Tuesday, July 22, 2014
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Jun 13, 2013 DaveTheDog
"So thne SHE'S all like 'Oh no you di-in't!' and I'm all like 'Oh yes I di-id!" then she's all like, 'Oh no, you di-int' AGAIN and I'm all like......wait a minute. Are you listening to me? You're not asleep are you? Wake up! This is IMPORTANT!"
Jun 13, 2013 ebead
Yes, OF COURSE I think I own the whole road! Don't I?
Jun 13, 2013 Missmilamae
Two abounds in that household!
Jun 13, 2013 msmozelle
Hello is good in the nice car! I hope they open the window just a bit so you can feel the breeze of the open road. PS with time Mia the cat will come around to love you too! What's not to love about one as sweet as you? Ms Mozelle Mr Sitka's (the cat's) Mom
Jun 13, 2013 elviswestie
okay, absolutely adorable, the two of them! A long and happy life to you both!
Jun 13, 2013 calliesmommy
OMG - how sweet is she. She's going to be a big ball of sweetness and smiles. Have a GREAT life!!!
Jun 13, 2013 spunky
There is nothing more adorable than a goldendoodle! I see you have made friends with your brother, I think he likes you!!!
Jun 13, 2013 amyliz
Adorable Juno, you are giving me Goldendoodle Fever...I would love to have just like you! Many happy and healthy years to you!
Jun 13, 2013 thompsblt1
I think my next dog just might have to be a goldendoodle!
Jun 13, 2013 daphne's mom
Juno you are so cute! I hope you have a long happy and healthy life! Much love, many treats, and tons of cuddles sweetheart!
Jun 13, 2013 bluegigi
Yahoo!!! Car Rides - I forgot to mention I LOVE car rides. Giddyup!
Jun 13, 2013 Mmmousemaid
Juno, you are a lover and so beautiful. I'm glad you have such a happy life.
Jun 13, 2013 poochies=love
So cute of them both!
Jun 13, 2013 Paul45
Sorry, Dude, but that cat is never going to love you. The best you can hope for is that it'll leave you alone. But no loss; cats don't like anybody. Hang with the big dog; you'll have more fun.
Jun 13, 2013 veronica
both adorable x
Jun 13, 2013 Dogandcatlove
You are adorable Juno. I bet you put a smile on everyone's face.
Jun 13, 2013 mljgranny
Jun 13, 2013 chelsearosebud
Oh my goodness .... such a precious picture of Juno and Mason. The only one missing is - of course! - Mia, but cats have their own take on things. Not to worry, Juno ... Mia will come around. They always do! Love you, doll-face! xoxo
Jun 13, 2013 buzz1
He looks just like my Jazz, when he was a pup! They (Goldendoodle's)are such good companions and have a wonderful nature, they are also wonderfully therapeutic. Most are so well behaved they can be used as hospital dogs for the sick to pet. Have a great life Juno. You are lucky to have a nice loving home and lucky to be a Doodle!
Jun 13, 2013 sally.mcmillan.98
Aww, Juno this is a great shot of you and your big brother. I would love to cross paths with you and get a big smooch! Have a wonderful life sweetheart! p.s. don't worry about the cat. She just needs a little time to get to know you!
Jun 13, 2013 The Raven
"LEAVE my ear alone, you little pest. I am trying to get some rest. Having a baby in the house is very tiring!" June you are a little/growing bundle of joy and energy and love. You are one cutie with a great family, neighbors and friends. But what is the difference between a doodle and a noodle?
Jun 13, 2013 earnesen
Juno, You are one beautiful sibling! So glad you joined a wonderful family. We had a golden retriever named Juneau! We loved him so much and now have one of his distant relatives, Jake.
Jun 13, 2013 goldenlover
Terrific puppy ! Can't get much better'n the Golden personality without the shedding !!
Jun 13, 2013 Babybeagles
The epitome of cuteness. How can you not love this angel? oxoxoxo
Jun 13, 2013 piobaire
Oh heck. If this isn't love, what is?
Jun 13, 2013 sammienmona
What an adorable puppy! Beautiful photos!
Jun 13, 2013 nancybatt1
Did I tell you I Love You Bro!!!!! Ok now wake up and lets play!!! Juno is one beautiful puppy. So happy for all of you....even sis Mia.
Jun 13, 2013 westiefan99
Can I drive, mum? Plleeeaaazzzeeee!!! I just KNOW I'd be a first class driver. After all, I'm a first class, adorable, fun-loving, tummy-scratchable puppy!
Jun 13, 2013 mychiensr1
OMG! Juno and Mason are the cutest of them all. I just want to give you guys so much kisses. XOXO!
Jun 13, 2013 waterwriter
Juno is one adorable pup! Any pup that's fun and playful can't be beat. Add on, one that's loving and lovable, and you've got the mix for the perfect pup!
Jun 13, 2013 vorner
Juno and Mason, you are just magnificent! Long, happy lives to you, precious ones. I forecast many wonderful adventures in the years to come. XOXOXO
Jun 13, 2013 schotime
OMG. Absolutely adorable. Squeezable. Lovable.
Jun 13, 2013 RobinSpringer
"I'm a dollie babie & I know it! Spoil me please!" :)What a treasure
Jun 14, 2013 doglover3702
You are so cute!!!!
Jun 15, 2013 drakes' granny
You are so lucky. They are both adorable. Happiness forever. Please give both lots of cuddle and treats for me.
Ill be there for you forever!
Jun 16, 2013 myfavoritedog
How sweet!
Jun 19, 2013 nancy24tarn
Juno, you are adorable... I just love Goldendoodles.. You are so lucky to have such a cute big brother to play with.. Good thing he loves you and lets you bite his ears gently of course...Mia the cat may never love you; but, then again in time maybe she all depends on the cat. :):) Tons of biscuits and belly rubs from Cindy's mom in New Jersey... have a great life with your loving family.
Jun 21, 2013 rose123
omg so cuteeeeeee
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