Wednesday, July 23, 2014
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Dec 8, 2007 luvmypets
What an adorable little girl. May you have many happy years together.
Dec 8, 2007 crazyCAdoglady
Kisu is a darling, puffy fluff. And you probably can't get mad at her when she's being strong-willed, because she is so CUTE! Puppy kisses, and 11,000 bones for Kisu! :)
Dec 8, 2007 Captain Lumpy Dog
What a fluffy puppy dog-kin! A ZILLION cookies! I wish I could cuddle with you in my bed. You're a very pretty puppy, and I hope you make your mommy and daddy very happy. I know you've put a smile on my face!

Kisses and belly-rubs,
Dec 8, 2007 jilbean3
he is delicious!
Dec 8, 2007 GoldenLove12
alright I don't leave comments very often but I felt like I had to. Kisu is just alittle fluffy white bear of a puppy! Adorable, I love bigger dogs, and she looks especially cuddly! Give her a biiiig hug for me!

Biscuits everywhere!
Dec 8, 2007 skeeze_in_belize
Ohh, I just want to kiss that cute little nose! What a pretty girl.
Dec 8, 2007 Vvivo
Oooh! What an irresistible puppy!
Dec 8, 2007 maggiepup
look at the little face!!oh shes the most gorgeous little girl.the massive massive deep dark eyes that manage to look so innocent and cute and dont u know when your not lookin those little eyes will find some nice muck to roll in on that stunning coat!!a beautiful beautiful baby girl.
love love to both of many years of kisses and cuddles ahead!
Dec 8, 2007 SistaMaggie
MAN! I am not sure how YOU pronounce her name, but I would call her "Kiss You!" I am not exactly sure how you can function with jobs and lives and all with such a CUTE puppy around! She looks like a little stuffed teddy bear. I love Akitas and yours just reinforces my reasons why. Thank you for sharing your beautiful baby with us all!
Dec 8, 2007 SistaMaggie
Kisu should be called "Kiss YOU!" She is so adorable. Her soft face, floppy ears, and big eyes would melt my heart! I don't know how you would ever hold down a job or have any semblance of a life with her around. I would just want to play and kiss this little beauty. Akitas rock!
Dec 8, 2007 caraschotch
Her name sounds like "Kiss You" in my head, and I sure wish she would! I would love to give her some kisses right back--- what a darling fluffball! Good luck in training her, and I hope you have many many happy years together!
Dec 8, 2007 SistaMaggie
Sorry about the second comment! I thought it didn't go through the first time. Well, now EVERYONE knows how I feel about this little cutie patootie!
Dec 8, 2007 DogLuvver
Excellent color coordinating eye lashes! Check them out!!
Dec 8, 2007 twosweethounds
Wow! I've never seen an all-white one before. Sooooo cute!
Dec 8, 2007 suelill
What a fluffy beautiful cutie you are Kisu. Cuddle, cuddle, kiss, kiss, hug,hug.
Dec 8, 2007 ANA
Soy la mama de Indiana, he visto hoy a Kisu, es preciosa!!! Antes de Indiana tuve un Akita, se llamaba V?zquez, cu?dala mucho, tendr?s una perra estupenda adem?s de cari?osa y fiel!!
Un beso muy grande desde Espa?a!!!
Dec 8, 2007 sylvanbliss
Well, I'm shaking in my boots, what a fierce Akita! Gagh!

Kisu has a lot of growing to do...she is stunningly beautiful. Thanks for including a shot with her tail in it -oooh- and her chunky legs! I'd kiss her too.
Dec 8, 2007 sylvanbliss
Watch out all you cute bearsie-wearsies! woof. Gagh again.
Dec 8, 2007 goldenlover
"Who wants to play ?"
Dec 8, 2007 rubyhatchet
Dec 8, 2007 Geordie
That's no's a polar bear cub - and a cute one at that!
Dec 8, 2007 whoopiwho
She's beautiful!!
Dec 8, 2007 doriesmom
She is so very precious!!!! And she does look like a little polar bear, sort of. I always root for the akita's to win at the dog shows, they are such beautiful and strong looking dogs. Good luck with her and many happy years!!
