Thursday, April 17, 2014
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Apr 22, 2007 THU
Beautiful! What a cute dog!
Apr 22, 2007 Meaghan
Apr 22, 2007 jblacksf
what a cute dog! I can't take it!
Apr 22, 2007 Liam4276
Koa is so cute! I love his name! He must live in Hawaii. :0)
Apr 22, 2007 trendypuppy
I love the shot of him in the backpack. What a cute doggie!
Apr 22, 2007 daddy's girl
Apr 22, 2007 VikkiFox
he's so gorgeous and soft looking! I really want a goldendoodle!
Apr 22, 2007 Archie
OMG!!! I want a labradoodle now! I have a wire-haired fox-terrier who is cute sometimes but not very obidient (excuse spelling) I wish I had a labradoodle and when i'm older i think i'll get one - whoever thought of mixing those breeds (again with the spelling) was a genius - i mean what a cool word "labradoodle"!!! Imagine what the name for a cross between a bulldog and a shitzu would be! Well, i love looking at the daily puppy because they're gorgeous! YAY! :D
Apr 22, 2007 elusivek
so sweet!!! so cute!!
The BIG yawn is priceless!!
Apr 22, 2007 llt214
I want to give him a hug, he looks so soft and sweet!! I love the second looks like he's laughing!! Sooo cute!!!!
Apr 22, 2007 Zoe's_mama
LOVE the picture where he's yawning. It looks like he and the Buddha statue are sharing a laugh about life. Gotta love it!
Apr 22, 2007 Mary V
What a dolly! That face! and what a ham.......:)
Apr 22, 2007 DogyLvr
Adorable! And you adopted him!?!?!?! What a great fun time you all share together. Your mother is right that you are great together.
Apr 22, 2007 the_illusionist that a yawn? he laughing while rubbing Budas tummy? Hims a sweetie face either way. Kisses and Hugs Koa.
Apr 22, 2007 Betster
Mr personality plus. He's a sweet heart!!
Apr 22, 2007 maggiesmith'smom
Maggie Smith MacKenzie would like to invite Koa to the beach so they can play together. She told me so right away when she saw Koa's picture. "That's my kind of dog." ( m/index...)
Apr 22, 2007 DogMom
CUTE, cute, cute! what an adorable dog. I think you will be having fun with KOA for years to come. What a beautiful boy!!!!
Apr 22, 2007 melwri0881
oh my gosh when i get a dog i want one just like this one. he is so cute and cuddly.
thank you for sharing your beautiful animal with us.
Apr 22, 2007 Bobbie
As "Mom" to 4, yes 4, dogs, 2 retired greyhounds ages 14 and soon to be 15, and two 2 1/2 year old terrior mixed little girls (sisters), I have been so enthralled with ALL the cute little puppies' pics. But this little one is about as adorable as they come. I think I was a cat in another life or maybe a dog, not sure as I love them both equally. But from what I have seen on this site, there are some might lucky dogs out there. God bless each and everyone of the familes who have these precious ones.
Apr 22, 2007 Taryn
What a cutie! While growing up our first beloved family pet was a Golden Retriever and then after Rusty died my mom decided we would get a smaller, indoor pet and it was a poodle. What a great mix this is!! I especially loved the photo of him lying on the rug on the floor--so serene and content. The one of Koa posing in the garden is priceless as well. I have to commend you for adopting this sweet baby!
Apr 22, 2007 andrea
I want to kiss his nose!
Apr 22, 2007 dancer9594
OMG! That is such a cute puppy. We used to have a Golden Retriever but we put her down in September. My cousins also have a labrodoodle. It looks alot like your dog. He is so sweet looking.
Apr 22, 2007 jowaldo
That first picture of him looks like he and Bhudda are sharing a good laugh!!! What a cutie!
Apr 22, 2007 txmadre
OMG! How sweet can you get? What an expressive face. How in the world do you ever say no?
Apr 22, 2007 Caseysky
What a cutie pie. Love the expressive face, definitely a sweetie.
Apr 22, 2007 marie arnold
I love mutts. They are the best.
Apr 22, 2007 Terry C
Koa is a gorgeous dog. Good on you for adopting him.

Actually, technically, Koa is not a mutt. He's a cross-breed
(two breeds) - and is one of these new designer Puggles (Pug/Beagle), Bugs (Boston Terrier/Pug), etc.

Adorable mixes, but I can't see paying purebreed prices for a cross breeed dog.
Apr 22, 2007 Terry C
And I have an adopted "mutt" (16-1/2) and my second Boston Terrier (2-1/2) that I bought from a breeder.
Apr 22, 2007 Julia
Actually, if I were paying for a dog (except for an adoption fee---I mean purchasing a dog from a breeder), I would rather pay for health than purebred papers. As long as the parents are healthy, and the result is a dog with fewer chances for genetic diseases/problems, I would pay gladly. However, I vote adoption all the way. I would rather adopt a beagle-mix than purchase a "puggle"--"designer& quot; breeds really creep me out. Dogs should be companions, not fashion accoutrements.

