Kioko the Akita

Puppy Breed: Akita

Kioko's mom says: Kioko means "happy child," and she is living up to her name. She is settling in to her new home, after a trip from North Carolina where she was born. We take little trips all the time now. Kioko loves the attention from her new grandparents and everyone she meets on walks. She impresses everyone with how good she is on the leash. Part of her morning routine is to play with her pink ducky and, despite warnings, to romp among the flowers in the garden. She is trying to learn that her cat sister and brother don't always want to play the same way she wants to. We can't wait to go to puppy classes to socialize. A recent past time has become lifting weights; she found a two-pound dumbbell and decided to carry it around the house. I love her a lot, even when she makes her howler monkey noises.