Josefin the Border Collie

Puppy Breed: Border Collie

Josefin's mom says: Josie is an absolute dream of a puppy. She has been perfect from day one. When I picked her up from her breeder at eight weeks old, she already knew sit, down, come, wave, and was leash-, crate-, and potty-trained. She has never had an accident! She loves her terrier sisters and especially likes to chew on my Jack Russell's ears. Josie is a real cuddle bug and really enjoys waking up slowly in the mornings. She invites me to rub her belly and scratch her back while we lay there. After we wake up though, she's on the go -- typical border collie, always ready to work!! She will play fetch, swim, and tug for hours on end. She absolutely loves water -- so much so that she will bring me a ball every time I get into the shower and if I don't lock her out she'll hop right on in and splash around and play ball with herself. It's hopelessly cute! See more of the adorable Josie at her Web site.