Dec 8, 2007 Grandma Helen of CT
I have one like her but his name is Beau..........good luck training her. she is so sweet...........xxxooo
Dec 8, 2007 howiesmom
Wowee! Kisu is one of the most beautiful dogs I have ever seen!! Lucky You!!!
Dec 8, 2007 Stella
Kisa ia a gorgeous puppy. I look forward to seeing her when she's full grown. Cuddlelies to her!
Dec 8, 2007 Marsie13
he looks so cudly and cute! love you Kisu xxxxx
Dec 8, 2007 ilovebeagles
so cute
Dec 8, 2007 rexandbaby
I second everyones comments! Beautiful puppy! Puppy classes and a lot of training are in order to get her to listen better, they are a strong willed breed, but if you are consistent, you will all benefit! Good Luck, and of course 11 biscuits!
Dec 8, 2007 dogzrock
AAAAAAAA - she is SOOOO cute! She looks like a little bear .. and that cute little pink nose and round tummy...AAAAAAAA! :D
I wish I could just pick her up and squeeze her! I wish you both many many years of happiness and hugs together.
Dec 8, 2007 Terry C
She looks like a little Polar Bear cub.

Sooo cute!
Dec 8, 2007 anniebabes52
Kisu, you are so adorable! Hugs, kisses, and a ton of biscuits. I hope you have many years of happiness as a family!
Dec 8, 2007 iamme
Aww she reminds me of a polar bear! :) She's cute. She looks like she's taking a bow. hehe Lots of fun to you all.
Dec 8, 2007 chelynn12768
She is ABSOLUTLY beautiful.....My akita (Keiko) looked exactly like her as a puppy. She is now 2 yrs old and has a tiny bit of beige on her back and a freckled nose. This breed is terrific, Enjoy your wonderful baby !!!
Dec 8, 2007 Caseysky
Oh my word. I've seen Akita adults but never a puppy. What an adorable face! Reminds me of a baby polar bear. Live long and Happy Kisu!
Dec 8, 2007 Mummm
Kisu is SO cute! I wish you success doing her training. I'm sure that she could be a very good pup.
Dec 8, 2007 morgan1965
She is just soooooo cute. Look at that face. It would be impossible to stay mad at that lovable mug.
Dec 8, 2007 LucyB
All these gorgeous sno-ball,polar bear puppies! Somewhere,a shampoo company is celebrating.She's beautiful.
Dec 8, 2007 ajcarter9405
What a fluff ball! I just want to snuggle with him. ;o)
Dec 8, 2007 yankeedoodle
We use to have an akita ourselves and even though she was a bit anti-social :] she was still very sweet and I hope Kisu brings you as much joy as Sushe brought us

Good luck! What a cutie
Dec 8, 2007 FutureVet
Sounds just like a Shiba Inu except BIGGER! I can't imagine that much trouble on your hands! I hope that she gives you a life full of excitement like our Shiba Inu!
Dec 8, 2007 akitamom85
Kisu is sooo cute and I just love the all white Akitas! Gotta love puppies. I have a grown Akita of my own and he still thinks he's a puppy!!
Dec 8, 2007 Daphne's Mom
What a cutie! Kisu looks so soft and cuddly! I just want to hug her and feel that nice soft fur! Ihope you have many happy and healthy years together. May she bring you much joy! Sloppy puppy kisses from my little girl Daphne. Happpy Holidays to you all!
Dec 8, 2007 usfour
Kisu you are simply GORGEOUS!!
Dec 8, 2007 molly's mom
Kisu is so cute, looks like a stuffed toy, boy, will you have fun with her!!!!!!!!!!!
Dec 8, 2007 tazjt
Beautiful! Many biscuits, kisses and belly rubs!
Dec 8, 2007 chembo
Very, very cute doggie. CHEMBO CHI (Tibetan Mastiff) would like to play with you!
Dec 8, 2007 bopeep
My first impression, too, of beautiful little Kisu was a polar bear cub. I have never seen a white Akita and she is absolutely stunning. Sounds like you have your hands full with this little one. Hugs, kisses and 11 biscuits.
