual
but lovely :D
xoxo to you!
May 14, 2007 untbunny
What a beautiful baby! And such large jowls. He must love water living. Puppy hugs and kisses to Hogan.
May 14, 2007 fluffypup
Well Hogan, you are so handsome and smart....too sweet!
May 14, 2007 Kariah
OMG the ears! Hogan is so precious!
May 14, 2007 lintilla
Those ears go on for miles!

May 14, 2007 madziajk
I love him!!! He has wonderful eyes and those ears!!!! What a cutie pie!
May 14, 2007 Zoe Freeman
If Hogan is even one half as intelligent as he looks, you are in
for a special treat!! A true companion! Handsome, too!
May 14, 2007 sue
hes cute
May 14, 2007 sue
hes so cute
May 14, 2007 Nat
He is absolutely beautiful, made my heart melt, I would love to give him a big cuddle!
May 14, 2007 CO
Hogan looks wise beyond his years already. He is absolutely beautiful. He's got a lot of growing to do, look at those paws! Here's to many years of happiness, health and love with him. :-)
May 14, 2007 Trevor's mom
Hogan is a very handsome leggy fellow. But all I can think about is that if my lab was near all that water, we would NEVER get him back in the house!! Enjoy your big boy. I guarantee that he won't be your LAST dog...
May 14, 2007 ezrinjaz
Awe, Hogan, you're so handsome!!!!! I just love you!
May 14, 2007 luvmyLexie
he's cute, love the markings!
May 14, 2007 oneacd
Hogan is a very handsome lad for sure.
May 14, 2007 llt214
Hogan...I just love the name! He's a beautiful boy...enjoy him!!!
May 14, 2007 Sashasmommy
He is so pretty! I love his floppy jowl and his floppy ears!
May 14, 2007 yoliesf
What a cutie! He's huge! And he sounds perfect. I wish I could hugh him. Enjoy!
May 14, 2007 melwri0881
oh i had two german shorthaired as a young girl and when my parents got divorced they didn't want to take care of them so they sent them to the pound.
but anyway from my story your beautiful dog reminds me of our Duke. Dutchess was beautiful too but Duke had most the same features as your Hogan, except his spots were defined.
Anyway 11 biscuits for your beautiful pup.
May 14, 2007 pauleenm
He's such a handsome guy.
May 14, 2007 graciesmom
Oh what a beautiful boy!!! I own 4 German Shorthairs, 2 males and 2 females. I have Jocee, Gracie, Haus and Max and I have to say I would never own another breed. Shorthairs are so smart, kind, gentle, loving and caring. Whenever I have a bad day, coming home to see those 4 faces in the window makes me so happy again. Shorthairs are the best and Hogan, I would take you home in a heartbeat. You have a definite winner!!!
May 14, 2007 Karen313
He's a beautiful dog. I love his markings. Very pretty.
May 14, 2007 betty2dogs
Hogan is certainly a thinker. Look at his concentration - what a face.
May 14, 2007 sams*mom
What a handsome boy! Looks like he thoroughly enjoys the outdoors. Blessings to you all.
May 14, 2007 adie
Big jowls, yes... but HOLY CRAP LOOK AT HIS GIANT FEETSES!!!
May 14, 2007 mrs.head6907
Hogan is a beautiful short hair! My best friend has 2 of them and they are great dogs!
May 14, 2007 dogluvagurl
So cute! Love the ears. :-)
May 14, 2007 bopeep
Hogan is a really handsome boy. Congratulations on your first dog. Your lives will be enriched because of him. Hugs and kisses to Hogan.
May 14, 2007 ladylouise
Your first happy for you. You'll wonder how you ever did without. Hogan is gorgeous, and he has a lovely name! Congratulations!
May 14, 2007 mymsie
Handsome markings and sweet velvety ears! :)
May 14, 2007 3dogmom
I love all the sport dogs!! They are so smart and so expressive in their faces. Hogan is no exception. His eye say it all. He a beaut!
May 14, 2007 Claire_bailey_albury
he is such a cutie!!!!
May 14, 2007 x-lab_lover-x
Hallo hogen du bist sehr stattlich hehe thats german for hello hogen youre very handsome XxX
May 14, 2007 Chloe's Mom
Hogan is sooooo cute. What a good choice for a first dog. Have fun with him....
