Jackson (and Friend)

Puppy Breed: Unknown

Jackson's roommate says: Jackson was born on a farm in Lancaster, Pennsylvania (Amish country). He is one-quarter German shepherd and three-quarters golden retriever, although if I hadn't seen his lighter colored brothers and sisters I might have suspected that he was part black Lab. His home this year is a dormitory (not a conventional one -- a 30-person former fraternity house) on the University of Pennsylvania's campus. So he has lots of loving every day. As the longtime friend of his owner, who is not a student and works long days, I generally take care of Jackson throughout the day between classes. He often has playdates with his six-month-old Yorkie/Maltese best friend who lives just off campus, and he loves going to the local park to play with other dogs, although he frequently dashes between my legs when the big dogs get a little rough. He can't walk around campus without greeting cooing students every few paces. He's absolutely adorable and he knows it!