Dec 8, 2007 rosy
What an exotic beauty!!! Millions of biscuits and lots of love!!!
Dec 8, 2007 Carolinagirl22
This is the most beauiful dog i have ever seen i wish you many years of happiness with her. A million biscuits for her.
Dec 8, 2007 DIXIEREBEL
She is such a cutie, I want to sleep with her untill she gets bigger and kicks me out of bed. She almost looks like a little stuffed toy all solf and tickley
Dec 8, 2007 Naeliah
What a cutie! I love her personality! 11 buscuits and many years!*HUGS* AND *KIISES*!

Dec 8, 2007 Naeliah
Dec 8, 2007 jbroy
What a sweet little fluffball!!!
Dec 8, 2007 Yankee-7
AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! Too cute!! Little baby polar bear! Gosh, she's ADORABLE!!!!!!
Dec 8, 2007 randomearrings
Absolutely stunning puppy!!
Dec 8, 2007 luvpuppies
I love her little pink nose!!!! She is adorable... I hope I can someday get a dog like her...
Dec 8, 2007 lilysmom
Cutest puppy EVER (tied with mine of course though)
Dec 8, 2007 Jellybeano
Kisu is soooo adorable...and she is the perfect Christmas pup!! ..all white and fluffy.. [I can just imagine her with a garland of red tinsel around her neck !!]. May you have many,many years of happiness with this beautiful girl...
Dec 8, 2007 k_cyn
Oh Kisu you are soooooo adorable!!!! You are just beyond cute!!! :)
Many kisses, hugs and biscuits to you!!!
Dec 8, 2007 sue
shes beautiful
Dec 8, 2007 akitamom
Our Avalanche (7 1/2 years old) is all white too! And she is as sweet as Kisu looks. She came to us a year ago yesterday from a breeding/show background, and is a happy retiree in Ohio where she terrorizes all other dogs who walk in the park -- I think maybe she wasn't brought up to share -- but has yet to meet a bear. She's my fifth Akita, and I love them all. Word to the wise -- puppy kindergarten and obedience classes. Fellow obedience dogs will laugh at an Akita in their midst, but Akitas can be very good at it, in fact! Enjoy your beautiful baby!
Dec 8, 2007 sandrahender
[b][i][color=teal]I LOVE HER! She looks like a polar bear! I would love to give her tons of hugs and kisses and I LOVE STUBBORN, OBSTINATE doggies! I'm attracted to all the brats, hahaha! Give her tons of love and hugs and kisses from me![/b][/i][/color]
Dec 8, 2007 Brunomom
She does look like a polar bear. God bless her and her family!
Dec 8, 2007 pupsrule
Downward facing, Kisu. She's doing DOGA. I, too, thinks she looks like a beautiful bear. Lucky you to have her love and loyalty. May lovely Kisu live long and healthy.
Dec 8, 2007 txmadre
What a beautiful animal! I've never heard of the Akita before. Kisu is certainly a beautiful girl. How big do Akita's get? Where did they originate? I'm going to have to go on line and find out more about this beautiful breed. Thank you for sharing an good luck in her training.
Dec 8, 2007 pauz4paws
Kisu, Kisu, Kisu...........I wanna kiss u, kiss u, kiss u cute little face! You are most adorable and beautiful. I have a mixed breed black mutt that is strong willed and hard headed but smart as a fox so I know what you mean in that department. Your pup is a special girl and I know she'll give you many years of loyal love and devotion. Merry Christmas from our critter camp to you and yours........
Dec 8, 2007 JBanana
what a cutie!! her fur is so even and briliantly white!!!:D
Dec 8, 2007 goober631
Cutest little face ever! =]
Dec 8, 2007 Tracy Kemmer
Oh how I LOVE your ALL WHITE AKITA, I have never seen an all white. My good friend had a tri. Kara, she was so COOL. Very protective which was good as Wendy (her owner, my friend) moved from Michigan to Florida to attend a professional dog groomers school and Kara went too. She protected Wendy and her three girl friends that went also. Akitas RULE.....................
Dec 8, 2007 druthgo
When does the pup's tail curl?

