Koa the Goldendoodle

Puppy Breed: Unknown

Koa's mom says: Koa is my first dog, besides my family dogs growing up. My fiance and I, who were both teachers at the time, adopted him over the summer when we both had time off to raise Koa and train him. Koa is a very smart, sweet boy. He loves to cuddle and enjoys both people and other dogs--he's friendly to everyone. At about 12 weeks, he discovered the roll of toilet paper in the bathroom and would bite the loose end, running the strip of toilet paper in a streamer through the house. We could never reprimand him because we were usually laughing too hard. As Koa has grown bigger and stronger, he has become braver. Now he tackles ocean waves fearlessly, riding the whitewash back to shore with his ball in his mouth. Life has been very good to Koa. My own mother recently said to me, "Katie, if I die, I want to come back as one of your dogs." I think Koa knows how good he has it. I get a sense he thanks me in his own way every day.