YAY for adoption, and YAY for KOA!!!!
Apr 22, 2007 bopeep
Koa you sure are a cutie. Hope we get to see pics of you all grown up - bet you will be handsome.
Apr 22, 2007 alex
what a cute dog!
Apr 22, 2007 oregonclayfan
Oh my gosh hes adorable.........lucky puppy to have such good parents. I have a friend who has a spoiled cat. I always said I wanted to come back as her cat !!
Apr 22, 2007 pupa
oe!![awwe] Goldendoodle sonds like snickerdoodle and like a snicker doodle, i wanna eat him all up!!! :)
Apr 22, 2007 TessiesMum
Tess, our yellow lab would also like to catch a few waves with Koa - she's a real beach babe!!!
Apr 22, 2007 sue
hes beautiful
Apr 22, 2007 vllybllstar
love his curly fur!
i gave him 11 biscuts
wish i could give him more
Apr 22, 2007 vllybllstar
not really curly but wateva
Apr 22, 2007 PuppyLuuver
sooooooooooooo cute!!!!!!!!
Apr 22, 2007 pottermuddobber
That is the sweetiest face, you are fortunate to have such a cuddly friend. He is just beautiful.
Apr 22, 2007 hbird2
We have a goldendoodle named Albert. They are great dogs.
Koa is a cutie!
Apr 22, 2007 CharliesMom
I love his button nose! What a sweet boy :)
Apr 22, 2007 lig922
That dog is soooo cute!!!
Apr 22, 2007 moseleysmom
What a gorgeous pup. I just love how fluffy he is. He looks like a teddy bear. I just love him.
Apr 22, 2007 puppyluv
Uh, Julia - Goldendoodles ARE designer dogs.
Same for Labradoodles.
Apr 22, 2007 iLOVEdawgs
OMGzzZzzZzz why is he eating buddah in that one picture?

well he's still a cutie-pa-tootie.

I could just eat him up.. no really I could, i just need a side of pork fried rice and some chop sticks && that puppy is chow!!

hehehe. Just kidding of course.
he is just SoOoOoOoOooOooOoOooOoOo ::takes breath:: oOoOOooooOooooOooooOoooooOoo cutee.
i'm in LOVE with him.
=) =) =) =) =) =) =)
Apr 22, 2007 Knate and Charlene
Koa is adoradoodle. Reminds me of an old joke. What do you call a smart blonde? A Goldendoodle. No offense to any blondes. Biscuits galore !!
Apr 22, 2007 tailsitter
I have a Doodle too. He loves to run and play with the toilet paper too. It is too funny. Is that a breed trait!!???? Koa is gorgeous!
1100000000 BISCUITS!!
Apr 23, 2007 fluffypup
Koa and the Buddha in that pic was so cute puppy Zen!
:) :) :)
Apr 23, 2007 goldenlovertoo
As a small breeder, having repeat business and having referrals I can attest to their wonderful disposition. Of the 55 pups we sold, every one is 100% satisfied!!
Apr 23, 2007 rbdng1
Koa is beautiful and the name is very unique. I would like to have one but I don't think my dog would like it. I have a pitbull/boxer. She is very friendly but sometimes she can be mean. I hope you have a great time with your new puppy!!!
Apr 23, 2007 daria
Absolutely beautiful! I love the toilet paper trick. Dogs just seem to have an absolute look of joy on their faces when they're running through the house with toilet paper. Thank you for giving me a big smile today!
Apr 23, 2007 galliano
We love the goldendoodle and have deceided one of Koa's relatives will be out next family member. Is he from a California breeder? We are in Santa Barbara. Any info you wish to share would be appreciated.
Apr 23, 2007 Jennilee1980
I have two Golden Doodle brothers, Toby and Baxter. When we first adopted them we had NO IDEA HOW BIG THEY WOULD GET!!!!!
Ha! Ha! Ha! I'm about 5' 11" and when laying down next to them they are only a couple inches shorter than me stretched out! Their paws are basically the size of my nephew's face!!!.They are my big babies and have the sweetest attitude of any dog I've ever had!
Apr 23, 2007 ceejay413
*shhhhhh* don't tell Mum and Dah that I hid in the backpack. I *reeeeeaaaallllyyyy* wanted to go on this trip, and they didn't think it was a good idea. Hah! I showed them! I'm smarter than they give me credit for. Now, if I could just figure out a way to go to the bathroom without being found out....
11 biscaroos ALL THE WAY!
Apr 23, 2007 hetzlerl
OMG!!! This is the cutest puppy ever!! I think I want a goldendoodle...they seem like such sweet dogs :) Kisses to Koa!!!
Apr 23, 2007 nwangel04
I want one. He's so sdorable. You are very lucky and especially blessed to have such a good dog and friend.
Apr 23, 2007 rexyisasexybitch
He looks so friendly and kute!
Apr 24, 2007 Annie
I have a Goldendoodle too! The best mixed breed in the whole world. Amazing dogs!
Apr 24, 2007 kailaclarkkaila
He looks so cute. I wish I had one that looked like him
Apr 24, 2007 ram2412
ADORABLE!!!!!!! Absolutely one of the cutest puppies I have ever seen!!!!!! Looks so happy!!!!! Best of luck with your puppy!!!
Apr 24, 2007 Alicia
To Koa's parents,