I knew an Akita who was ruled by a Basenji. Of course, the Basenji ruled everyone and maintained her complete control over the world.--Dr. Woof
Dec 8, 2007 tazziesmom
What a beautiful pup..She is so cute! Looks like a sweetheart! Enjoy her!
Dec 8, 2007 cutebunny1011
awwwww such a cute puppy 11 biscuits for you
Dec 8, 2007 jvkocian
she is beautiful. makes me want one (again). i only have two words of advice: PROFESSIONAL TRAINING! having owned an akita for 9 years, i know the breed, the stubborn streak, the animal dominance, the shedding. if you only do one thing for your little girl, go to training so she can be socialized early and often. the animal dominance will, i repeat WILL, turn into animal aggression if shes not exposed and socialized with other animals. there is nothing scarier to me than an untrained akita. good luck! im jealous.
Dec 8, 2007 nblicecream9
she is beyond cute & she has the MOST adorable face ever!
Dec 8, 2007 Rainey
Kisu...... she looks very smart ! what a gorgeous pup! and beautiful little girl.....
Dec 8, 2007 Jessie's Mamma
Dec 8, 2007 lilyj
I saw her photo on my igoogle page and actually shouted "Oh my god!" from the cuteness. It may partially be her strong will that makes her hard to trian, but I would say that adorable, sweet face has something to do with it. She could just look at me and I would probably have to let her do what she wants. :) She's one of the most darling looking dogs I've ever seen. She looks like a teddy bear.
Dec 8, 2007 KuvaszKountry
What a sweet baby....I've never seen an Akita puppy either and I didn't know that they could come in all white...I hope to see her in a year on the Grown-up Puppy page to see what she has grown into. I love her name...she is beautiful.
Dec 8, 2007 KatieK227
She's SO cute!!!
Dec 8, 2007 lmanne
Kisu is soooo cute. I have a part Akita, and I hope you have all the happiness and joy mine has given me. How absolutely adorable!!! She gets all biscuits from me. Love this wonderful koira!
Dec 8, 2007 wattswrong this puppy for real? I think it's a stuffed animal. For real. That dog is impossibly cute. Congratulations!
Dec 8, 2007 Tasha Yar
Love the ears!
Dec 8, 2007 jessieandcompany
Kisses and more kisses to that beautiful face!! :) Give her a big hug for me!!
Dec 8, 2007 liltaryn103
omg hahah she melts me i love her
Dec 8, 2007 ilovedogs
[color=purple] Kisu is such a beautiful white puppy!!!!!!! I love all the pictures of her!!!! She is adorable!!!!!!! I just want to cuddle up and play with her !!!!! 11 biscuits plus a whole lot more!!!!! kisses and hugs :)[/color]
Dec 8, 2007 yujismom
ohayo kisu-chan...kawaii!!!
Dec 8, 2007 mannymann
Gorgeous puppy !! Good luck with the training !! hope you two have many years of love and stubborness !!!!
Dec 8, 2007 lablove
This little girl is breathtaking! I've never seen a more beautiful, and cute, little puppy. Looks like she cleans up pretty good after all the mud play.
Dec 8, 2007 jarpope
Kisu is amazing!! She looks like a Build-A-Bear puppy, so incredibly soft and fluffy... I want one!!!
Dec 9, 2007 emiliakc
Kisu is the reason i have signed up to the Daily Puppy


She's just all kinds of insanely adorable.
Dec 9, 2007 caramel
Wonderful name for a beautiful girl. I'm not greedy but I do want all her kisses.
Dec 9, 2007 Yorkie Girl
What a cute little snowball; just in time for Christmas.
Dec 9, 2007 Lizanne
Hi Kisu,
You are really beautiful. Enjoy and keep that fluffy white fur nice and white for Mom. (Yes, I will!!!):)
Hugs from Elizabeth & Miss Katie
Dec 9, 2007 DKN
Those eyelashes are out out control!
Dec 9, 2007 bbba80
Kisu, what a sweet little girl. You are a cute white fluff ball. So puppy cute.