May 14, 2007 piobaire
Hogan has the most serious look on his face. What a cutie though. He's adorable.
May 14, 2007 bacardio
BEAUTIFUL HOGAN!! I love pointers!!
May 14, 2007 Judi
Hogan is adorable. We have a 6 y/o GSP names Lukas (Luke) & he is sweetest dog we have ever owned. When I was sent overseas last year to do my duty as an Army Nurse, Luke kept my husband (a retired veteran) from going bonkers. Actually, my husband said he saved his life by being such a wonderful companion. Also, Luke is wonderful around small children. GSPs are just an all around intelligent, loyal, sweet, strong, fun-loving but with lots of energy kind of pet.
May 14, 2007 Mana
It's a good thing he's so well-behaved, because from the size of those joints and paws he's gonna be a big'un!
May 14, 2007 FRITZY
Hogan is quite handsome. He is very photogenic and appears to be extremely calm. I love the photos by the water on the pier or deck. Dogs are amazing and it is always nice to hear other first time owners amazed at what these furry creatures are capable of. That is love, compansionship, kisses, and more love.
May 14, 2007 mollielovesdogs
Hogan is absolutely handsome! I grew up with german wire haired pointers, have had them my whole life:) Beautiful, amazing, brilliant, intelligent dogs!!!
May 14, 2007 sandi
Oh my! Hogan is one handsome lad. I love his floopy ears and that brown nose and those wonderful eyes. He looks like a very loyal and loving dog. I'm glad you are enjoying him and hope you have many happy year with this adorable fellow. I love his color and marking so different from the other black marked pointers-- very striking.
May 14, 2007 elyella
What a can certainly see how intelligent he is! And his eyes show what a good boy he is too. Congratulations!
May 14, 2007 BTLabs
What a nice looking boy!
May 14, 2007 lonjac
OMG!! he is so cute. He looks a little bit like my dog, except my dog is black and white, and he is a mutt!!! :)
May 14, 2007 2doggies
He is so incredibly handsome! What a face! I think he's a fantastic're lucky to have him! :-)
May 14, 2007 sheron
This is a lucky dog for sure a life I want ! LOL. He's a GOOD LOOKING GUY ~
May 14, 2007 Isa
I'm in love! The second to last pic with the flaring nostrils is too cute. What a pro.
May 14, 2007 puppyluv
What a handsome young lad Hogan is. Just gorgeous. Give that boy lots of exercise!
May 14, 2007 wisenow
We live in Georgia on Lake Lanier...where is Hogan's lake? We have a Brittany...just love the sporting breeds!
May 14, 2007 dallas0312
May 15, 2007 Liam4276
I rarely see Pointers on here. Hogan is so cute! I love his ears!
May 15, 2007 Pinkphoenixx
you can tell that he's really smart with a lot of humor and personality. also, he is SOOO CUTE!! many kisses and doggie treats to hogan!!
May 15, 2007 blindcheetah3189
What a beautiful dog! My family currently has one Shorthair and we are getting a new puppy in two weeks. Being a first-time Shorthair owner, be ready for all that is to come. They are a breed that tends to be very high-strung, but that's why I love them.
May 15, 2007 bwzat
He is magnificent. I hope you like to RUN, 'cause these guys can really move. I've been in love with this breed for years, and am thrilled to finally see one here. Thank you for sharing!
May 15, 2007 dottiejean28
*gasps* HANDSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He belongs on teh cover of a hunting magazine or one of those Ducks Unlimited T shirts
May 15, 2007 taramh
I love your big floppy ears you CUTIE!! I like the picture with the toy in his mouth. :)
May 20, 2007 Sparkle310
May 22, 2007 goldenlove87
awww so cute!!!!
