Kisu the Akita

Puppy Breed: Akita

Kisu's brother says: Kisu is a mischievous, strong-willed dog who does what she wants. Her strong will and playful nature are what make her a hard dog to train. She sleeps when she is not playing. She enjoys short walks and lying on cold, wet slabs in the back garden, where she digs in the dirt and chews on the turf. She is white in color but spends a lot of the time brown from rolling in mud and refusing to come in out of the pouring rain. If she gets too warm, she sleeps or goes outside to play. Her breed means that she is a large boned and very strong dog. Being an American Akita, she is less aggressive than the Japanese Akita, who hunt bears and protect their family. But there is no doubt in her loyalty and will to protect family.