Indiana the Mastín Borincano Mix

Puppy Breed: Unknown

Indiana says: "Hi, my name is Indiana (like Indiana Jones from the movie). My mom was abandoned by the side of the road near Madrid, Spain, where she had me and my brothers and sisters. Some people found us and took care of us for the first few days, but they couldn't keep so many puppies, so they took us to the National Association of Friends of Animals. The people there took care of us for two months, until my mother, two of my siblings, and I were adopted. What luck! We have so many friends who spend too much time there because nobody wants them. Now I live with my new parents in an apartment in Madrid. They love me a lot and we do everything together. They take me for walks on the street, they take me on vacation, and they play with me a lot. I have tons of dog friends at the park -- Roca, Iki, Trasto, etc. -- and we all have fun together playing. I usually end up losing all my toys, but that's okay; I just like to see my friends and play and play. Sometimes the little dogs at the park are afraid of me because I'm bigger, but when they get to know me they realize I'm their friend. My parents have gotten very used to my habits and are always thinking about me and what I need. They have become my new family."