Indiana Jones the Mixed Breed

Puppy Breed: Siberian Husky / Redbone Coonhound

Hello world! My name is Indy, short for Indiana Jones. Just like my namesake, I'm a big fan of adventures. I love exploring and recovering lost artifacts, though usually when I dig in the sand I find trash and bits of food and not the Ark of the Covenant. I was adopted from a shelter, but I've been raised a true New Yorker--though the truth is I prefer peanut butter and carrots to pizza (not that I'm ever allowed to have pizza). I'm part Siberian Husky, part Redbone Coonhound, but my personality is all hound and I don't think I'll get to be that big. That's ok though. As Professor Jones knows, when out exploring it's helpful if you're small enough to fit through tight corners.