Dec 9, 2007 Frasier'smom make me want to "kissyou!!!!" you are so beautiful!!!! You look like you will be a BIG PUPPY!!!! Our's sleep with us.....I think you would take up one side of the bed!!!!....but what a WARM SNUGGLER you would be!!! LOVE that pink nose!!! Good luck with your training,....I know you will be a good protector of your family!! I just LOVE the way you look like a big white fluffy bear! Tons of biscuits (and I bet you could eat them all!), and lots of love to KISU!!!
Dec 9, 2007 dogsrule
So cute I can't stand it!
Dec 9, 2007 I love hott dogs <3
So adorable! 11 biscuits :)
Dec 10, 2007 Posh Tater
Just wanting to run my fingers through all that fur!
Dec 10, 2007 Jeannie
Like a big warm snowball!! What a cutie.
Dec 10, 2007 asgardianevil
I have not seen a sweeter Akita puppy than this! I can't believe how incredibly adorable she is. You must be a very proud parent! I hope the training goes well. I dont think I could function with this much cuteness in my life! What a sweetie!
Dec 10, 2007 nancy814
Kisu is a beautiful puppy. It looks like she will grow up into a big girl. Truly adorable. 11+ biscuits.
Dec 10, 2007 Taiyin
I have never seen a white Akita before. She is beaufitul! What a sweet face. Enjoy your stubborn baby girl! :-)
Dec 10, 2007 olgadabest
Awwwww I love her! Bet she feels like a big ole cotton ball!
Dec 10, 2007 roscoeroxypepper
she looks just like a stuffed animal, what a beauty!!!
Dec 10, 2007 dogsrdivine
Kisu, you have caused quite a stir with your beautiful, expressive, pics! Polar cub was my first thought, too. I understand they're not particularly trainable, either. It's hard to expect obedience from such greatness. May your Kisu remain a benevolent goddess & let you "think" you're in control occasionally. Thanks for sharing.
Dec 10, 2007 marie
What an adorable pup! I love the name sounds like the Japanese way of saying "kiss" which makes this fluffy polar bear even cuter! Good luck with the training and I hope you guys have many pleasurable years together!
Dec 10, 2007 GeoffMcRandall
Kisu is beautiful. To all who have expressed concerns about training Akitas: I have owned 6 Akitas over the last 20 years and all of them have been wonderful. It does take a little work to train them as they are so intelligent that they find repetition boring. Work with them, keep a lot of variety and fun in their training, and you'll get great results. Socialization is also a must. Although they can be dog agressive, if they are given ample opportunity to learn how to interact with other dogs, they'll do fine. My 100 lb. male plays tug-of-war with an 8 lb. Yorkie and is incredibly gentle in doing so.
Thanks for all of the lovely pictures. Kisu is a beautiful girl.
Dec 10, 2007 piobaire
Isn't Kisu Japanese for Kiss? What an adorable ball of fluff she is! I would want to snuggle her all day. I wish you luck in the training...may you endure past her puppyhood. Good thing she's so darn cute!
Dec 10, 2007 ginnieliz333
I have just fallen in love! What a sweetheart!
Dec 10, 2007 my_stoney_baby
Oooh, you are sooo adorable Kisu! So cuddly and fluffy, a million biscuits for you!
Dec 10, 2007 Jennb3
OOOOOOOOOOHHHH how very adorable you are!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love this picture, reminds me of the little toy robot on Battlestar Galactica (old ones) You are just the most fluffy adorable fuzz ball!!!
Dec 10, 2007 tambore
How anyone can live with such cuteness is beyond me. If only I could, I'd be ecstatic. She is one incredible dog....... you can tell by just looking at her. Kisu, I know you'll surprise your family and surpass everyone's expectations. Let me know if you wanna arrange a play date with a human because I'll be there!
Dec 11, 2007 pupidog
oh i love it when stuffed toys come to life :)
Dec 11, 2007 puppyluvr
[b][color=pink] What a beautiful girl. [/color][/b]
Dec 11, 2007 shanmac
She looks like Snuggle Bear! She doesn't even look real! So cute!