You have a beautiful dog there. the pictures you have posted for your dog Koa are all so cute.
Apr 24, 2007 AnimalLover85
hey i have a question...what problems do they have? Back, hip, etc. b/c i want a really big dog but i hear they have a lot of problems and i couldn't go through my dog in pain and after i had to put my other dog down i don't think i could do it again? if anyone could answer me i would really appreciate it. Thanks a bunch!

Now about this adorable puppy! He has such sharp puppy teeth in the Buddha picture! It is so priceless, but that isn't my favorite picture. mine has to be the one where he is posing for you in the garden the one where he is standing on his back legs and has the front paws resting on the sidwalk step behind the flower pots, omg! That is like the BEST picture and i absolutly LOVE it! All of them are so cute and adorably awesome, this puppy is so lucky. He has a family that loves and cares for him, the other day i was reading a book to the kids in the nursery it was called Caulde the Christmas dog and that book made me about burst into tears. It happened to be about a dog (duh!) but this dog had a loving family that bought him presents on Christmas. He had a friend Buster that had no family he was a stray and Caulde gave Buster all of his presents, his blanket and pillow and his toy mouse. Not all dogs are lucky and niether are all kids. Many are homeless and don't have a family, but we can do something to help them, there is a way! Koa is a very lucky kid and so are all of your precious babies. God Bless you!
Apr 24, 2007 nejra
he is soooooooooooooooooooooo cute and i wish i could have him
Apr 24, 2007 janicesue61
My daughter and her husband have a Goldendoodle also but Roscoe is sooooooo tall. He is an apricot color and probably the size of a great dane. We love him too. He has a great temperment like yours. What a wonderful dog you have. I hope you enjoy for years.
Apr 26, 2007 renee
Animal lover 85

I had an airdale as a child that looked just like this breed. His name was Benjamin Goldfarb. My parents had a car dealership and would use his name in ads for special financing. They got a hoot out of people calling and asking for him. He was a great pet. My uncle was a vet and Ben had a good life. I'm very sorry for what you went through
Apr 26, 2007 Colleen607
Cutest puppy I have ever seen, he almost looks like a stuffed toy!
Apr 27, 2007 Ayrshire
OMG! There is a Puppy Heaven!

Oh, I want a Goldendoodle like yesterday!

Alas, I work away from home, and can't.
So, I come in here to dreammmmmmmm about Puppy Heaven...LoL...
Apr 27, 2007 Ayrshire
When I say "Puppy Heaven" I really mean that I am the one in heaven when I come in here to look at the most gorgeous puppies ever known to man on these pages!

Keep them coming...It makes my day start off so well and puts a huge smile on my face!

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!!!
Apr 27, 2007 lrobin3
Koa is just gorgegous. What a photogenic puppy. I am crazy about these pictures
Apr 29, 2007 Mikey
Cute pictures I like them, your dog is so cute.
Sep 23, 2007 iamme
Aww...cute!! :) I want one...but I'm not sure if my allergies would like it. :( I love golden retrievers! Koa resembles a golden with wavy hair. :) I wish love to see what he looks like when he's 1. :) I don't think he'll be carried around in your back pack though. hehe Best of luck to you all.
Nov 20, 2007 Caroline829
*cute!* i luv ur puh-pee! hooray!!!
Jan 24, 2008 Squiggy
I think I want one. you get the best of both worlds with a poodle and a golden retreiver!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!***** ****************
Jul 7, 2008 LilBear41
oh these are beautiful dogs. i love these dogs. i want one :)
May 10, 2009 ilovelagottos
haha thats hilarious he looks comfy!! he is so cute!
Oct 30, 2009 JohnnysMom
yeah i know i'm mister studly! i look good don't i
May 25, 2010 Two paws up
off the chart cuteness!!
Nov 8, 2010 pelligrino
You took wonderful photo's of adorable Koa. He is a great puppy and must make friends were ever he goes. Have a long, happy and healthy life little Koa.
Apr 26, 2012 ntnikki
omg what a little sweety
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