Thursday, July 24, 2014
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Dec 16, 2006 madball911
He's got a Bobo! I want him. And Bobo.
Dec 16, 2006 Missy1025
OMG This puppy is so cuite!! Love em!!! Adorible!1 I want this kind of dog!
Dec 16, 2006 allpupsRperfect
I just want to bury my face in his soft furriness. Kevin, you are a king among kings.
(Aren't Bobo's great?)
Dec 16, 2006 ILuvMasonJohnson1
AAAAAWWWWW!!!!!!! Kevin's so adorable!!!!! luv him!

hes well loved
Dec 16, 2006 wonder_al
Big teddy bear
Dec 16, 2006 MargoPego
What a handsome lil' thing! He'll be a real big cuddly dog when he grows up. Gorgeous!
Dec 16, 2006 jairdamotta
Cute cute cute!!! Loved him!
Dec 16, 2006 Maywee
absolutely beautiful!!! My favorite yet!!!
Dec 16, 2006 scobig
THAT is the most BEAUTIFUL BMD pup that I have ever seen! Wow, Kevin you are an amazing boy! I wish I were there so you could nibble my fingers too! You look sooo soft and squishy! BIIIIIG Kisses to Mr. Kevin!
Dec 16, 2006 McKennasMom
Awww Kevin is a floofy cutie! Look at them paws too! And yes, Bobos are GREAT - my McKenna has one and looooves it!
Dec 16, 2006 yujismom
he is at once noble and clown-dog...great combo!
Dec 16, 2006 mperlet
Kevin is absolutely adorable. He's so big and fluffy!
Dec 16, 2006 DogMom
OMG, those eyes, those paws, that nose..... He is the cutest, fluffiest puppy. I would not be able to deny him anything. He is PERFECT!
Dec 16, 2006 Julia

Try saying THAT five times fast while looking at photos of Kevin. You caaaaan't!

Kevin, my dear, your feet are the plumpest, squishiest-looking feeties I have ever had the pleasure to ogle. In addition, your face looks equally squishable, and this pleases me to no end. I would give 10 Christmases to plant my face firmly into your belly.
Dec 16, 2006 anon
he is BEAUTIFUL!!! I always thought these dogs were so gorgeous, but Kevin is truly in his own class. Soooooo fluffy, and I love his enormous feet...
Dec 16, 2006 Cheryl
Kevin, you are a doll, an adorable doll. If I hadn't seen the picture of you in motion, I wouldn't be sure you were are so perfect and so cute.

And when you grow into those feeties, look out world!
Dec 16, 2006 Cassie
I LOVE THESE DOGS!! I want one so bad, especially after seeing Kevin's pics! Enjoy him!
Dec 16, 2006 renee
what a great dog!!!!!
Very big feet.
How big does this kind of dog get?
Dec 16, 2006 DKN
God! Those Paws are massive! And what gorgeous tri-color fabulousness. He's perfect.
Dec 16, 2006 puppyluv
First of all, to Julia: I love your "Meaty Feeties". Secondly, this is just the most adorable bear puppy ever!
Dec 17, 2006 Lin
a friend has a bernese, they're gorgeous dogs...very beautiful puppy
Dec 18, 2006 balboas_mommy
OMG, he is adorable. I love the picture of him looking up at you, so full of expression and love!
Dec 18, 2006 Bel
I just happen to have met this puppy and I can say that he is just as cute as everyone has described! And yes, he is very loved and spoilt. I should go visit him sometime again soon...
Dec 18, 2006 Mollysmom
I was lucky enough to meet one of these adorable puppies. It was the day the owners picked him up from the airport from the breeder he looked like a Teddy Bear. His name is Trooper and he is a year old now and huge but he is the biggest baby I've ever seen. He likes to "talk" and he scares people with his size but he wouldn't hurt a fly. I had never seen or even heard of a Bernese Mountain Dog!!?? If someone wants a big dog but a big puppy in disguise this is the dog!
Dec 18, 2006 1000RainyDays
Teddy bear!
Dec 19, 2006 alexa33
Ohhh how cute!
I can't get over how much he looks like one of those stuffed puppy dogs you see on a kid's bed.
And those feet... :)
Dec 19, 2006 drm
Kevin is a cute dog. His ears are fluffy. His eyes are brown. His face is furry. His body is black, brown, and white. You are lucky. I like him.
Ha ha ha! Did that sound like a robot when you read it inside your head? Read it again, but this time do it in your head as if you were Squidward. You'll crack up.
Dec 19, 2006 Oaktown Girl die for cute!
Dec 19, 2006 poppet
awww he is so cute i love him. i have got a bernese moutain dog my self i was going to get another but insted i got a newfoundland but she is just a lovely as my bernses. you will have many years of fun with him but i would recomend getting to they are so good together and breading them is so easy and enjoyable hope you and kevin keep well xx
Dec 19, 2006 lovesdobermans
i think he is soooooooooo adorable in every picture except the first one i wish i had one.
Dec 30, 2006 flyingdachshund
he's so cute!! I love bernese mountain dogs! The pictures are great.
Jan 9, 2007 soshyviolet
what a beau!

beautiful markings!
Feb 2, 2007 mariannaregina
He's entirely too cute! And I love giving people names to pets--"Kevin" is perfect.
Feb 26, 2007 mad4mtl
Would it be wrong to own a Bernese in inland So Cal? What is there avg lifespan?
Mar 4, 2007 melwri0881
[color=peach] look at his paws they are huge. i bet he is too now. beautiful dog nonetheless.[/color]
Mar 21, 2007 lupinsmyman
He's adorable, my favorite breed too :D
Mar 23, 2007 aragee
I am proud to say that I work with Kevin. He is a wonderful and magical dog to say the least. His fabulousness, does indeed, not know any bounds. As for his meaty feet, I would suggest that they're more bony and furry than meaty. However, I tend not to ogle at him for too long or any extended period of time in case the glory and shining light, that is Kevin, renders me blind from the sheer force of his glory and awesomeosity.

In summary, Kevin is a god amongst dogs. I am actually quite embarassed to even utter his name in case he smites me with his power. Anyway, Kevin is giving me dirty looks so I'd better go now.

All hail Kevin.
May 14, 2007 sandi
What a sweet angel baby!I love the pic where he is looking up at his human- he just looks like he has so much love for that person-- he is just adorable!
Mar 22, 2008 doggies4ever
Fluffy dollface! Must snuggle.
Nov 17, 2008 grandma helen of ct
Adorable. Many kisses and belly rubs
Feb 2, 2009 snoopygirl
LOOK AT HIS GIANT PAWS!! Adorable, he's going to be a big, fluffy, cute dog.
Feb 17, 2009 georgia04
Baby Kevin is a fluffy bundle of love. He looks like a soft, fuzzy stuffed animal. I am sure he's good to have around on cold nights. What an angel!
Apr 15, 2009 kisutton
oh my god he is so adorable!
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