Dec 12, 2007 eleigh
Kisu is adorable, but I have to disagree with your comment about Japanese Akitas being the more aggressive of the two Akita breeds. I'm not sure what research you are quoting, but in my experience and readings on the two very distinct sides of the Akita coin, the North American breed is the more aggressive of the two. Obviously in the end it comes down to the family lines, owner training and circumstances, as with any dog.
Dec 12, 2007 Fawn
your puppy is so cute! I was wondering how I can post a pic of my puppy on here?
Dec 12, 2007 LisaLisa
Kisu looks like a little polar bear! I bet she's so much fun to snuggle with -so warm and sweet!
Dec 12, 2007 khimo'smom
She's is beyond cute. Of all my dogs, my akitas are my favorite. Good for you in getting one...definitely not a popular breed.
My boys would love to play (meaning rough house) with her.
Dec 13, 2007 diane4pups
Very gorgeous puppy......congratulations!
Dec 13, 2007 ttn026000
awwww kisu is soooooo cute! I have a Japanses Akita mix and I agree they are VERY agressive and protective but i still love him to death.
Dec 13, 2007 iammetlc
Kisu...American Akita,or Polar Bear Cub? Cutest little face I ever did see! Hugs+Kisus.
Dec 13, 2007 iammetlc
Kisu...American Akita.or Polar Bear Cub? Sweetest little face I ever did see! Hugs+Kisus.
Dec 13, 2007 mash18020
All I can say is AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.....Kisu, you are adorable!! A little ball of cotton! You don't look like a mischief make at all!!! Yea right.....LOL. I hope you have a long, fun and healthy life....and a million doggie treats to you! :-)
Dec 16, 2007 eren01
OMG i want one just like it. its the cutest thing ive every seen. i luv kisu!!!!
Dec 16, 2007 eren01
OMG i want one just like it. its the cutest thing ive every seen. i luv kisu!!!!
Jan 13, 2008 PuppyCentral
She's so adorable, I couldn't choose just one picture!
Feb 5, 2008 emmears
she is thr beautifulest dog ever to walk the earth
omg i can't believe how pritty she is !
give er a kiss from me xxxxx
Mar 29, 2008 dog_lover90
[b][i]omg! i have 1 word for you --> GORGEOUS![/b][/i]
Jun 13, 2008 Dog_Mom
Jun 30, 2008 ladyturner
i added a comment earlier but i don't think it went through. i thihk akita's are the cutest breed too bad i am allergic to dogs. does anyone know if it is possible to breed an akita and a poodle.
Jul 24, 2008 happy4pups
What an adorable cuttie-pie. I know how strong willed these pups are. Mine is now 6 yrs. old. At times I questioned if I could do it - she was a tough pup. What a loyal, wonderful doggie I now have, my best friend. Hang in, it gets better!!!! Treats and kisses
Aug 6, 2008 henrybark445
My fav puppy of all time!!!!! you should do an update
Oct 8, 2008 jbroy
OMG! Too cute to imagine!!!!1 billion biscuits!!!!
Nov 1, 2008 georgia04
What beautiful dogs, they are just stunning. Little Sylar is an angel. Give him lots of hugs and kisses for me.
Apr 15, 2009 Blondage2001
Who is this puppy! I just bought this EXACT PUPPY ONLINE!!!
Jun 10, 2009 ash00194
could some one please tell me what going on this exact same dog iam supposed to be buying tomorrow if some one is selling me a fake could u plz tell me ...
Jun 14, 2009 FIDOX
I don't know what's going on but the pictures you see are of my dog Kisu. She is now 3 years old and weighs in at 50lbs. If someone is trying to sell you this dog you should report them.
Jun 14, 2009 FIDOX
.............sorry 50kgs!!
Apr 17, 2010 animallover1
This is the most beautiful dog I have ever seen i wish i had a dog like him
Apr 17, 2010 animallover1
What a beautiful puppy you are the luckiest pet owner in the world to have a puppy this adorable!!!=]
Jun 9, 2010 soifon
yes it is a beautiful akita but i am supposed to be buying one called mimi and it is being showen with the same picture as kisu here
Jul 14, 2010 jabz786
great pup!!! i have exacltly the same called "snyper" must say it's very loyal and caring dog hope you share many happy years together.loadz a BISCUITS.......
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