Jun 21, 2007 cocoapuff123
what big ears!!!!!!!cute
Jul 29, 2007 lori
I just lost my 11 yr old GSP, Schatze. She was a beloved friend and companion, I just bought another GSP this week after lookin at numerous "gun-dog" breeds. I don't hunt but believe hunting dogs are the most versital for companion pets, and the GSP breed if excersized and socialized are the most intelligent and loyal. Hogan is beautiful, and relaxed in the pics, you are very lucky. Schatze went everywhere with me since a pup, work, rides, jogging, travel, etc. Customers would bring treats and come back with their kids just to visit Schatze. Everyone loved her and she loved everyone no matter their size, color, uniform, voice, etc. For a first dog owner you made a wonderful choice!!! best wishes.
Aug 15, 2007 jane322
I have mother and daughter GSP's and they're my babies. I don't think their ears are as long as Hogan's, but they're floppy. House dogs, hunting dogs/ swimmers alike. They're my pals. Used to be a small dog person, but not anymore. They're too cool and way too smart for their own good.
Nov 1, 2007 kayt
what a cutie!!! i'm getting a gsp this december, i can't wait
Dec 11, 2007 nancyjmorsn
I have gsp she is 2 years old, I find they are very animated and pointing-the huntin aspect is bred into them. Misty my gsp is a house dog. We love her. Enjoy Hogan to sky!!!!
Feb 13, 2008 Grandma Helen of CT
We had a German pointer on the farm, and we could see him out in the fields pointing. no one coming to his point he would give up and bring a dead woodchuck home and leave it at our door, and roll and play with it for day's ergo we called him STINKY DOG. He was a wonderful dog all of his happy life , his real name was Liesel. LOL
Mar 4, 2008 Brunomom
Jun 27, 2008 prettylove82
What a handsome boy!! Enjoy every minute of that sweet face!!
Aug 21, 2008 xdogsandpuppiesx
looks like he's having a lovely time lazing in the sun! :)
Apr 8, 2009 loopdeloop
Hogan is so pretty! I am picking up my German Shorthaired Pointer tomorrow and I hope she looks like him!
Apr 23, 2009 fhs72grad
I, too, have a GSP. They are a very loving and loyal breed. I am sure you love Hogan as much as I love my Cooper. Hope they both live long, happy lives. (:
Jun 11, 2009 Tia Maria
AWW!! Hogan, you are adorable. I was drawn to your color and markings, as they are eye catching! I love the big paws on you. You are a sweet and handsome boy, yes you are. :D
Oct 20, 2009 Beth Elder
What a precious Pointer puppy! I love those ears!
Nov 14, 2009 CARTER12
Dec 15, 2009 funkeymonkeydoggie
I love your dog. I just want to love him up! My dog , a Sky Terrier an uncommon breed, looks like a Dr. Seuss dog so we call her the Dr. Seuss dog. She is adorable and so is your Hogan! Love to you both.
Jan 20, 2010 lovely latvian
Extremely handsome dog, I would love to see him chase across the fields, I am sure he would go extremely fast, he looks so athletic and healthy....
Mar 30, 2010 3 Dog Night
Oh, be still my heart! Reminds me of my GSP, who blessed our lives for 15 years! One of the SMARTEST, SWEETEST dogs who ever owned us! And She DID own us!! God bless and have a great time with your GSP. he will not disappoint you! Just POINT you!!!
Mar 30, 2010 3 Dog Night
Oh, be still my heart! Reminds me of my GSP, who blessed our lives for 15 years! One of the SMARTEST, SWEETEST dogs who ever owned us! And She DID own us!! God bless and have a great time with your GSP. he will not disappoint you! Just POINT you!!!
Feb 8, 2011 Kiva
I love love love love love love love love my German Pointer she is an absolute beauty.... i read up on many breeds before i decided on Ruby - it was the best decision i ever made. She is loving/eager to please/funny/protective/and of course Beautiful...!!!
Feb 8, 2011 Kiva
I love love love love love love love love my German Pointer she is an absolute beauty.... i read up on many breeds before i decided on Ruby - it was the best decision i ever made. She is loving/eager to please/funny/protective/and of course Beautiful...!!!
May 3, 2011 carriehalkidis
PLEASE tell me where you got this beautiful puppy. I have been looking for a GSP for a very long time. I would greatly appreciate any information that you can provide:) carriehalkidis@h
Aug 6, 2011 Fred C. Dobbs
Those eyes melted me across the electronic miles; they just radiate love and adoration for you, his pack leader. Lucky you!
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